Hi peoples! I'm Neko-chan, and I'm pleased to welcome you all to my first ever fanfic! YAY!! *begins purring in delight* Well, just so we're all clear, this is only the prologue to my story. I promise you it will be much, much longer than this ._~ I have most of it written already, so depending on how quickly I get the hang of publishing things, I may put a couple more chapter up today! So please sit back, relax, and (hopefully) enjoy my fanfic!

Pain lanced through every pore of his body. Really, he was surprised a body, even an angel's body, could be in this much pain and still survive. The skin of his back was criss-crossed with ragged, bleeding whip lashes, his ribs were severely bruised, if not broken, and imbedded between two of them on the right side was a Japanese shuriken, or throwing star, like weapon, causing him to leave a trail of blood behind him as he limped on.

He had long since lost feeling in his left ankle, though considering how much pain there was when it had first been broken, he considered that a minor blessing. His right arm hung limp and useless by his side, its movement greatly limited by the deep gash on his shoulder. He could barely see out of his left eye as blood dripped into it from a cut above his eye brow, but still he tried to slowly navigate his way through the dark streets of heaven, with only the moon to light his way as he carefully made his way back to Heaven's Palace.

As he slowly dragged his broken, battered body home, he couldn't help but let out a small chuckle, which quickly turned into a gasp of pain as the action moved his bleeding ribs. Really, it was kind of ironic how fate could favor you one minute, and despise you the next.

Not that this whole situation couldn't have been entirely avoided if it weren't for him, if he weren't such a worthless, useless, pathetic excuse for an angel, but still, it was hard to believe that just this morning, he had been so full of hope and happiness, and now, Rei thought with a sardonic smile, he was fairly certain he'd never feel those things again.

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