"The Battle's Ending"

Severus Snape lay dying in the Shrieking Shack. Nobody knew… yet.

The Battle of Hogwarts had ended, and people were dead. Colin Creevey, Tonks, Remus, Fred. Hermione felt useless; and no matter how many people told her that she played a big part in the death of Lord Voldemort, it didn't make her feel any better.

She watched the Weasleys cry over Fred's body, and thought back over everything bad that had happened to them. George's ear, Percy's desertion, Mr. Weasley's snakebite…


The same snakebite that had claimed the life of Severus Snape, Dumbledore's man, the 'forgotten' spy. He didn't deserve to die.

And maybe he hadn't…

Okay, so these are supposed to be 100-word drabbles. Or perhaps longer. Inspired, word-length wise, by "When All Else Fails", an extremely long fic which is in chapter instalments of 100 words (approximately).

I'm posting this now because I'm slightly nervous about the fact that I've only got 13 stories. While 13 isn't really an unlucky number for me, I'm not risking it. I just hope you enjoy this. I plan to make it funnier, despite the (sort of) depressing first chapter. Hmm.