Here is a new story! Case fic. Just a quick prologue to see if you're interested in this.

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And now, with no further ado, here's "Going down."


BAU Headquarters – 8:55 am

Morgan's mobile phone started to ring.


"Hey, it's Reid. Do we have a case?"

"Not yet. You're running late! I didn't think I'd live to see this day" said Morgan with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, yeah, very funny. I'll be there as soon as possible. Please, tell Hotch."

"Reid, it's OK to be late once in a while, you know? Daddy Hotch won't punish you for that" answered Morgan, teasing his co-worker.

"Whatever, just tell him. I'll see you in 10 minutes." The call was over.

Morgan hung up the phone and said to Prentiss: "Reid is running late."

"Well, that's new." Emily said looking at her desk. "If we don't have a case today, we'll be doing paperwork all day, so he can be here later. And you know what?"

"What?" Morgan liked Emily's teasing eyes. She was cooking up something evil and he liked that. Even more if Reid was the victim.

"We could give him some of our folders, just as punishment for being late" explained Prentiss.

"That's good, although we always do that" said Morgan adding some of his folders to the pile of folders on Reid's desk.

"You're right. Anyways, it'll be less work for us, so..." Emily had added five more cases to Reid's pile.

9 am

"911. What's your emergency?" said the operator.

"I'm Delapsus Sum. It's going down. You won't be able to stop it. It's your fault. Enjoy their deaths. You have five hours."

"Sir? What's going down? Sir?" The line was dead.

9:30 am

"We've got a case" said JJ almost running to the BAU meeting room.

"The 911 operator received this call at 9 am" explained JJ to the whole team, minus Reid.

"I'm Delapsus Sum. It's going down. You won't be able to stop it. It's your fault. Enjoy their deaths. You have five hours." They heard the UNSUB's phone call.

"He's done this before in an apartment building in Florida. There was a bomb in the elevator shaft. After an hour, the elevator fell two floors. After two hours, it fell three floors. After three hours, it fell four floors. Then, five floors. And lastly, it fell four more floors, until it got to ground level and the bomb exploded. He killed four people. Now, it's in the Psychology Department Building at Strayer University, 10 miles from here." Hotch and his team were already studying the different aspects of the case.

"We have the video of the elevator in Florida and we're waiting to receive the live stream video of the one at the university" added Garcia.

At that moment, Morgan's phone started ringing. The caller ID informed him that it was Reid.

"Hey, we have a case. Reid, where are you, man?" said Morgan to his phone, looking at the horrible photos of the victim's after the explosion of the Florida elevator.

"I'm sorry, I was on my way."

"Well, hurry up." Hotch looked at Morgan. They had to start working on the profile to try to catch the UNSUB in less than 5 hours.

"Oh... well, I'm just stuck in an elevator. As soon as I'm out, I'll - -" was explaining Reid, before Morgan interrupted him.

"What did you say?"

Reid caught the concern in Morgan's voice. "What? I'm stuck in an elevator, but we've already call maintenance."

"Where exactly are you, Reid?" Morgan got to his feet. Hotch saw that he was growing more and more worried and wondered what that was all about.

"I'm in the Psychology Department Building at Strayer University. Why?" asked Reid.

Just then, Garcia said out loud: "We have the image."

"Oh, God" whispered Emily.


"I see you" said Morgan to his friend on the phone.


Morgan was looking at the black and white image of a confused Reid on the phone inside the elevator that in less than 30 minutes would start going down.

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