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LadyTeefStrife: *takes breath* "KOUDELKA!!"

Koudelka: "Forget it! Who do you think I am? I won't do it again."

LadyTeefStrife: *shrug* "Okay. Teef!!"

Tifa: "What is it?"

LadyTeefStrife: "Koudelka don't wanna do it." *pout*

Tifa: "Shall I...-"

LadyTeefStrife: "-No, don't worry, I just wanted you to be here, you can call Cloud if you want. Disclaimer: I don't own anything of this!"

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Prompt: "Early but late" AND "Late but early" (the last to lighten the mood)

Title: Early but Late

Total Words: 951

"Cloud? Are you okay?"

Cloud looked at Tifa. Everything was going to be okay. No mad-man, no meteor, no crisis. Just Tifa. He was dazed looking the jewellery of the shop. So much gold, diamonds... But Cloud didn't want that. Tifa deserved better, and Cloud was making her the perfect ring.

"Cloud? Don't you think is a little too early to ask her to marry you?" Nanaki and Vincent were the only ones who knew Cloud intentions. He was going to ask her for her birthday, just a week later.

"Have you even told her you love her yet?" Vincent's low voice filled Shinra's laboratory. He was going to make a perfect ring that shows that they are one. Cloud's blood contains Mako, and condensed Mako turns into materia. He was going to make a ring of materia from his own blood, and, as blood is red, the materia would contain: Cloud's memories -the ones she helped him to remember-, red colour -Tifa's colour- and a inscription inside.

"No. I'll do it then."

"It's too early! She'll think it's a joke!" Cloud didn't expect Yuffie would understand him, but he needed someone to get the measurements for the ring.

"You'll do it?"

"Of course I'll do it!"

"Too late... " The medic said looking at Cloud.

"Tifa, I'm home." Cloud entered the bar only to find it empty. The kids were with Nanaki and Vincent, but Tifa was supposed to be home. Today was the day. Cloud would tell Tifa how he feels, how much he loves her, how much he needs her. Cloud searched into the living room, the kitchen, the garage and the second floor, but no luck. No Tifa, only a note.

Cloud, I went to the church,

don't worry. I'll be home early.


Cloud went to the church looking for Tifa and a strange smell greeted him. Cloud froze. 'That smell...?' As he stepped inside, Cloud sank to his knees. '... No'

Tifa was there curled in the floor, one of her hands in her side. But what froze Cloud was the pool of blood in the floor. Cloud was acting by instinct. His brain wasn't able to do more than keep his own body functioning. Cloud reached her and with a trembling hand shaked her gently, when she didn't respond, he shaked her again.

"... C- Cloud...? " She sounded so small and fragile. Cloud reached for her and put her in his arms. She had a very nasty looking wound in her side and a lot of bruises. He moved her with the most careful movements to his chest so he could look her back and there was another wound. It looked like some beast has bitten her in the waist.

"Tifa, I- I'll take you to the hospital. H- Hold on! I- I have so much to tell you!"

Tifa smiled at Cloud "You're here... I knew you'd come." Tifa closed her eyes.

"Tifa! No! Hold on!" Cloud was shaking her and standing up with her in his arms. She opened her eyes.

"... It's okay, Cloud. I... "

"Don't talk! It's okay, you can talk later, when-" Tifa locked her gaze with Cloud's.

"-No. I... I- Thank you... Cloud." Tifa closed her eyes again. Cloud kept staring at her closed eyelids.

"I... I love you too... Tifa." Cloud carried her to Fenrir and put her in front of him.

"I'm sorry, her injuries were too several. And the loss of blood... " Cloud didn't listen anything more. He went inside the room and there she was. Her skin was almost white and was covered by blood, bruises and bandages. Cloud kept staring at her lifeless form. He put the ring in her finger.

I'm here. I promise.

His eyes were empty, and he whispered to her: "The first time I wanted to do something early, I get there late."

Late but Early

"You're late, Cloud"

"Sorry, Fenrir broke. Too late?"

"The movie isn't even started!"

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Tifa: "You killed me!"

LadyTeefStrife: "No I do not." *whistle* (It was some beast)

Tifa: "Don't use that with me! You are cruel!"

LadyTeefStrife: "I know. That's why we have the "Late but Early" part. So the readers won't kill me. (At least not yet...)"

Cloud: "Why I'm always the one who suffers?"

LadyTeefStrife: "Don't you think Tifa has suffered enough? Nibelheim, clerith fans, you and your emoness (sometimes)... "

Cloud: "So. It's payback?"

LadyTeefStrife: "You can call it that. Now." *sing-song* "Who wants a cookie?"

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LadyTeefStrife: "Huh?"

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