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LTS: "Cloud?"

Cloud: *enters the room* "You called?"

LTS: "Yeah. Just a question. You know how to fix drinks?"

Cloud: "No, but Tifa tried to teach me once."

LTS: "Something happened?"

Tifa: "We both ended drunk and Zack and Aerith found us on the floor."

LTS: "What?"

Cloud: "I was making the drinks, but I was distracted and I put more alcohol than we thought."

Tifa: "Disclaimer: LadyTeefStrife don't own anything..."

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Prompt: Cloud being taught by Tifa on how mixing drinks 'cause he said he wants to help around the bar.

Title: Cloud's motivation...

Total Words: 708


"Now you have to add a shot of bottle number three in the mix." Tifa instructed to Cloud.

"This one?" He said while grabbing a bottle with a two marked on the cap.

"Cloud, are you blind? That's number two!" She leaned forward from the other side of the counter and grabbed a bottle. "See? This is number three."

He nodded and took it from her hands, brushing his fingertips across her hand in the process.

It had been that way for the last two hours. Cloud had asked Tifa to teach him to prepare some drinks so he could help her around the bar, but Cloud kept doing it wrong and Tifa was starting to think he was doing it on purpose. Every time he failed, she had to lean and grab the correct bottle for him.

Tifa's brows furrowed. Why was he doing it? She was sure Cloud wasn't so dumb to keep confusing the bottles after they were marked.

That's right. Tifa had given up at calling the drinks by their names and had wrote numbers on the cap of every bottle so he could remember them better, but it was still no use.

Cloud grabbed the bottle marked with a three and poured a shot inside the mix. Tifa sighed in relief. At least they were almost finished. The only thing left-

"Cloud!" Tifa leaned forward and grabbed him by his wrists to stop him. "I told you one shot!"

"Sorry." He didn't looked a bit sorry, he looked... happy? Was that a smile on his face?

Tifa let him go. "Okay, what's happening here?" She put her hands on her waist in her 'I-know-you're-hiding-something-and-I'm-so-gonna-find-out-what-it-is' pose.

His smile widened. "I just enjoy spending time with my girlfriend."

Her eyebrows rose in surprise. "Is that it?" He nodded. "You're doing all this just to spend time with me?" He nodded again and she smiled at him. "Cloud, that's sweet of you, but you had me two hours repeating you how to fix a drink."

"It was worth it."

"Worth what?" She asked, the vagueness of Cloud's answers making her lose her patience.

"I got two hours of hearing your sweet voice while you instructed me, your silky touch every time you stopped me or handed me the correct bottle, and your wonderful presence."

She was left speechless. "Cloud..." He could be so romantic and sweet, sometimes...

Tifa leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. When she pulled away, his smile had transformed into a smirk as his gaze lowered.

"Needless to say that every time you leaned forward I got an amazing view."

Tifa sighed. Sometimes he could be just Cloud the male.

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LTS: "What distracted the all-mighty Cloud?"

Cloud: "... Tifa."

LTS: "Don't tell me. You were looking at her 'assets'..."

Cloud: "No!"

LTS: "Then?"

Tifa: "He stared at my lips while I told him how to do it."

Cloud: *dreamy* "So kissable..."

LTS: "... Male Cloud strikes again."

Tifa: "R&R and thanks-" *Cloud kisses her*

LTS: "... and thanks for reading..." *tries to ignore them*

Cloud: "Teef..." *kissing*

LTS: "Get a room, you two!"

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