Author update:

I apologise to those dedicated readers who felt that I had abandoned them. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

For those you who are still interested, I'm going to tidy up Unexplained Connection and it is now listed as complete [if you get other update notices for old chapters please ignore them, it is just me fixing and tidying].

I will be starting writing the sequel this week. I will post the first chapter as soon as it is typed.

I will also pick up I never said I'd fight fair again and get that one moving also.

To everyone who sent me notes and encouragement, I thank you. Even if I didn't respond, and sometimes it took me several weeks just to get the courage to read them as I felt so disappointed with myself for not being able to write.

For those who asked, and those who remember, I work in a secure ward. I was seriously beaten by a patient and have spent the last 5 months on meds to control the extreme headaches it left me with. The meds stopped me dreaming, I never knew that it was impossible to write when you can't dream until I tried.

But hey, enough self-pity, and on with the show!