It felt like it was going to be a good day today. Nothing could stop me, not the sullen mood of my roommate, fresh off his break up with some jack ass. Of course, he had been crying about, but I wasn't going to let him slow me down. I popped out of bed around 7:30 in the morning instantly throwing on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. It was cold outside, but I didn't care, I'd warm up soon enough. Putting my iPod on, I began my run down the street. I didn't care that I was listening to Miley Cyrus, nothing could ruin the way I'm feeling.

I guess you are wondering why I am in such a chipper mood. Yesterday, I had gotten a raise. Yup, nothing is going to stop Mike Mizanin now! My family laughed at me when I told them I wanted to be a lawyer, my mum being the worst saying that you actually had to be smart to do it. So working a part time job at Mr. Bob's Ice Cream Emporium helped me build up just enough money to go to university. Those years were some of the best years of my life, and I ended up graduating top of my class. Take that mother!

It was just the beginning of January, the tenth I think. The snow on the ground was visible but some of it had turned to slush. We didn't get a good year in snow, which is a bummer since I enjoy it so much. I was just making a turn when I saw him. He was tall, very tall compared to my small stature, and freaking ripped as hell. He was on the other side of the street from me. I couldn't help but stare and watched as he ran a hand through his already messy hair. I felt myself begin to blush as soon as I took a look at the rest of his body, long legs and arms. I couldn't help but feel my heart melt when I saw him smile, the song that was playing on his own iPod most likely making him smile like that.

"Fuck," I muttered and my heart dropped as a beautiful girl came into view, her brown hair curling in the right places and her skin was beautiful. "Of course, he's straight."

I got myself back into running mode and took off to run for another mile, you don't get this body by just sitting down and lazing about.

When I got home it was around 9ish, I stopped to grab something to eat and ended up in a long conversation with the owner of the place. I heard that my roommate was up, probably just crawling out of bed. I ran up the stairs of our two stories flat before dashing into my room, turning on the tap before stripping and stepping in. I began to relax as the hot water hit my body, the sweat washing off my skin and disappearing through the drain.

People always asked me why I lived with a roommate when I have the money to by myself a very large condo to have for myself. Personally, I always like having a person just to be around. Sure we don't see each other every single day, I usually pull some extra hours at the office while he will works at the Blue Flame, an extremely famous restaurant where he is a sous chef.

I finished up in the shower, patting my body down before changing into one of my suits for work. I started in about twenty minutes so I decided to get ready now. I heard the TV on downstairs and I went to go and see what he was up to.

"What's up, buttercup?" I asked and my roommate turned and glared at me.

"Leave me alone, Mike. I'm not in the mood."

"Come on, Evan. You haven't been in the mood to joke around in two weeks! You need to get over that douche bag."

I plopped down on the couch beside him, and looked over his appearance. He has called in sick for the past week and a half. I cringed as I saw that he was still wearing the same pair of sleep pants and t-shirt that he had been for the last week. I could actually see the grime on his face and I had to look away.

"Seriously, Evan. You need to go out. How about you and me hit up Hardy's tonight? It had been a while since I've gone out too." I saw him sigh and reluctantly nod. "Good, now we just need to get you another guy and flaunt it right in front of Orton to show him what he is missing."

I saw a small smirk appear on his face and I knew that I had won him over.

"So, get dressed-no wait, shower, get dressed and call in to work saying that you can come in. I don't want you moping anymore. As for me, I need to get myself to work."

"Have fun," Evan called just as I left.

"Oh, I will," I murmured to myself before making my way to my car and then to my office.

I quickly walked into my section of VKM, the large company that I worked for. I said my polite hellos to my fellow workers before making my way towards my office. My secretary, Melina, was busy typing away at her computer. I was so glad when I hired her; she was a worker bee to say the least. Everything she gives me is neatly organized complete with colour coated folders and sticky notes that were easily understandable.

"Hey, Melina." She looked up from her computer and smiled at me brightly before getting up from her chair. As soon as she got near me her face changed. Not a good sign. She grabbed me harshly by the arm before leading me down one of the many hallways in the building.

"I just thought that I should warn you, Vince is on a rampage about the Kozlov case."

"I'm not even on that case!" The case that Melina was talking about was about a man, Vladmir Kozlov, a Russian native, was suing his ex wife over sole custody of the kids. It turned out that the mother ended up being a crack addict and Kozlov didn't want his children around that. But when he sued her, she turned into this pathetic mess saying that he was forcing her to take the drugs. It was stupid and apparently, the judge almost gave the kids back to the mother. She used all this crap about how she is a good mother and that the children should be with their mother. There is only one more court date to go and by the end of that one, it will be decided where they went.

"Doesn't matter. Poor guy just wants his kids to be safe."

"MIZANIN!" I came to halt when I heard the boss yell my name. I saw the large vein on his forehead pulsing, meaning the stress level that he was taking in was not a very good one. "Get in here NOW!"

I sighed before turning back to Melina.

"Wish me luck."

"Good luck!" I heard her say back but I as soon the boss' office.

"Have a seat, Mike."

I did as I was told and sat down on one of the large black chairs in front of his desk. I watched quietly as he shuffled through a large amount of folders that lay on his desk. I tapped my fingers against my legs nervously as he began to mutter to himself.

"Okay," he said and handed me a folder, a picture of a pretty women was paperclip at the top corner of it. "I need you to take this case. This girl is a very close friend of my family and I wanted to give her one of the best lawyers that I have."

I had to suppress a large grin that was going to come on my face when he said that. That is all I needed, an even more inflated ego.

"She is suing the club, Hardy's for wrongful termination."

"Hardy's?" I asked stunned, not only was I planning on going there tonight but one of my best friends runs the bar.

"Yeah, some nightclub down on Falls Crescent. She said that she did nothing wrong to cause the termination. Plus, that is her only income source. They didn't give her a reason for her termination."

"Okay, what's her name?"

"Michelle McCool."

I glanced over at her file, quickly skimming the contents before sighing and standing up to leave.

"And Mike... do not lose this one. After what I've heard, those Hardy boys are trouble. So I advise you to go and tell them that they are indeed being sued."

I nodded my head and left. How the hell was I going to break this to Matt?