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"Sued?! What do you mean? By who?" Matt asked.

"A woman by the name of Michelle McCool," I paused and I saw Matt roll his eyes. "She is suing you for wrongful termination as well as sexual harassment."

"SEXUAL HARRASMENT!?" Matt yelled furiously, he then mumbled a few curse words and punch one of the walls of the office. "Great, just great. What am I going to do?" He looked at me for a minute before smiling. "You're going to represent me right? You are going to make this all go away right? Show everyone that she is a lying, no good bitch, right?"

I didn't say anything. What could I possibly say? 'Hey, Matt, one of my best buddies in the entire world, a girl is suing you and I'm representing her and if I don't win the case then I don't think that my job will not exist anymore?' God, I couldn't say that.

"Well? Mike, you are staring to scare me." Matt said and I could tell right then and there that he was nervous.

"Well, the thing is, I can't represent you. I have to represent Michelle," I winced, readying myself for Matt's loud objection but I heard nothing.

I opened my eyes, and I felt my heart drop in my chest. Matt is just standing there, staring into space, a look of complete lost in his eyes.

"Wha-what am I going to do, Mike?"

I sighed and walked over to Matt, wasting no time to gather him in a hug. I felt him hug me back, but only momentarily before he stepped away from me. I took this time to pull my wallet out from my back pocket. I flipped it open and took out a card and handed it to Matt. He only looked at me confused.

"It's the card of one of my best friends that I went to university with. He has his own firm, and does really well for himself. Just, when you talk to him, mention that I sent you, okay?" I watched Matt nod as he looked over the information on the card.

"John Morrison?" Matt sighed before pocketing the card. "Fine, I'll give him a call tomorrow morning. But, as for right now, you need to enjoy yourself. Go out there and have a good time."

I looked at him like he grew a second head.

"You mean I can stay? You aren't kicking me out for being on the other side?" Matt laughed.

"Just because you are not representing me, doesn't mean that you are going to stop being my friend. You're still one of my best friends, Mike."

"I'm just afraid that you'll never speak to me ever again if we do win," I said quietly.

"Mike, you are just doing your job. That's it. It's not your fault that you are working for one of the most evil man in the business. And I know that if you had the choice, you would totally defend me."

"You know I would," I couldn't help but chuckle at the evil part. "It's just that, I don't think I could hang out or around you while this is going on. It may look bad in the eyes of my boss, and you remember all of the stories that I told you. He can be a real SOB when he wants to be. Plus, I don't want the other lawyer to use our friendship in whatever reason that he can. But you cannot be mad at me for what I say in court alright? I'm, as you just said, just doing my job. And you know lawyers; they will say anything to win." I all of a sudden let out a rather large yawn and I saw Matt watching me with amusement. "Maybe home is the best option at the moment. Just call me and let me know if Morrison took your case, alright? If he doesn't I'll whopped his butt."

I said my goodbye and made my way out of the room and back into the rather loud and crowded club. I saw Evan at the far end of the club, grinding up against some rather good looking guy. I excused myself through the crowd until I reached him. With Timbaland's 'Carry On' playing in the club, I tapped Evan's shoulder, causing my roommate to turn around and look at me.

"I'm heading out!" I yelled at him, I couldn't help but glance at the chosen piece of man-meat that Evan has decided to dance with. "Don't come home too late."

I waved to him, and he waved back, turning his attention back to the man. I exited through the front entrance, waving at the burly man that covered the door. It wasn't as cold out as I thought it was going to be.

When I arrived home, the first thing I did was take off my tie. I hate the things, and if I could get away with never having to wear them in my life I could. I guess I chose the wrong job for that. I kicked off my shoes, check the messages on the answering machine, one from Michelle McCool asking for some sort of meeting tomorrow morning at the office, the other from Evan's boss Vickie, praising him for his work today and that she was so glad that he was back. The last one surprised me. It was from a man named Adam Copeland. I haven't heard from him in years. Not since the incident in school...

I shook my head, trying to forget about it as I deleted the unwanted message from the machine. I went up to my room, changing into a comfy pair of sweats and a plain t-shirt before heading to bed. It was only eleven, but I figured I might as well get a few extra hours of sleep in before I meet that McCool women.

I could already tell that I wasn't going to like her. Just the way she looked in the picture gave off vibes of a rich and spoiled brat. Maybe I was just overreacting though, and she could actually be a nice women. I let out a grunt of frustration as I thought about it more. No way would Matt ever put his hands on other women, not with the risk of losing both Amy and Ruth.

Now, Jeff on the other hand...that is something that he might do. For years, all I have heard from Matt was how much trouble that Jeff has been getting into, his drug charges, his forgery and workings with the main bad guys in town. Matt had always warned him to be careful, and Jeff only laughed in his face. If Jeff was my younger brother, I would have slapped him upside the head a couple times, just too hopefully get my point across. Plus, it doesn't help that Jeff has an obsession with sex. He calls it fun, while many other people call it addiction. I have never seen Jeff with the same girl twice in a row. I'd be surprised if he didn't have some sort of disease by now.

I was falling asleep, my mind growing tired of all of the thoughts of the future. I don't know how long I was lying down for before I heard a crash at the front door. My mind jolted with thoughts of danger, but it relaxed after I heard Evan and a long string of giggles. I rolled my eyes when I heard another voice, this one was deep and nothing like Evan's their laughing continued when I heard them climb up the stairs, no doubt making their way towards Evan's bedroom. As soon as I heard the first moan, I grabbed a pillow and folded it over my ears, trying my best to block them out as I quickly fell back to sleep.