Title: He Calls Me Son

Author: bek

Genre: AU – Hurt/Comfort/some Angst/Family

Characters: Obi-Wan (17), Qui-Gon, OC's

Summary: Obi-Wan wasn't raised by the Jedi but has over time learned some tricks pertaining to the force. He spent the first ten years of his life with his mother and father until an accident changed that. He's spent the last seven years in the care of his aunt and uncle, living a life that has become anything but what he would have wanted. Will he be able to break free, and if so, will he allow the Jedi to help him?

Disclaimer: The characters (Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, etc…) belong to Lucas or Watson. I make no profit from this. It's just a hobby.

Other Characters: The characters, Kale and Cera Kenobi, Nayt & Jes Kalar, Traest, Master Healer Hebsley, Master Jedi Zarek Callen, and Jedi Knight Reed are my creations. (Cera is pronounced Sara)

Author Note(s): This fic is already written in its entirety. So unless darth real life gets in the way, there shouldn't be any delays in posting. :)

I hope you enjoy the fic!

Chapter 1


Without thought, Jes's eyes briefly closed when she heard the call. There was only one thing that this particular demand meant. She had lived with this for far too long; she should leave, but the promise she made to herself and the vows she had taken would not allow it. She took a deep breath, gathering her composure; she would not allow them to see the humiliation she felt. She would hold her head high, her shoulders back, and walk into the same prison she had known for the last seven years with her dignity in tact. One thing she had discovered over the years was that her dignity was something no one could take from her. Try as they might, she would not allow it.

A hand gently covered hers startling her from her all too brief respite. Her blue eyes opened, focusing on the individual in front of her. She smiled at the young man and placed her free hand over his. Patting it gently, she turned and exited the room.

He watched her leave knowing what awaited her; he was no longer a naïve child. His heart constricted painfully for what she would go through; however, he had learned a hard lesson several times over about interfering. When he heard the door close, he went outside and hiked to the ridge that overlooked the town below. Sitting down, he closed his eyes. The lessons his father had taught him early on were unconsciously put into practice. His mind quieted as his senses were caressed and cleansed by a soothing balm, washing away his weariness.

He packed his things all the while catching glimpses of his son's somber looks. Placing the last of his tunics in his satchel, he pulled the flap shut and fastened the buckle. Looking around the room one last time to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything, he smiled in satisfaction and turned toward the chair in the corner of the room. Walking over to the boy who sat there, he knelt down before it and reached out, gently tousling the child's reddish brown hair. "You'll take care of your mother while I'm gone?"

The small head bobbed up and down in agreement as a small hand rose from the little one's lap to wipe away a stray tear. When he looked up, he saw his father smiling. He loved those smiles; they were filled with warmth and made him feel secure. "Why do you leave?"

Standing up, Kale reached down and scooped his son into his arms while turning and sitting down himself. Coming to rest on his father's lap, the little boy leaned his head against the broad chest beneath him; a contented sigh escaped when he heard the reassuring cadence beneath his ear. "I don't want you to go."

"I know, little one. But I have to earn a living if I'm going to take care of you and your mother."

The child sniffled and rubbed at his eyes. He was always so glad when his father came home, but soon after the thoughts of his leaving would come and ruin the happiness he felt. A gentle breeze against his thoughts calmed him; he reached for his father the way he had been taught and felt the familiar barriers lower to allow him access to whatever he wished, save one place. There was one area that his father never allowed him to enter. His mother said it had to do with his work, that there were things he didn't want them to ever bear witness to whether it were through his showing them or his retelling of the situation. So instead, he kept silent.

The morning turned into afternoon. His gaze was unfocused in remembrance of his childhood, the better years of his life. He missed his parents, and yet a part of him was angry with them for leaving him alone to the life he now lived. He was no longer the innocent wide-eyed child they had adored; he was now a young man who bore the blood of innocents on his hands and an exterior that was hard to get through. He had tried over the years to build a wall around his heart, around his emotions, but failed. He was a person who wore his compassion on his sleeve for all to see, a weakness his uncle had called it. He shook his head to rid himself of his thoughts. A soft voice to his right brought him back to the present.

"You're thinking of them again."

He nodded his agreement but otherwise didn't answer.

"You're thinking, 'how could they leave you in this situation'. Am I right?"

He didn't answer right away but then nodded again. Turning his head toward her, he asked, "Why do you let them do it?"

A soft sigh escaped her lips; they had been over this too many times. "You know why. The last time I refused he beat me within an inch of my life. If it hadn't been for you, I may have died that night."

His jaw tightened and then relaxed enough to ask, "How can a man who calls you his wife lend you to his partner and not care about the consequences?"

She looked down at her hands and then back to him. "He wasn't always the man he is now. Even now, he isn't always the man he pretends to be."

"You could have let go that night; you would have been at peace."

She shook her head. "No. Did I think about it? Yes, I did. But then I thought of you, Obi-Wan. I have raised and loved you since you were ten years old, and before that I spoiled you every chance my sister and Kale allowed. You are all I have left of my family. I couldn't leave you to suffer this life alone. I will not allow you to become like them; I will be here to remind you every day that you are better than that. As long as you hurt for the lives and injustices that are lost within their wake, you are alive. If you were to ever become numb, to stop caring, this galaxy would be in a danger it's never known. You made me a promise once and I intend to make sure you keep it."

"I've done too much to keep that promise."

She moved closer to him, turning so she was facing him. "You do what you are told to spare yourself from the 'rewards' they have inflicted upon you so many times before." When he lowered his head in chagrin, she placed her hand under his chin lifting his head to better meet his gaze. "You survived when others would not have. Your father told me once that 'there is no disgrace in doing what it takes to survive'. They force you to use your gifts for their gain, never your own."

He jerked away from her and stood, his posture agitated. No matter how many times they had this discussion, the words always meaning the same but somehow phrased differently, he couldn't help but feel like there was something he was missing. "I steal so we can eat, so we can have clothes to wear and a shelter over our head. I help them maim and ravage other's possessions taking whatever it is they desire. I helped them…I helped to take…" he turned to look at her, not being able to complete his thought. "How can you sit there and try to rationalize it?"

"I'm not justifying what we've all done in one form or another. But neither will I allow you to ever believe that any of this is your doing of your own free will. If you had a choice, I know you would be the upstanding man that your father raised you to be."

"The man that you've tried to complete," he said softly, looking out over the town below.

"Yes, and I can see that man waiting for the right time to emerge. He's in there, Obi-Wan. He'll know when it's time to step forward."

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