A/N I need a break from my Twilight stories, so I turned to the amazing show that is Glee. I plan on this story to be short. 10 chapters, maybe.

In this story Quinn is not pregnant with Puck's baby, but that still doesn't mean she's not pregnant…

Chapter 1

"This can't be happening to me." Rachel Berry whispered to herself while staring down at the small infamous stick that was clenched between her thumb and index finger. The words 'pregnant' screamed at her and she tried to calm her breathing for she was starting to hyperventilate.

Images started to flash in her mind. Broadway, gold stars, New York, her name in lights, the clapping audience, the lavish wardrobe, and dressing rooms. Suddenly the images changed. Swollen stomach, diapers, baby cries, her dad's staring down at her in disdain, tan skin, toned body, Mohawk, hazel eyes….

"Man hands, you in here?"

Quinn Fabray's voice startled her, causing her drop the stick in her hands. She hurriedly bent down and picked it up. Wrapping up the small stick in toilet paper, she tossed it into the trash bin.

'What was I thinking taking a pregnancy test at school?' This had to be the second mistake she made in her life. The first one of course, is what got her into this mess.

"Berry?" Quinn called out again, this time annoyed.

Rachel fixed her clothing in place before stepping out of the small stall. She went straight to the sinks, ignoring Quinn, and washed her hands. After drying her hands she finally looked over at the blonde Cheerio.

Quinn's amber eyes scanned Rachel's shaken exterior. She tilted her head, her golden ponytail moved in tandem with the motion..

Rachel squirmed under her intense gaze. She always felt small and worthless, next to Quinn, the Cheerios team captain and president of the Celibacy club. Now with her condition, the self-consciousness increased ten-fold.

"Are you feeling okay Berry, you look a little crazed?" Quinn raised a perfectly sculpted brow as she waited for a response.

Rachel licked her dry lips. "Yes I'm fine." Her reply was short, her voice raspy.

Quinn looked skeptical, but she shook it off and stood up straighter. "Mr. Shue sent me out to look for you. We're about to start practicing."

"Okay, I'll be there soon." She need a moment to herself before heading back to glee club.

Quinn nodded and left the bathroom without another word. Rachel took a few deep breaths and grabbed her stuff, heading out of the bathroom as well.


Walking into glee club, Rachel's eyes immediately went to a familiar toned body. Noah Puckerman.

The sight of him made her stomach flutter. Whether if that was a good sign or not, she couldn't tell.

Rachel cleared her throat and tried to make her voice perky. "I'm here Mr. Shue. Sorry I kept everyone waiting."

William Shuester turned to the sound of her voice. "Its no problem Rachel. We can began now…."


Rachel sighed in relief when they finished their last song. The atmosphere in the room made her uncomfortable.

She had spent most of her time trying to avoid looking at Noah Puckerman. She couldn't even concentrate on the songs she was singing and on of her fellow glee members noticed.

"Rachel are you feeling okay?" Kurt Hummel asked with concern. She looked at him strangely. Kurt and her weren't really on friendly speaking terms, truthfully Rachel didn't even think he liked her. "I mean your acting way less annoying than ever and that is affecting your singing. I don't mind taking the lead of course, but picking up your slack is pathetic."

There goes the Kurt she knew.

Rachel bristled. "I'm fine, Kurt." She tried to keep the irritation out of her voice. Suddenly her stomach lurched as she caught scent of Kurt's melon and cucumber scented body spritz. She felt confused, she used to love that scent combination, but then she realized it was her condition.

"Really, because you don't look it." He goaded.

She had to get away from him before she hurled. "No, I'm okay. Just a little sick at the moment."

Kurt opened him mouth to say something else, but Rachel couldn't take the scent anymore. She clasped her hands over her mouth and dashed out of the room, running full force to the bathroom.

After she emptied the contents of her stomach into the toliet, she rinsed her mouth out in the sink, trying to get the taste of vomit out. When she was satifised that the taste was gone, she started for the door. Planning on going straight to her car, Rachel headed toward the parking lot when she realized she left her pink rollie bag in the choir room.

Mentally slapping her head, she headed back to the choir room, hoping that everyone had left.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

As she was opening the door to the room, a warm toned body stopped her and she collided face first with a chest. It took her a second to recognize the scent of the person. Spicy and musky, yet with the hint of mango. Even if he didn't want to admit it, Noah Puckerman did wear cologne.

Finding herself sniffing him, Rachel immediately took a step back, separating there close proximity.

"Oh Berry." That nickname caused her to winced. She wanted him to say her real name. "There you are. Um…I saw you run out and noticed you left your bag, so…uh, here." He thrust the overly pink bag at her, clearly feeling uncomfortable.

Rachel smiled lightly. She was touched by his small act of caring. "Thank you Noah." She said softly.

Puck ran a hand over his low Mohawk and mumbled out a 'no problem'. He always felt flustered when she said his given name.

Things between them have been hush hush ever since the night of their drunken mistake. Rachel will never look at jello shot's the same way again. They led her to her current condition. How could something so jiggly and tasteful, be so tragic?

Puck cleared his throat. "Yea so…I'm going to go now." He shifted from foot to foot.

Rachel nodded. "Okay, I should be going to."

Puck grunted a farewell and started to walk away. Something in Rachel snapped and she blurted out. "Noah wait!"

Puck stopped in his tracks and faced her. He raised an eyebrow in response. "Yeah?"

Embarrassed, Rachel bit her lip from blurting out something else. 'Just tell him!' She thought, then internally shook her head. She couldn't do that now.

Instead she said. "I just wanted to say thanks again for going to take my bag to me. I appreciate your small act of chivalry."

"It was no problem." Puck said to her. "Bye Rac--Berry." With a tentative wave, he walked away. Disappearing out the side door and into the parking lot.

Rachel sighed and reached down to grip her bag. She looked to were Puck was before turning around and going the other way.

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