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Chapter 3

Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant. Those were the thoughts running through Noah Puckerman's head as he stared at Rachel in disbelief. His mouth was agape in shock, his hands hanged limply at his sides.

"Preg…pregna--" He paused with the sudden urge to throw up. He couldn't even get the words out.

Rachel nodded, expecting this reaction. "Look Noah, I know I just revealed some very…intense information right now, but the first bells going to ring any minute now and I can't miss class." Her anxious gaze traveled from him toward the door and back.

Noah reached up and rubbed his face harshly, letting out a frustrated groan. "Hold on a moment…just…" He took a deep breath and removed his hands from his face. Hazel eyes stared intently at Rachel as he tried to collect his thoughts.

The bell rang and Rachel spoke up. "Noah..."

He held up a hand. "Okay…shit, fine. You go to class and I'll meet you at the bleachers during lunch. We need to talk."

Rachel bit her lip and nodded before turning toward the door. Her hand got on the handle when Puck said. "I need to hear you say, you'll be there."

Rachel twisted the handle, opening the door a crack. Looking over her shoulder, she promised. "Yes Noah. I'll be there." She pulled the door open all the way before walking out without another word.


Rachel wringed her hands nervously as she sat on the bleachers, waiting for Puck. She went through two classes thinking of no one but Noah.


Startled, Rachel grasped her chest at the unexpected voice.

"Sorry Berry. I didn't mean to scare you." Puck walked up and took a seat a few spaces away from Rachel, but close enough for him to still smell her scent. He secretly liked her smell.

Puck held out a large cup full of a frozen purple drink. Rachel flinched back, a natural reaction when a slushie was this close to her face.

Seeing the confused look on her face. Puck explained. "I skipped second period and went to the 7 eleven."

Rachel smiled softly as she took the cup from him. She was touched that he got her something.

"Its grape." He said nervously. "I know its your favorite because the last time I threw one if your face, you licked your lips."

Rachel nodded. "It is my favorite. Thank you Noah."

He just shrugged and they fell into an uncomfortable silence as they look out into the empty football field.

Puck kept sneaking glances at Rachel, mostly her stomach. He couldn't fathom that a human life was being grown in there. A life he helped create. It was intense and scared him.

Rachel wiggled in her seat--she could feel Puck's gaze on her and it made her feel vulnerable. She just sipped on her drink while she let the silence grow.

A few minutes passed and Rachel, not being able to take the silence anymore, spoke up. "So…"

Puck cleared his throat. "So, uh…how far along are you?" He asked while avoiding any eye contact.

The question caught Rachel off guard and she thought hard about her answer. "Um, well I'm about 5 weeks so I'm just a little over a month along. I'm still in my first trimester." She took a sip of her drink to let Puck think it over.

"Can you feel it moving, yet or what?" He blurted out, but feeling stupid right after the words left his mouth.

Rachel placed the now empty cup down next to her and answered. "No its too early."

Puck nodded and asked another question. "When do we need to make an appointment…wait, did you go to the doctors yet?"

Rachel shook her head. "No, I wanted to tell you first." She paused. "So you really want to be apart of this…the baby I mean?"

Puck sighed. "Listen Rachel, I know I may seem like a slacker, a Lima Loser, but I'm not really…well I'm sort of a slacker, but that wasn't my point." He shook his head as if clearing his thoughts. "What I mean is that I plan on being apart of this. I have my own pool cleaning business and with that money I plan on helping out. I don't plan on being like my father." His voice turned bitter at the mention of his dead-beat dad.

Rachel felt remorse for Puck at that second. Every one here in this little Podunk town knows about the mysterious 'daddy Puckerman' who abandon his family.

Placing a hand on his, shocking both of them, Rachel stared intently into is eyes--brown burning into hazel--trying to get something through his head. "You won't be like your father Noah." She said firmly. "Being right here, with me, shows it."

Puck nodded, secretly relishing in Rachel's touch. It felt nice and warm and…he couldn't really explain the feeling of it, it was just comforting.

Carefully flipping his hand over, he clasped their hands together--not interlacing any fingers, just simply holding hands.

Rachel smiled and squeezed his hand. "To answer your early question. I can schedule an appointment for this Saturday. Are you busy then?"

Puck shook his head. "I'll give you my cell number so you can call me. I'll pick you up."

"Okay. I think I have a paper and a pen in my bag." She dug through her bag and pulled out a pink piece of paper and an equally pink feather pen.

After writing down his number, Puck lifted the paper to his nose and sniffed. Furrowing his eyebrows, he turned to her. "Is this…scented?"

Rachel nodded enthusiastically. "Mhm…its strawberry. You like?"

Yes. "No."

Rachel rolled her eyes and stuck the folded paper in the bag. "Sure and I think Jacob Israel is the sexiest person alive."

He shrugged it off. "Whatever." He then stood up and stretched, raising his arms above his head.

Rachel tried not to look, she really did, but her eyes couldn't help but wander to the sliver of exposed skin that was revealed when his shirt lifted up. Rachel licked her lips, imagining her mouth on that exact spot.

Puck dropped his arms and looked back down at Rachel. He was confused by the hazed look in her dark eyes. It was like she was in a trance.

Snapping his fingers in front of her face, he tried to get her attention. "Berry? You still with me here?"

Rachel came to and quickly adverted her eyes. "Yea, I was just…thinking."

Puck was still confused, but he let it go. "We should be getting back to class."

Shocked, Rachel looked up at him and said. "Did I just here you say 'back to class'? Since when did you care about school?"

Puck chuckled at her expression. "Well before I didn't have another life to look out for. Now I do and I need to get it together so I can graduate and provide for my kid."

Smiling at his words, Rachel collected her stuff and stood up. "Okay lets get back to class."

She started to walk down the bleachers when Puck stopped her by grabbing her bag from her.

"Noah what…"

He cut her off. "I'm want to carry your bag for you. You shouldn't have to lift stuff, it maybe bad for the baby."

Rachel scowled and reached for her bag, but Puck snatched it out of the way. "Noah the baby is really, really small right now. It won't be hurt by me carrying something as small as a bag."

"Rachel I'm going to carry your bag. Period."



"Let me…"




"Fine." She whined, letting out a huff. "But don't expect to carry my stuff every time."

"I won't." He smirked as they walked down the bleachers.

He lied. Oh yes he would.


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