Second Chances

Summary: The Sanctuary team find Ashley after what the Cabal have done to her. Only that she is a seven-year-old girl with no memory of the past. The only thing that can come of this situation: pure chaos. Post Eulogy.

The folder slapped against her desk. Helen jumped up. She hadn't even heard the door open and close. When she saw that it was John, she wiped away her shedding tears. "John, this is a surprise," she said rather quickly. "What is this?"

"Read it, Helen." His voice held that same crisp tone that disguised his anger from others, but not her. No, she knew him all too well to know better.

She opened the folder and glanced at the paperwork. Her heart stopped. Her throat constricted painfully. Sweat beaded her face. "No," she gasped. She let out a choked sob. "Please John, tell me that they didn't make more!" Her voice was pleading.

"The reports say that it's a little girl, hardly a threat really. I can go on my own if that is what you wish. I just thought you should know." He started to turn.

"No, John. Tell everyone to come to my office and we'll discuss the best course of action."

"We haven't got the time, Helen!" yelled John, making her flinch.

"I won't allow you to go by yourself, John!" snapped Helen.

"I am not some dog on a leash!" John turned around to face her. His face was blotched with anger.

"The last time I let you go on your own, you returned to your old habits, just as I told you you would," replied Helen evenly.

"Danna Whitcomb deserved what she got!" roared John. "Along with the rest of that Cabal filth!"

"Did you not think that maybe for one second that I wanted you with me?" The tears continued their trail down Helen's cheeks.

John held back his urge to verbally strike at Helen. "Really now," he taunted. "You seem to be wanting me around now more and more these days. Is there something that you're not telling me? Hmm?"

This struck Helen worse than any yelling ever could. Her heart skipped a beat. Still, after all these years, Jack the Ripper had that effect on her. She glared at him like a defiant child. "John, please, for my sake bring everyone here," she pleaded with forced patience.

"For you then," murmured John. He exited her office before another word could be exchanged.

She only had to wait a few minutes for everyone to assemble in her office. They all possessed the same inquisitive expressions, apart from John.

"I am certain that you are all wondering why I brought you here," she began. "You are here because John has picked up on some leads of another super abnormal."

Henry was the first to speak, "But Doc, that's impossible. They were all obliterated by the EM shield."

"And John and I worked quite hard to disband the Cabal," added Tesla.

"I am well aware of that Nikola," replied Helen. "I think that it is possible that the Cabal left one behind."

"So what's the plan of action?" asked Will.

"Nikola, Kate, and Henry, you three will stay here and remain in radio contact. The rest of you are with John and I."

"Magnus, if this really is one of those freaky abnormals, you'll need all the help you can get," argued Kate.

"You are more help to me here," replied Helen crisply. She turned to Tesla. "Do you still have that weapon that I asked you to build?"

He nodded. "And its better than before, now that I've had adequate time to work on it."

"It better work this time," John threatened. "That is, if you value your life."

"You tried killing me before," snapped Tesla. "Remember, I'm half-vampire. It would take more than the likes of you to kill me." He rolled his eyes.

"Oh, I assure you, I will find a way, and when I do-"

"John, enough!" Helen interrupted. "Really, this is not the time for your bantering." She glared between the two abnormals.

Tesla grinned. "He's just jealous because he had his chance with you and blew it."

John grabbed the vampire-hybrid by the collar and slammed him against a bookshelf. Several books crashed to the floor.

Everyone in the room looked alarmed. Big Guy bared his teeth. Helen looked positively livid, which frightened everyone more, especially Will. "Do I have to separate you two like children?" she yelled.

Big Guy pulled them apart. He slapped each of them across the back of the head. "No fighting," he growled. "We must work together."

"Tell that to Jack the Ripper," murmured Tesla.

"Nikola, I really insist that you bring me that weapon," said Helen with forced patience.

"As you wish, M'lady," replied Tesla. He bounded out of the room.

"John, Will, Big Guy, meet me in the main chamber in half and hour," instructed Helen. "That should give you enough time to get ready." She stood and walked out of her office.

Tesla found her alone in one of her more vulnerable moments. She never cried in front of anyone. The only time anyone ever caught her like this was when she was unaware of their presence. He cleared his throat, announcing that he was not alone. She quickly wiped away her tears. "Am I interrupting anything?" he asked.

"Just got something in my eye," sniffed Helen. She turned to him, her eyes still red from crying.

"The weapon, just as you asked," he said, handing her the gun. "Mind you, I have only been able to test its effectiveness on those fur balls that you keep as pets."

Helen's face went hard as she fought the urge to cry some more. "They're called Nubbins, Nikola," she said through clenched teeth.

"Ok, jeeze," said Tesla with his hands in the air. "No need to get upset with me. I'm not into this whole saving abnormals thing. I'm only here because I've got no where else to go. Plus, you still need my services."

"Nikola, if you don't mind," snapped Helen.

"Oh right, you'll be leaving soon." He turned and left.

Helen waited for everyone to assemble in the main chamber. She locked eyes with John for a brief moment.

"Henry deactivated the EM shield," Big Guy grunted as he came in.

"Lets just hope it isn't a trap," said Will.

John grabbed Will and Big Guy first and teleported them out of the Sanctuary. He came back a moment later for Helen. They arrived in an open field of corn.

Helen glared at her ex. "What is the meaning of this, John?" she demanded.

"The last sighting of the abnormal was on this property," explained John rather calmly. "All we have to do now is play a game of hide and seek."

He led the way through the field. They didn't have to go far before they heard hound dogs barking off in the distance. They stopped and exchanged glances.

"Do you want me to scare them off?" grunted Big Guy.

"That won't be necessary," replied Helen.

"It isn't far!" yelled a man, who sounded like he was running across a few rows from them.

"Follow him!" ordered Helen, "But don't get too close." She ran with her gun ready. The others followed in a tight formation that looked as though it had been practiced dozens of times with John and Will on either side and Big Guy taking the rear.

Rows of corn stalk fell as they trampled through the crop. Helen slowed to a walk when she heard a young child crying. She turned to Big Guy. "Lead them away now," she instructed. Before he could disappear, she grabbed him by the arm. "Be careful." With that said, she watched him vanish.

With cautious steps, as though there were venomous snakes at her ankles, she stepped forward. What she found stopped time for her.

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