I'm BACK!! This fic is for Wolf Mystic and also to Cody the Maverick. Since December, I've been asked by Cody the Maverick to do Cody's childhood since her fic, 'Teardrops on my Iceboard' has been discontinued. So it's left to me to do this fic for her. I hope you like it and I hope I did my best as my version of Cody's past. Enjoy!

Tears of a Maverick

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: The Birth

June 7, 1989

It was a cold night in Shiverpool, Antarctica, where the day, June 27th, became the day that all rockhopper penguins prepared themselves for the Blue-Moon ceremony, the birth of the newborn babies as they do every year. However, this day became the day that changed everything for the first time ever that one family have their own young that is completely different.

Bob Maverick went in to check on his wife, Edna, who's sitting on her eggs to keep them warm. He looked at her and asked, "How are we doing?"

Edna looked at him and realized that he became extremely confident and excited about the birth. She said, "I see you're excited about our kids' birth?"

"I am extremely excited about being a father. I'm actually looking forward for this birth."

"Don't worry so much."

"Me, worried? I am not that worried."

Edna smiled at him and Bob was acting totally confident, but he sighed heavily and said, "This is nerve-racking, but I hope some good can come from this."

As excited as he was, Bob definitely feels like he's looking forward to his first and definitely his final egg-hatching ceremony, because this is his first time doing an egg hatching and definitely the last.

Several hours later, as they were ready for the birthing of their hatchlings, Bob saw one of the eggs rolling out of nowhere in the snow as the skies turned dark and growing cold. Everyone started walking quickly, and Bob tried to keep up with the others, unaware that the egg is starting to slip from his arms.

"Wait for me! Wait for---No!!!"

Then, all of a sudden, it fell out of the snow and heading towards the freezing water that the patches of ice started to form up the water, leaving Bob in a panic-mode. The egg fell into the water and then, he planned to rescue his soon-to-be hatchling.

"I'm coming!"

He leaped in the air and plunged into the water to catch the egg before it gets too far from Shiverpool. He swam across the river to find the egg and all of a sudden, he sees sight of it and swam quickly than every other penguin that swam that quickly. He went underwater to get close to it and he sawm deep into the water and then, pops out of nowhere and catches it just in time.

He breathed a big sigh of relief and whispered, "Thank goodness."

Several minutes later, he swam back to shore, his feathers wet, but lucky that he got the egg back and just in time for the birthing of the babies. He walked back nervously and then, he saw Edna walking with one egg and saw Bob carrying the other egg and she asked, "Why are you all wet?"

Bob sighed heavily and said, "Long story short. One of our eggs were almost lost at sea, but I finally caught it before it swam away from us. Talk about big rescuing."

"Well, at least he's safe from harm."

"Let's hope."

As others gathered around seeing the new babies being hatched and hearing the penguins sing aloud for the blue moon to grow stronger, Bob and Edna were the last ones to see their newborn babies hatched. Bob was kinda nervous about what the outcome will it be. However, it was cool to see that it was okay to drop the egg in the sea, but not in the water, which worried Bob the most. As soon as all the eggs hatched, one of the Maverick's egss started moving and then, immediately cracked open and out came an almost bigger baby penguin and the others started seeing how cute it is.


Bob and Edna were definitely happy to see their first newborn baby boy and Bob held him closely and Edna looked him and saw how cute he looked.

"He's a keeper."

"This is definitely the best one we've hatched so far." Edna said.

"I agree wholeheartedly. What should name him?"

He looked at his brown eyes and then, Edna came up with a perfect name for him. She then said, "Let's call him 'Glen'."

"Why Glen?"

"He looks like my cousin Glen."

Bob looked at him and noticed that he does look like a Glen, and she told him, "That's a good name. Glen Stephen Maverick."

Then, all of a sudden, another egg is starting to hatch and Edna and Bob were able to witness the birth of another youngling. Two feet were popped out from the bottom of the shell and it started hopping out of place. The others were sort of laughing because they just think it's just cute.

Then, as the egg started hopping, the other parts of the egg came loose and this penguin was different from everyone else, which no one expected. Everyone gasped in complete shock when they saw how small he is.

Edna and Bob were definitely surprised about the birth of his second son. They looked at each other and Bob felt completely shocked. The little baby penguin was hopping around in the snow, chanting, 'Cold-y, cold-y, cold-y, cold-y...."

"So, what should we name him?" asked Bob.

Then, Edna kept hearing the little penguin chant 'cold-y' several times and brought up a name for it. She said, "Since he keeps saying 'cold-y' a lot, I think he's something special...kinda. We'll name him.....Cody."

He thought long and hard about this name, but then he looked at his second son's brown eyes and said, "Good name."

Sooner or later, the other penguins looked at Edna and Bob, looking kinda surprised and also disturbed that their second son isn't like the other baby penguins, cause he's so much smaller.

"Come on, he's still normal. He's our boy, even though he's kinda...well, you know---"

"DIFFERENT?!!" the other penguins shouted.

"Yeah, that."

Cody overheard that word and chanted, "Diffy-want. Diffy-want. Diffy-want. Diffy-want."

As Cody kept repeating the word, Edna and Bob were pretty sure that this situation would change their lives permanently, but Bob felt completely worried, thinking to himself, 'Is this birth my own fault? Am I responsible for this? No, of course not. I'm pretty sure that he'll be like everyone else as soon as he gets older....I hope.' It seems as though this is gonna be the most difficult situation because of Cody's difference. But the question remains: Is being different from the others will affect Young Cody for the rest of his life? One way or another, Cody's life is just beginning.

Also, I've heard that January 11th was Wolf Mystic's b-day. Hope you like it and Cody the Maverick, I hope you like this fic. If I'm missing something, please let me know so I can edit it. I'm gonna post mroe chapters soon! Laterz!!