This is where we conclude 'Tears of a Maverick'.

Chapter 16: The Story

Edna started telling the boys a story about them hatching out of an egg, just like it was yesterday.

"It all started on June 7th, 10 years ago back in '89, I think it was, and it was the blue-moon ceremony where every June 7th in Shiverpool, all of us rockhopper penguins gather around and we all see the whole sky turn dark and we start humming out to make the blue moon appear. The snow blew hard and cold and we would give everything we could to make the blue moon appear. When it appears, it shines down on our eggs and for a few seconds, our eggs have finally hatched and we all start a family."

"That seems like a good thing." Cody said.

"Of course it is, numbskull. They always do it every year." Glen said.

"Well, sometimes."

"What were we like?"

"Well, me and your father have gotten two eggs and Glen was the first one to pop out of the big egg and he was a big baby when he first came out."

"He still looks like a big baby now." Cody said, laughing.

Glen scoffs and rolled his eyes at his brother. He said, "You still look like a little creep."


"Sorry, mom." both said.

"Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Glen was the first one to come out of the egg and it became the happiest moment in our lives and everyone in Shiverpool looked at him really cute."

"Was I cute, mom?" Glen asked.

"You're still cuter when you were a baby."

Glen chuckled softly as his mom reached in a kiss him in the cheek.

Cody rolled his eyes and said, "I think I'm gonna be sick."

"Anywho...." Glen said, scowling at Cody.

"We were all waiting for the second egg to come out and when it cracked, all we can see were two feet under the egg. It was hopping up and down, touching the cold snow. We all thought it was cute and very sweet, however, it all changed when the whole egg cracked open and out came....Cody. He looked kinda small and everyone in Shiverpool was not expecting something like this before."

"Did I look that bad?" asked Cody.

"Not to me. For everyone else, it's kinda like that."

Cody never thought that everyone else was expecting something like that when he was a baby. He asked, "So....was I different from them?"

Edna sighed and never knew what the outcome of the story could be for young Cody. Then, she looked at her son in the eye and said, "Yes."


"Since you were born, everything changed for the better and not in a good way. There were no problems with Glen, but your father wasn't sure that if everyone in Shiverpool could get used to you. Your father felt scared that everyone here would react that way towards outcasts. Makes them feel a little uneasy."

"How so?"

"Very much so."

"So, where is my father?"

Horrified, Edna remembered the situation and that incident with his father being eaten by a whale and that it all happened so quickly, that it still became more difficult to even know whether or not she should tell him the real thing.

"When you were a baby, your father caught a fish one night and then....a big whale came in and ate him."

Cody's eyes widened up and he never thought that it would happen.

"So, he's not here?"

"You were only a baby when that happened. I don't know how to understand this, but....he died."


"That whale ate him up that night and your father never made it out alive."

Cody was in complete disbelief and felt completely grief-stricken. Not knowing that this all happened 10 years ago and that he was still a baby and never seem to know any of it before. It didn't hit him until his mother told him that, like it was all a big blur.

"Why didn't you tell me he died?"

"Well, I didn't know how to tell you that and also, because you were a baby. One time, you asked me 'is papa coming back?' and I told you, 'No, he's not coming back.' And he never came back ever since."

Cody sighed heavily and never realized anything about his father. He blinked his eyes everal times until his eyes got misty-eyed. He looked at his mother and whispered, "Excuse me."

He walked away from her and Glen into his room. She looked at Glen and todl him, "I'm thinking I better check on Cody."

"Why bother? He didn't know he died."

"But you knew?"


Edna sighed and got up from the chair and walked across the igloo and while she was walking, she heard someone crying in a room. She recognized it anywhere. It was Cody's room.

She quietly went in the room and saw Cody on the floor, crying his eyes out. She went over to him, touching his shoulder gently. Cody lifted his head up and saw her behind him.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you he was dead. You had to find out sooner or later."

Tears rolled down his cheeks and he wiped them away and sniffled a little. He asked, "Why couldn't you just tell me he died?"

"See, if I did, then it would be difficult to tell you what it really happened and I didn't want that for you."

"Did he even love me?"

"Of course he loved you. He loves you for who you are. And so do I. Regardless if you're different or not, you're still you."

Cody sighs and still feels sad that he never realized that his father died when he was so young and that it was really new. He looked at her and asked, "Is it okay being just the way I am?"

"Of course it is. All it matters is what you think of yourself and as you grow up, you will love yourself for who you are and what's in your heart. And that resembles who you are as a person."

A few tears went out of his face and all Cody could do is smile. She looked at him and said, "You're so likeable and loveable and you're really something special."

She went in and kissed him on the forehead and Cody smiled a little and said, "I feel much better now."

"I'm glad."

She walked away and went out of his room, leaving Cody looking at his Big Z necklace that he wore throughout three years and those sayings were locked in his head forever.

'Never give up. Find a way cause that's what winners do.'

And another saying that's stuck him for life.

'Cody's me, let me be me.'

Cody remembered that saying, because his father said it to him to make sure that he likes himself for who he is, even though he's different. And it will be something that will stick with him for the rest of his life.

But the question is: What would his life be like in his teenage years? Would it still be the same?


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