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1984 Chilton School.

Lorelai Victoria Gilmore sat on the bathroom floor in the second floor girl's bathroom after her first period class. A tiny stick with a pink plus in her hand she couldn't believe it she was sixteen and pregnant how was she ever going to tell Chris? How was she going to raise a baby? What were her parents going to say? Could she finish School? These were all the questions that ran through her mind. There was one question that she never even had to think about she already knew the answer. She would keep her baby if it was the last thing she did. She picked her self up off the floor and dried the tears from her eyes. She went in search of Chris after tucking the test away safely. She walked down the hall, down the stairs and there she found Chris leaning up against his locker his hair a mess and his shirt untucked in his rebel without a cause way.

"Chris" Lorelai walked up to him he turned to her is million watt smile shining through his eyes.

"Lor were have you been."

"Chris" She said in a small voice trying to will away the tears. "Can we go and talk somewhere please." He took one look at her tear shining blue eyes and nodded leading her out into the parking lot and into his new car. They sat there in silence. Her trying to get up her courage to speak him waiting to find out what had her so upset.

"Lor what is it?" Her hand was resting in her lap inside her purse clutching the pregnancy test.

"Chris." She turned and looked at him drawing her hand out of her purse the white stick still clutched within it. "I'm pregnant." It was then with those two words that she finally let the tears once again flow down her face. Chris looked at her and then at the plastic stick and then back at her pulling her into a hug not knowing what else to do.


1984 Stars Hollow High school

Rachel Jane Dupree sat on the bathroom floor of the girls bathroom staring at the pink plus sign on the plastic stick in her hand. She was screwed she was seventeen and screwed. She wasn't the mothering type she didn't even like kids she wanted out of this two bit town She wanted to travel she wanted to live. How was she suppose to tell her boyfriend Luke that she was pregnant she knew that he would want her to keep the child something she didn't want to do. She got up off the floor glaring at the stick that meant the end of her life. She stalked out of the bathroom and she ran to the track field were she knew that Luke would be practicing. She saw him making laps around the track, He stopped when he spotted her.

"Hey." He ran up to her a smile on his face.

"We need to talk." Rachel wasn't in the mood for small talk she wanted out of this mess and she wanted out now.

Luke followed his fuming girlfriend to the outskirts of the field were know one could hear them. "Rach what's up." Luke asked concerned. She shoved the test into his chest.

"I'm pregnant" She hissed "that's what's wrong." Shock covered Luke's face. He looked down at the test in his hands.

"Well we'll deal with this it will be fine."

"Fine, Fine" She ranted. "I don't want it I never wanted children." Luke grabbed her arms and held her still.

"Rachel your not getting an abortion if you don't want the child then you can leave him or her with me after the birth and I'll raise him or her.

"Fine." She seethed did he realize that to give him the child he wanted that she would have to get fat. This was going to be a long nine months in the world of Rachel Dupree.

Gilmore mansion 1984

Lorelai had told her parents of her situation only days before and now here she sat on the steps of her parents manor Chris by her side as his parents and her parents fought over there future marriage. If there was one thing Lorelai knew it was that she wouldn't be getting married. Even if she did love Chris.

"Lor you know we should get married its what's best for the baby." Chris tried to placate her.

"What's best for the baby. What about what's best for us." Lorelai didn't want her child to grow up the way she did raised by nanny's and never knowing a mothers loving word

Apartment over the diner 1984

Luke sat on his bed his head in his hands. How was he going to raise a baby at eighteen by him self and run the store he had inherited after his father died. He had just started to refinish it into a diner to be opened after he graduated in a few months He didn't know how he would do it but he knew he would. He hated Rachel at that moment. How could someone be so heartless about there own child.

Dupree house 1984

Rachel laid on her bed she had told her mother what she was planning. Her father was all for it of course Peter Dupree didn't like being tied down to one place for to long either. He only stayed around to raise Rachel since her mother died when she was four. He himself couldn't wait for Rachel to leave so he could travel more.

Rachel looked down at her stomach in disgust. She couldn't believe she was stupid enough to get pregnant and that she let Luke talk her into keeping the child.

Gilmore manor/Heartford Hospital 1985

Lorelai felt a sudden pain cut through her lower abdomen. She stifled a cry as she grabbed her bag and headed to the car. Just then she felt a gush of water run down her leg. She hurriedly scrawled a note to her parents and took the keys to the car. She made it to the hospital and stumbled her way through the doors. A nurse rushed to her side and helped her to a wheel chair. By this time the pain was getting more and more intense. As she was being wheeled into the delivery room her mother and father showed up.

"I can't believe you left with out even telling us Lorelai a note you left a note." Emily screeched.

"Not now mom." Lorelai bit out. "Can't you see I'm a little busy. Just call Christopher." Emily scowled but did as her daughter said. Hours and a large amount of excruciating pain later. Lorelai held a pink bundle in her arms. "Hello Lorelai Leigh Gilmore." She smiled into the blue eyes of her baby girl. Just then Chris walked in.

"Well what is it." He demanded and Lorelai knew he was hoping for a son.

"Chris come meet your daughter Lorelai Leigh Gilmore." He walked towards them and peeked into the pink blanket. He took a deep breath of air.

"Lor I can' t do this." He looked into her shocked face once before walking out the door. For what Lorelai was sure was the last time. She held her daughter closer and cried the blanket absorbing some of the tears.


Stars Hollow Hospital 1985

Rachel had woken up that morning in pain she felt wet blankets under her and had almost screamed. She had realized that she was in labor. And for a moment she sighed in relief this whole ordeal was almost over. She dialed Lukes number. "Luke get over here now." She snapped. Luke whipped the sleep from his eyes and jumped out of Bed when he heard Rachel's voice. He raced to Rachel's house in his pickup and helped her in "Luke I hate you." She bit out. He just rolled his eyes at her. 14 hours and a lot of swearing later. A baby boy was born. "Here take him" Rachel practically shoved the child in his arms.

Luke held on to the child and looked into his brown eyes and fell in love with that little boy. "Rachel meet your son. "Jess William Danes." He tried to get her to look at the little boy.

" don't care what you name him." She snapped. "Just give me the papers." She hastily signed away her parental rights. Luke's heart breaking a little with each stroke of the Pen.

Hartford/Stars hollow Hospital 1985

Lorelai held her daughter in her arms. Luke held his son neither knowing that in only a few short months there lives would forever be entangled never knowing that They would find family when they were least expecting it.

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