Twist in the Tale

As he walked through the door to MI6, he felt a newfound hate of this place. The air was filled with the smell of polished shoes, clean carpets and closed off corridors. He walked calmly to the reception desk and he dashed up to the corridor, secretly excited about what was going to happen. When he got to Anthony Sharp's office, he knew something was wrong when Sharp wasn't sitting in his seat, but he pondering, pacing around the room in a distinct manner.

"Sit down James" the man spoke coldly. He sat down in his seat and straightened his suit, making sure his tie was perfect.

"What's the matter?" spoke James in a calm clear voice.

"James, the past few days have been pretty hectic for you, yes."


"The media here in Britain have been shocked by what has happened. We have heard all sorts of stories coming out about you and your family and you seemed to have blown your cover." Before James could speak again, Sharp's usually emotionless voice, became full of sorrow.

"I'm sorry James, but I have to do this."

James didn't speak. He knew what was coming before it even came out of Sharp's mouth.

Somewhere, in the South East of England, a woman walked out of her once beautiful cottage, and looked on in horror as it was burnt down. She was soaked in blood with cuts and gashes all around her body. She had been tied up, and left to die in a ditch.

That woman was Aunt Charmian.