Severus and Minerva were seated in wingback chairs in Minerva's study. Between them was an end table sporting a full tea service.

"So, tell me the latest bit of Slytherin gossip, Severus," Minerva demanded, a small smirk ghosting over her lips.

"Excuse me, madam, but I do not gossip."

"Apologies, my dear. Let me rephrase. What is the most interesting set of points you've deducted this week?"

"Two points. From Draco Malfoy."

"You actually took points from a Malfoy?" she gasped.


"And what, dare I ask, was he doing?"

"I found him in a rather… compromising situation," he said, raising an eyebrow and steepling his fingers.

"Oh? With whom?" She reached over for her cup of tea, bringing it to her lips before sipping the brew slowly.

"George Weasley."

The Deputy Headmistress spit tea into the fireplace.

"You must be mistaken, Severus! George and Fred Weasley left school last year!"

"Entrance under Honeydukes, Minerva."

She continued as if she hadn't heard him. "And with a Malfoy! He's a Weasley, Severus! It's just not possible!"

"Oh, it is definitely possible, Minerva. As possible as any other hormone-ridden coupling I've witnessed in this Merlin-forsaken castle. You should have seen Master Malfoy there, with his pants around his knees and with Master Weasley's mouth wrapped around his—"

"Severus! That's quite enough!"

He loved scandalizing the older witch. It was just too easy.

"In any case, why would you remove points from Malfoy? I thought you always turned a blind eye towards your Slytherins?"

Severus reached forward for his tea. "One for getting caught, and," he paused, "one for fraternizing with a Muggle-born sympathizer."

"Severus!" she gasped.

"What?" he attempted to say innocently. Even his innocent voice was tinged with sarcasm.

"Well, I never!" the woman spat. "At least you stopped them!"

"Stopped them? Whatever gave you that idea? I merely stopped them long enough to take points from Master Malfoy, before commending them for fostering inter-House cooperation."

"Oh dear… Well, I hate to be George Weasley when he receives his mother's Howler!"

"Indeed," the Potions Master responded.

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