"That bloody Professor!"

"What is it now Ron?"

After a long day of teaching, Harry and Hermione were relaxing in the Griffindor common room. Trying to get school work off their minds until Ron had come bursting in waving around a piece of parchment.

"Look what Snape has given me on that essay were had, mind you, only one day to work on! a 45! A bloody 45 on an essay!" He practically screamed in frustation. Hermione was trying to calm him down, but he was to animated with his anger.

He toke the paper, tore it up, and released it into the roaring fireplace before settling down on the couch with his arms crossed and pouted face.

Hermione sat down next to him, not amused at all with his act, "Honestly, you call yourself a 5th year?"

"She has a point..." Harry chimed in, sitting next to him, "And we all know how unfair he is-"

"He's gone too far!"

"Snape is to far." Harry replied, "Thats the thing, he is in his own league when it comes to students."

Ron gruffed and let his head hang back against the couch, making him gaze up at the ceiling, "I know, I'm just irriated..."

"And the beast calms down!" Hermione went back to the armchair nearest to the fire, returning to her book.

Ron, not removing his eyes from the ceiling, starting ranting, "I wonder if he gets a kick out of it..."

Harry shoke his head, "Kick out of what?"

"You know, messing with children like this." he continued, His friend grew silent, "I mean, all day down in those dungeons. Must make a bloke mad, or atleast lonely."

Harry blinked and leaned back against the couch as well, "Lonely?"

"Yeah, but I'm leaning more along the lines of mad for him. I mean, all he over seems to do is glower and grade. And being cooped up in that dark damp room must make him bored."

"Ron, your scaring me." Harry said, trying to change the subject.

Ron jerked his head up, "No really! Think about it. And it gets really hot down there in the summer time. Wearing all that black, I swear, he thinks he's a dementor. He must be sweltoring. Humidity and heat is what's making him mad."

Harry chuckled nervously, pulling at his collar, "... that does make sense."

Ron snapped his fingers, "Thats got to be it. He has gone loony because of the heat. And with that greasy black hair, he has got to be sweating-"

"Ok! Enough!" Harry sat up.

Ron and even Hermione stared questionly at Him.

He toke a deep breath, "I...I'm tired. I think I'll just turn in."

"...Ok then." Hermione nodded, watching has he scrambled up stairs.

When Harry got to his dorm, He was careful not to wake his other peers. He checked his clock, 9:36 pm. Surely he wouldn't mind if he came early? Harry snatched his invisibity cloak and went back down stairs hidden.

Harry opened the door to the dungeons where the potions master worked after hiding the cloak behind a pillar, "Snape? Are you here?"

"Over here." A slightly harsh voice replied.

Harry paused a second before pouncing on the teacher and hungrily kissing him. The Professor wasn't surprised, in fact, he was waiting for this reaction.

"To what do I owe this pleasure Potter?" Severus asked after the kiss had lessened, "You seem slightly provoked."

Harry toke in a sharp intake of air, "Just... something crossed my mind is all."

Snape smirked lightly before leaning in for another kiss, only to have Harry's light finger press against his lips, "Can you be ... alittle nicer to him some time? I mean, for me?"

The Professor paused for a moment, taking in the seriousness of his tone and the tall tell blush on his cheeks saying he was embrassassed to ask. He chuckled and whispered into his ear, "I'll try."