2 years later, I graduated from Hogwarts with OWLs and NEWTs in every subject. My parents were so proud of me, and when I told them that I was going to go live with Seth, they cried, but they understood and they let me go. They wanted to let me do whatever I wanted, like they had with my siblings.

"Go ahead, just try to visit us as much as you can." Was what they had said.

Dumbledore had been preparing the necessary potions and practicing the necessary spells, and he was all ready.

"Come every year to take me home to visit my parents. Please."

"Of course," Dumbledore muttered, "But I have one more gift for you before you go. Fawkes?" Fawkes came flying. He hovered over me and a tear felt a tear fall on my hair. My throat began to burn, and my eyes got all itchy. I sat down, rubbing them.

A few minutes later, I was fine. I opened my eyes and got up, feeling slightly dizzy.

"It worked!" Dumbledore exclaimed, "You're no longer a vampire!"

"Thank-you, thank-you so much, for everything. Now then, I have to go, I promised Seth I'd be back as soon as I could be."

It felt like a tornado was forming around me, my hair swirled in the air madly, but I stood calmly and let it take me.

I found myself in the forest, and not quite knowing where I was, I phased as to try to contact someone.

Who was that? Asked a familiar voice.

I have no idea, but it obviously wasn't just my imagination. That was Seth.

SETH! I screamed mentally and ran to where he was.

We both phased back into humans at the same time and I ran into his arms. He hadn't changed at all- shape-shifters don't age. His eyes shone as I hugged him hard.

"I missed you, I missed you so much. SO so much!"

"You're staying this time, right?" His voice was troubled, worried by the thought that I might leave him again for so long.

"Definitely! I'm staying here now." I said, beaming at him. He grinned back, put his arm around my shoulder and led me home.

And that is the end of that story :) I hope you liked it :) It's the first fanfiction that I've ever finished ;)

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