Ok, bad news people.

As a year without updates may have told you, I can't exactly continue this incarnation of relics of the past. A few reasons:

My original fanfic, Rise of the Forbidden, needs my attention. Desperately so. I want to finish that thing before I never get a chance to.

THIS WAS HORRIBLY WRITTEN! I don't know if you've noticed, but my writing is so jumpy that it makes me cringe. Not to mention that my OC was a COMPLETE GARY STU! I'm working on serious balancing issues, as well as my issue of "encyclopediac level of characters". I have way too many, fyi.


If Relics of the Past is ever to be updated again, it will come up under the following name:



In the wake of the destruction of Alpha Halo, the disgraced Covenant forces that failed to protect it were sent on a mission to retrieve Forerunner artifacts. Little do they know, they are uncovering much of the Forerunners' inheritance. Too much. A remake of the remake of Sithking Zero's story! XD

That's how it will go should I eventually find the time to do it. I am a senior in high school, and a writer who's got a 150 chapter-long project ahead of him. Wish me luck all, and I hope I can get back to this story; what I have envisioned is amazing I promise you.

In the meantime, I shall entertain you with the names and identifications of the SIX gods of the Homeworld Universe:

Sajuuk, He whose hand shapes all

Trait: Creation of matter

Tesla-suur, She whose gaze brings light to all

Trait: Energy Production

Sanghelios, He whose breath breathes life into all

Trait: Lifegiving

Tu-rahk, the Minister

Trait: Time Control

Qwaar-Jet, the Destroyer

Trait: Gravity Manipulation

Koshiir-Ra, the Guardian

Trait: Quantum Energy Manipulation

I'll leave their function in the story up to your imaginations for now; won't change what I write. But don't expect great things from me; not happening in the near future, and if I don't get to finishing Rise of the Forbidden, it may never happen. I am making no promises; my best is going to be limited with 4 AP courses this year. Then again, I've never been fast to begin with.

See you (way) later, readers.

And again sorry.

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