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"Wow, Dad," I smirked as I walked down the stairs as Alec, the latest in a long line of 'body guards' practically ran out of the door, unable to handle the 'problematic child' of Police Commissioner Charles Swan. " Where do you keep finding these losers? Who would have thought that a former SWAT officer would get bested by a girl?" I could help but giggle at the thought. But then again, Alec had been easy to wind up.

"Bella." He turned around as we heard a car engine start up and the crunching of gravel as Alec pulled away from the house. "Why do you keep doing this? Why don't you just get along with them?"

It was kind of sad watching him from where I was stood. Here he was, a Police Commissioner, who had the respect of practically every law-abiding citizen in the city, practically broken due to his seventeen year old daughter. Did I feel bad? Yeah, I did. Was I going to stop? No, I was having way too much fun. Call me a bitch, but hey, I needed some way of letting my frustrations out.

He had his work. I had my friends. Same diff.

"Because I don't need a babysitter." I snapped back, crossing my arms across my chest as I stood on the bottom step of the stairs.

"For the last time, Bella, you know why I hire these men." His terse and anxious voice had lowered to practically a growl. "You need someone to watch you when I can't."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes, leaning on the banister and letting out a breath.

We had this little argument each and every time one of the lameasses my dad hired ran out of the door unable to put up with what I threw at them. My friends had bets on how long they would all last.

None of them lasted very long.

My friends said that I had a talent for ridding myself of the annoying little men, but I just knew what buttons to push with each of them. None of them were that hard to figure out. Each man had a weakness. You just had to know how to find it.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and grabbing my coat. "I'm going out."

"Isabella!" He snapped and I turned to look at him, still sliding my coat onto my shoulders. "You will stay in this house tonight. I don't want you going out!"

"Of course you don't." I snapped back at him. Two could play at this game. "You want to keep me all nice and locked away so that 'no one can hurt me'. It doesn't work like that, Charlie." I sneered his name, knowing that he hated it when I addressed him by it. "I want to have a life and see my friends and neither you or your little bozos are going to stop me from doing that. Bye!"

With that, I yanked the door open and stormed out, grabbing my phone out of my jeans pocket along with my car keys.

I hit the call button and held the phone to my ear as I climbed into my car, turning on the engine.

"Yello!" A chirpy voice on the other end of the line called out in response.

"Jess?" I asked, wondering if it was Jess or if someone had picked up her phone again and decided to answer it for her. That had happened many times. Once or twice I had answered it for her, to find that it was her parents on the other end. Either they were incredibly inept parents or they just played dumb to their daughters' antics while they were away. Which, thankfully for me, was a fucking lot.

Jess's house was my safe haven when I couldn't stand being at home anymore. Ever since my mom died, it was like there was a black cloud hanging constantly over the building affecting everyone inside. My dad hadn't gotten over it and I knew he never would. I, personally, knew that I wasn't really coping with it either, but hey, my way of dealing was a lot more fun than Charlie's way.

His way included throwing himself into work and moping about the house wishing she was still alive.

My way included my friends, a lot of booze and a lot of weed.

Whose do you think makes you feel better?

I thought so.

"This is she?" She giggled and I heard some people laughing in the background and a round of 'oh's carry over the phone as someone obviously did something worthy of a whole lot of piss taking at school on Monday. "What can I be doing for you's, Bells?"

"How much have you had?" I laughed, sticking my phone on speaker and setting it in the little holder I had. It wouldn't do for the Police Commissioners daughter to be pulled over for talking on the phone whilst driving now, would it? Again?

"Not that much, really." I could practically see her brow furrowing in thought as she tried to remember how much she had had to drink and smoke already and I laughed again.

"Okay, Jess, don't hurt yourself." I chuckled, shaking my head as I made my way towards her house. "Liquid and smokes are flowing, yeah?"

"Do you doubt?"

"Not a chance." I grinned, pulling up in front of her house where a couple of other cars were parked. I recognised Tyler and Mike's cars, along with Lauren's, Tanya's and James's. They had probably brought friends with them, as everyone did when Jess parents weren't around. Hers was the party house. "Open the door, bitch. I'm here."

I hung up the phone, slipping it into my pocket as I climbed out of the car, locking it and slipping my keys into my front pocket, not wanting to lose them in there. That's happened before and I will never forget the aftermath from Charlie. I still hadn't found the keys, but he'd made me get a whole new car, so it didn't really make much of a difference.

The door swung open as I walked up the path, revealing a completely fucked Jess. She grinned and waved at me before leaning a little too far over and bashing into the doorframe. I couldn't help but laugh at her. She wouldn't remember in the morning and would spend all day wondering where the hell she got the new bruise from. Much like I did each morning after a complete 'fuck-up night' as we called them.

As you can guess, it was a night where we got drunk and we got high.

Best way to ease out your stresses in my opinion.

"Hey, Bella!" She practically screamed even though I was standing about a foot away from her. With Jess, all inhibitions were dropped when the ale started flowing. Or when anything with a percentage on the side started flowing really. She would drink anything. She reached out and threw an arm around my shoulders, pulling me into the house and nearly collapsing on the stairs as we made our way into her living room which was clouded in smoke and where everyone was sitting. "Hey, look everyone! Bella's here!"

There was a round of 'wahay's' from people as they held up their drinks, probably not even knowing who the hell I was. There were more people here tonight than there usually were, turning it into a party rather than the usual gathering.

Oh well, more fun to be had.

"Hey, Bells." Mike turned to grin at me as I sat down, taking the joint that was being passed around away from him and taking a long drag, sighing as I released the smoke into the air. "Better?"

"Much." I closed my eyes and rested my head on the back of the sofa, taking another drag, wanting the drug to take effect as quickly as possible. I needed to feel away from what the hell was going on in my life at the moment.

"So, what's brought this on?" James asked, gesturing towards where I was sitting and I knew that he knew I had been stressing.

James had been one of my best friends since kindergarten. We were always getting each other into trouble and running away before we could get caught as well. Others might say, they help you get into trouble, but they help you get out again. With us? Nah. Who needed help getting out of trouble?

Me? I was Charlie's daughter, so no one would have believed it possible for me to do such things, when really most of the shit we got into was my idea. No one ever believed us when we said that, but hey, such is my life.

James on the other hand had everything working for him. He was intelligent, funny, charismatic and he was gorgeous. I bet you're wondering why I'm not with him, yes? Well, here's the thing. James would only like me if I started producing testosterone and grew a dick. Yes, unfortunately, ladies of Seattle, James Alexander Brookes, is gay.

But somehow, he's always able to talk himself out of absolutely anything.

The only one he couldn't pull anything with was Charlie. He knew him too well and knew when he was bullshitting.

"What do you think?" I raised an eyebrow at him and he nodded in understanding.

"Those douches your dad keeps hiring?" He enquired, taking a swig of the beer he was drinking.

"Yeah." I sighed, taking another puff of the joint and passing it to the person next to me. I didn't even know his name, but what the hell.

"How many has it been?" Tanya asked, sitting on the arm of the sofa next to James, who pulled her into his lap. She giggled and righted herself, flushing a little at the fact her extremely short skirt had ridden up several inches nearly flashing everyone. She smacked James on the chest with the back of her hand and he feigned hurt, making all of us laugh.

"Seventeen." I grinned, taking the bottle that Mike passed me, along with the bottle opener. All of them knew my rule of not taking a drink unless I'd seen it been poured in front of me or it had the top still on it. I popped the top of, flicking it at James, who head butted it away from him, making all of us laugh again. "But who's counting?"

"You've got some impressive record there, Bells." Tyler whistled, sitting down next to James and grinning at me.

"Tell me about it." I rolled my eyes wishing that my dad would just wise up and figure out that none of the assholes he hires are going to stop me from doing what I want to.

Seventeen have tried.

Seventeen have failed.

How many more was it going to take for him to get the message and just leave me alone?

Nothing was going to happen to me. Just because something happened to happen to my mom, doesn't mean that history is going to repeat itself and screw me over.

I was going to be fine.

Or at least, that's what my slowly frazzled brain was telling me.

"So, Bells." I registered Tanya sitting down next to me, handing me another drink, which I popped open, flinging the top at James again. He looked at me, his eyes narrowed while I stared blankly back. He didn't fall for it. He never did.


"What can I do for you, Tanya?" I asked, watching James out of the corner of my eye. I knew he would get me back for the bottle top incident. I just didn't know when.

"I was wondering . . . do you know if Demetri is seeing anyone?" She asked, her gaze flicking towards the kitchen where I knew a couple of the guys from school to be.

I slyly turned my head to look at the object of her desire and I knew what I would find. He was standing there, a little way away from everyone else, but still close enough to be involved in the conversation, adding in little quips and snippets every now and again, but not really becoming too involved with the conversation happening in front of him, if that makes any sense.

He was tall and blond, slightly tanned, as his Spanish heritage would indicate, standing there swigging on his beer nonchalantly as the rest of the crowd in the house moved around him. He seemed completely unfazed by the stumbling teenagers around him. I could see why Tanya liked him.

"I don't know." I turned back to face her, really not knowing if he was or not. Normally, I knew these things, but I couldn't remember if I'd seen him with anyone. "The best way to find out is to ask."

"I did." She grinned at me and I rolled my eyes at her. She may look like the stereotypical blonde, but Tanya was not stupid.

At five foot eight, she was tall, slender and blonde. She was beautiful with her strawberry blonde curls and her bright blue eyes, giving away nothing but innocence. But let me tell you, when she wants something or someone, she's anything but innocent. The girl is a fireball. That being said, she was one of my best friends, always there for me when I needed her after a rough day with whatever douche Charlie had roped into trying to babysit me. She'd even helped get rid of a couple of them. Ah, good times.

"Why don't you go ask him?" I asked her and she turned away from me, her cheeks going slightly red. Wow. She must really like him if she's blushing. "Look, the worst that'll happen is he'll be seeing someone. Though why he would stay with someone when he could have you is beyond me."

"You think?" She asked, biting down on her bottom lip. She may be beautiful, but Tanya could also be very shy at times. For me, at least, it was cute to see.

"Girl, if I was that way, I'd totally make you mine." I grinned at her and she giggled, finishing her drink and taking a deep breath, standing up. I gave her a thumbs up as she walked around the sofa and into the kitchen.

There was a knocking at the door and Jess looked around, wondering who was missing. "Anyone expecting someone?" There was a scattering of 'no' and 'not me' and some people shaking heads. She shrugged and went back to her conversation just before the knocking started again.

"I'll get it." Tyler stood up, handing James his beer before making his way towards the front door. That was probably a good idea, considering Jess was in no condition to stand up at all. "Yeah?" I saw Tyler lean against the doorframe as he answered the door, clearly not recognising who was standing there. If he had they would already be sat down with a beer in their hands at this point.

"I'm here for Isabella." A calm, cool voice answered him and I tensed. What the hell?

"Excuse me?" Tyler straightened up slightly, still leaning on the doorframe and I realised that he was blocking the entrance to the house, making it so that the stranger couldn't get in.

"You heard me. The music from inside doesn't permeate through to this part of the house, and unless your hearing is that detrimental I know for a fact, that you heard me." Whoa, this guy knew some big words. Not that I could really say anything about that considering the state of my brain at the moment. "Now, I'm telling you again. I'm here for Isabella Swan."

"Does she know you?" Tyler asked, standing up straighter, probably trying to intimidate the guy. By this point, pretty much the whole place had gone quiet, listening to what was happening at the front door.

"Oh, we're about to get very well acquainted." Like Hell I am!

"You think I'm letting her go somewhere with someone I don't know." Tyler laughed, sounding insane at the moment. "You're mad, dude!"

"You have two options here." The man at the door, though I still couldn't see him because Tyler was in the way. "Either you send her out here and this all ends peacefully or I will be going in there and getting her myself. And before you think you could stop me, don't even try it, kid. Pick your battles. And not ones that you'll lose. Now, for the last time before the police are contacted and each and everyone one of you inside has to explain to their parents why they're being contacted by the police, send Isabella out."

There was no mistaking the threat in his tone and all of us knew that, even though none of us had a clue who he was, he was not joking.

"It's okay, Tyler." I stood up, albeit, somewhat shakily.

"No, it's not, Bells." He turned around and warned me to stay back, with his eyes. "This guys saying about the police, well, if he comes in here, we can have him arrested for trespassing, right?"

"I don't know." Just because my dad's a cop, doesn't mean I know.

"Well, we can call the cops and have him done." Tyler sounded and looked pleased with himself until a low throaty chuckle that made my girly bits tingle sounded through the air.

"Now, that's amusing, considering it was Charlie Swan that asked me to come and pick her up from wherever she was." I could hear the amusement in this guys voice.

If Charlie had sent him, that meant my new babysitter had been called and was here to pick me up. Well, I was going to tell him right now what he could do with what Charlie wanted.

I walked up behind Tyler, edging round him to get a look at the next loser that Charlie thought could control me. I froze.

Standing in front of me was not what I had expected.

I had expected someone in either their thirties or forties, like all the others had been. But this guy. He had to have been in his twenties. Early twenties, most probably. His pale skin stood out against the darkness behind him, illuminated by his dark clothing. His hair, what I could see of it anyway was a browny colour, maybe with a little red in it, I don't know. I couldn't see properly. His jaw and cheekbones were sharp, angular, making it seem as though he belonged in a more refined time than this one.

But it was his eyes that held me and made me want to look away at the same time.

They weren't like any eyes had ever seen before. Not like your standard brown, blue, green, hazel or anything like that.

They were gold.

Freaky right?

I could tell that this guy knew exactly who I was and what I was like. Something told me that I had met my match with the new employee of Charlie's.

"Oh, shit." I practically mouthed, hiding behind Tyler.

He smirked as though he had heard me, which was practically impossible because I hadn't made any noise and had my hands in front of my mouth, meaning he couldn't see what I was saying either, even if he had learned to lip read. Which made his next words even more worrying.

"Oh shit is right, Isabella."



After Bella left the house I knew that I couldn't deal with this anymore. She was completely out of control.

She had caused seventeen body guards – highly trained and recommended guards – to quit in the last six months. How on earth was I supposed to keep functioning when she was behaving like this all the time? I couldn't do it.

I knew that I had to put a stop to this behaviour.


So I took my phone out of my pocket and dialled the one number I had kept in there in case of a situation like this.

"Masen." The low male voice on the other end replied softly but sternly, alerting the one calling that this was not someone to mess around.

"Am I speaking to Edward Masen?" I asked, slightly nervous. I had heard some things about this guy and I didn't know whether or not they were true. Even if they were, I knew that he was the only one that would be able to tame Bella.

"Who's asking for him?" The voice was clipped, as though waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell me to go to hell and hang up.

"This is Police Commissioner Swan." I tried my best to sound authoritative, yet I had a feeling it fell flat. If this was Edward Masen I was talking to, then there was no chance of intimidation. Or from what I'd heard anyway.

"Ah, Commissioner Swan." There was a smug undertone to the voice, as though they knew why I was calling. "I was wondering when you would get in touch." Okay, so maybe they did know why I was calling.

"I can confirm that I am talking to Edward Masen, yes?" I asked, not wanting to mess around here.

"You can, indeed."

Thank God. "I'm not even going to bother telling you why I'm calling, because it seems you already know."

"You need my help in controlling your daughter." Alright, smug fucker.

"Are you willing to help?" I asked, managing to keep the pleading out of my tone as I waited for an answer.

"I'll be there in an hour."

With that he hung up.

I closed the phone, wondering what the hell had just happened here. It seemed like what was said about Edward Masen was true. He really was the best. No one knew where he had come from or what he had been doing before, but he was the one people wanted when they needed a job done urgently. No one I knew had used him before, thank god. I've heard that espionage was the main reason people used him.

From what I knew, he had never worked for the military or and United States forces. He had never worked for a police outfit and seemed to be muscle and brains for hire.

Apparently, this guy could give Stephen Hawking a run for his money with his intelligence.

I just hoped I'd made the right decision in contacting him.

I wanted to keep Bella out of the trouble and danger she was intent on getting herself into. Hopefully, this guy would be enough.

Sure enough, an hour later, the buzzer for the intercom at the front gate buzzed, and I answered Howard's call.

"It's alright." I sighed into the machine on the wall. "Let him in."

I watched through the window as the gates opened and a sleek Lamborghini Estoque made its way up the driveway. I let out a low whistle. I knew that this guy went for a lot of money, but I never really appreciated how much.

I opened the door as he climbed out of the car and I got a glimpse of Edward Masen for the first time in my life.

He was intimidating, just as I knew he would be. He was the same height as me, but I had the feeling that that wouldn't matter in a fight between us. He would have the upper hand in a matter of seconds, so I didn't want to try. Normally, a guy like this would be one I was looking for, a perp for me, someone to lock away, but I couldn't find any trace of a criminal record. The guy didn't even have a speeding ticket, which I found amazing, considering his vehicle.

"She's not here." He stated as he made his way towards me, his eyes taking in the house in front of him.

"Um . . . no." I shook my head and he chuckled.

"Let me guess. Out with her friends, doing God knows what, God knows where." It wasn't a guess. It was fact and I nodded. "I can see what it's doing to you. You must be at a complete loss if you're contacting me." He didn't sound surprised at the fact he had been called. Just the opposite actually. It was unnerving to say the least.

"Yes." I nodded, indicating for him to come in and he stepped over the threshold. Barely. "If you're willing to take on this job, I'll pay you whatever you want." He nodded, taking in what he could see of the downstairs. He seemed to be analysing everything with each look. Was that what he was doing? "When can you start?"

He looked at me, smirking slightly. "I already have." With that, he disappeared out of the door and was walking towards his car. "I'll have Bella back in under an hour." He was confident as he slid into his car and made his way down the driveway again. Howard knew to let him back in.

I knew then and there that this was the one that would put a stop to Bella's ways. He would be the one that could keep her under control.

Had I done the right thing by pressing that call button on his number?

Yes, I bloody well had.

What do you think?