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Chapter Four - Wrinkles

Diana just about stopped herself from crashing onto the rooftop after witnessing little Batman sitting on the knee of a leather-clad woman.

The two turned when they heard her shout, "What in Athena's name do you think you're doing?!" and watched her land with a complete lack of grace.

Bruce felt like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Just great, he thought. How was he going to explain this to Diana?

Thirty minutes earlier

Bruce had been patrolling Gotham - and was out of breath and twenty minutes behind in his normal routine. Damn short legs and arms, he grumbled to himself as he stood on the roof of a ten-story apartment building. He was trying to catch his breath when he heard a voice behind him.

"Aw, a little version of Batman, how uber cute," the female purred.

Bruce's eyes closed. Not her, not now, he thought as he turned and stared at the curled-up figure of Catwoman on the ledge.

Her lips curled into a smirk as she stared at the tiny version of Batman. "So big Batman has a new partner that dresses exactly like him?" she asked as she dropped down, her hips swaying as she approached.

"What are you doing here, Catwoman?" Batboy asked, his voice higher than normal, causing a blush to appear on his exposed face. He kept forgetting that.

Selina caught the blush and her smirk grew. "I was scoping out that jewellery story across the street."

Batman's lenses narrowed as he watched her for any threatening movements.

"Aren't you a cutey?" she said as she studied him from head to toe. "What's your name, sweetie?" she asked, as the little boy stood silently. Several seconds passed as she waited, Selina rubbed her chin in thought. Was it possible...? The boy acted way too much like Batman for comfort, that much was certainly true. To test out her theory, she extracted her whip from the holster on her hip.

Bruce readied himself for a fight, but Catwoman's pose told him she wasn't truly going to cause him any harm. It was still quite playful.

Selina whipped out at the boy a few times - never coming close enough to hit the child. When the boy had not moved an inch she paused. "Batman?" she asked in amazement.

The reaction - or lack of it - on the boy's face told her everything. Selina reattached her whip.

"What happened to you?" Her voice held such concern, but Batboy ignored her as he turned away. A clawed glove gripped his shoulder. "Don't ignore me Batman - I know it's you. No child acts that way."

Little Batman growled out, "Magic..." What surprised Bruce was that Catwoman turned him around then wrapped her arms around him protectively.

"We'll figure this out," she whispered.

Twenty five minutes later Selina had managed to get him to tell her the whole story and even managed to get him to sit on her lap as he told her his tale - then they were interrupted.

Diana's eyes narrowed at the sight of Bruce and Catwoman, in such a cozy, almost intimate, embrace. It made Diana furious at how affectionate Bruce was being! And he'd told his actual allies that he didn't need anyone! Gritting her teeth, Diana forced herself to shake off the thoughts of hurling Catwoman off the roof and spoke up. "You should have been home an hour ago," she told Bruce commandingly.

Selina looked where the voice had come from and nearly fell over laughing. There standing on the roof was a mini version of Wonder Woman. Batman hadn't told her about that. "Oh this is so priceless! Not only a mini version of Batman but also of Wonder Woman," Selina's body continued to jerk with laughter, nearly dropping little Batman in the process.

Diana's eye twitched. "I may be a child in stature, but I'm still a warrior if you wish to test me!" she snarled, her eyes lighting up threateningly. Selina held up her free hand in surrender as she tried to control her giggles.

"No need for that, little one," she chuckled, causing Diana's fist to tighten harder.

Bruce quickly pulled away from Selina's hold and slid off of her lap. "What are you doing here Prin- Wonder Woman?" he asked, trying to defuse the situation before it turned into a war.

Diana's eyes did not soften. Instead she folded her arms and shifted her glare to him. "I was worried about you! The computer said you hadn't moved in almost half an hour..." Diana's defensive stand gentled a little bit. "I thought you were injured."

Batman stood a little more rigidly after hearing that. "As you can see, I'm fine. Go back," he said dismissively.

Diana placed her small hands on her hips. "Not without you." Her voice brooked no argument.

Selina sat there listening to the interaction between the two. It caused a slight tightening in her chest, made her hope that the direction her thoughts were taking her might not be right. "Batman," she pouted, "we haven't finished talking..."

Without realizing it Diana took a few steps closer towards him and took his hand possessively. "It's time to come home, now!"

Diana's words annoyed Selina. Who was she to tell her or Batman what they could or could not do? "We are not done talking, child, why don't you fly off and find Superman to play with," she mocked.

Diana released Bruce's hand and lifted her chin high. "Why don't I just play with your face instead?!"

Selina finally stood up and towered over mini Wonder Woman. "I would like to see you try that."

Diana floated up to stare eye to eye with Selina. "I wouldn't have to try very hard."

Batman had had enough of their bickering. "Enough you two!" he yelled. "Catwoman, it's time for you to go home."

Diana smirked as Selina's eyes narrowed. However, her triumph was short-lived as Bruce turned his glare on her. "And the same for you too," he pointed. Both Diana and Selina stood there in shock. Batman pulled out his grappling hook and swung away from the two females.

Selina sighed. "Men. Um, boys." Diana nodded her head in agreement - especially that boy. He always managed to run away.

When Diana turned her attention back to Selina and found her to be missing as well, she rolled her eyes and exhaled. "How can they both do that? There must be something in the water here." She floated upward, deciding returning to the manor was the only thing left to do. She had no way of tracking Bruce, and he'd have to come back to the Cave eventually. She fully intended to be there when he did.

He returned from patrol an hour later, to find her with her arms crossed, sitting in his chair. She didn't give him chance to remove his cowl before she launched into her diatribe. "So you'll accept help from someone you know can't be trusted, but not from your friends?"

"She wasn't helping me, she was-"

"She was what, telling you bedtime stories?!" Diana yelled. "I'm not stupid, Bruce, I know what I saw! I can't believe you're actually-"

"You don't know jack about what I'm doing, Princess, so why don't you just go to bed?" he snapped.

"I know exactly what you're doing! Are you that prejudiced against metas that you'd rather accept aid from a woman who could betray you at any time? We're your friends, Bruce, we know you well enough to know that Gotham is your city - you might try showing us the same respect sometimes! Sometimes it's like you just see us as threats all of the time!"

"You are threats all of the time," he said quickly, carrying on before she could reply and hating the flash of hurt that crossed her features. "But that doesn't stop me from being your friend too."

"Then act like it! Even when we're big again, just tell me if you want someone else-"

"What? Diana, you're being ridiculously childish."

"Newsflash, Bruce, I am a child! And so are you! Stop acting so...grown-up all the time!" She stopped, sighing. "Why can't you just enjoy this?"

"You know why," he hissed.

She nodded somewhat miserably. "It's just..." She trailed off, and Bruce took the opportunity to move over to the computer and update his logs. Diana didn't move. "You really shouldn't brood so much, y'know?" she told him finally.

Bruce tried to ignore her, but she kept looking at him expectantly. "I can brood if I want to."

"Yeah, but you shouldn't."

"Why not?" he snapped finally.

"One, 'cause you're getting wrinkles," she said matter-of-factly, leaning forward to tap her index finger between his eyebrows, "right here. And two, 'cause nobody likes a grumpy guts," she added brightly, with a smile.

Bruce glared at her retreating back as she hopped off the chair and left. He waited until he was sure she'd gone before he checked. "I do not have wrinkles."

A few moments later, Alfred came down the stairs. "Was it a productive night Master Bruce?" Bruce nodded his head as he stared at the blank screen.

"Women and magic..." he said, his voice tired. "I will never figure either of them out."

Alfred's face broke into a small smile. "Yes. Even the greatest detective in the world has his limits," he said as Bruce turned and stared at him.

Bruce gave him a simple nod in agreement. "I need coffee."

Alfred's eyebrow raised slightly. "Not for a growing boy, sir, warm milk is in order," he said as he produced a glass of the white substance.

Bruce looked in horror at it as it was placed next to him. He moved his gaze back up to Alfred, and then saw the you-will-drink-it-and-be-grateful-Master-Bruce look on the Englishman's face.

Bruce gripped the tall glass tightly and drained the contents in several gulps and slammed it back down on the console. Alfred nodded his head and took away the offending glass. "It's time for rest, Master Bruce," he said mildly.

Bruce sighed, then hopped off the chair and walked back up to the manor with his head hung low. He hated being a child again.

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