Here is my latest story, it involves the death of two characters, you have been warned, I hope that you like it and if you do I will continue…………it has not been beta read so there will be mistakes but if you can see past them then feel free to read.


Mac was sitting in the Family lawyers office waiting to hear the reading of Lindsay and Danny Messer's Will. Looking at Stella who was sat next to him she held a tight grip on his hand. It had been 2 days since Danny and Lindsay had been killed and the team where still coming to terms with the loss of there good friends.

"You ok Mac" Stella asked as she watched Mac, his face was worn and tierd he looked like he had not slept in days, which was true. Ever since the accident he had spent all his time at the lab asking him self why.

Mac turned to Stella and gave a weak smile, "I'm ok just wish this week didn't happen and everything was back to normal" he answered in a low voice. As there eyes met each of them could see the pain they where going threw. Just then a door of the office opened and a man dressed in a dark suit carrying a file entered.

"Det Mac Taylor, my name is Chris Lords I will be reading the will of Mr and Mrs Messer" the man smiled and shook Mac's hand.

"Nice to meet you, this is Det Stella Bonasera my fiancé" Mac replied looking at Stella.

"Nice to meet you" Chris smiled as she shook Stella's hand.

Sitting down Chris opened the file on his desk and took a few moments before reading the contents. "Lets get started he sighed" looking at the couple in front of him.

He started to read the main part of the will,

"I Mr Danny Messer and my wife Mrs Lindsay Messer state in this will that should anything happen to us we would like sole custody of our daughter Lucy Messer aged 8 months, to go to her godparents Mr Mac Taylor and Ms Stella Bonasera, until Lucy reaches the legal age where she can take care of her self. If the persons named in this Will should decline such responsibility then the care of our daughter will go to the city of New York child services. We would also like our house the contents and our finances to go to our daughters guardian's until Lucy is 18 years old"

After the reading Chris placed the file down on his desk and looked at Mac and Stella before speaking "You don't need to answer straight away you can take a few days to think about it as it is a big decision , but the quicker we know the easier it will be to get Lucy settled in her new home"

Mac looked at Chris and then to Stella who was in shock, she new that when she became Lucy's godmother that it involved the possibility of her become Lucy's guardian if anything happened to Danny and Lindsay but she never imagined in a million years that it would actually happen as they where both young and it was all still a shock they had gone forever.

She had been in foster care and being placed I one foster home after another was no life for a child, if you where lucky you had a nice family, but then you could get ones who could be nasty to the child. Stella thought back to her childhood and held back the tears, it was a part of her life that she didn't like to re visit.

Looking at Mac she didn't have to speak he knew her answer from the look on her face. He also knew how much she hated the foster care system and knew what her answer would be. Turning to The lawyer Mac began to speak. "We accept the responsibility and agree to become the legal guardians of Lucy" Mac sighed as he fought back the tears.

"Ok I will get all the relevant paper work for you to sign and get this process underway" Chris replied as he stood up and left his office.

Mac and Stella sat in silence for a few moments, holding each others hands they where still trying to come to terms with the deaths of there friends and now they now had a child to take care of , as Mac turned to Stella he began to speak.

"Stella can we do this. I mean I love Lucy like she was my own and I love spending time with her but full time is different what if we cant managed " he asked with a little hesitation in his voice.

Turning to face Mac, Stella held his hand tighter.

"It wont be easy Mac, I mean neither of us have had kids of our own, but with the support of each other and the rest of the team we will do this, we have to do this" Stella stopped for a second, trying to fight back the tears she continued to speak " I mean for Lindsay and Danny, they left there baby in our care we cant let them down" she half smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Ok I have all the paperwork here" The lawyer spoke as he re entered his office, he placed two forms in front of Mac and Stella, " If you could both just read threw it and sign the bottom we will send for Lucy and then you can all head home.

Mac and Stella started to read threw the declaration, once they where all satisfied they signed the paperwork and handed both sheets back to the lawyer.

They where soon leaving the office and heading down to the second floor to meet with social services who had taken care of Lucy since the accident. As Mac and Stella turned the corner they saw Lucy asleep in her pram unaware of how much her little life had changed, the lady in front of them held a bag containing some of Lucy's clothes and toys, handing the bag to Mac Stella took the pram and they both headed outside and into there new lives with Lucy.

Lucy started to wake up when Stella lifted her out of the pram and placed her in the car seat in the back of Mac's SUV. Stella decided to travel in the back and keep Lucy calm as Mac drove them to his apartment. The drive was done in silence apart from the cry's of Lucy " Hey Lucy shhhh, its ok baby we will get you home soon" Stella soothed as she tried to calm down the baby.

"Stella we don't have anything at my place for Lucy, all we have is what was in her bag" Mac spoke as he looked at Stella in his rear view mirror.

Realising what Mac had said she looked back at him, "That means we need to go to Danny and Lindsay's place and get her things" knowing that neither of them wanted to go there so soon they both knew they needed to for Lucy.

As Mac pulled up outside the house Stella unclipped her seatbelt and unfastened Lucy's opening the door she lifted the baby and passed her to Mac. As they both walked up the path, they noticed that Lucy had settled down.

"She knows she is home" Stella whispered to Mac and looked down at Lucy who was snuggled in his arms. Opening the front door they both entered and stood in the hallway, the house was neat and cosy, pictures of the family where visible to see and Lucy's things had there place in the home. They made there way threw the house celloecting a few things they could carry with them, Stella got Lucy's clothes bottles formula baby food and dipers while Mac filled a bag with toys and teddys along with her walker and jungle gym. Mac had a playpen at his house for when Lucy visited so she would sleep in that till they had a cot Mac thought.

Standing outside the main bedroom Stella entered, the bed was half made indicating that they had left in a hurry that morning.

Waling to the bed she picked up a picture of the three of them taken at Christmas Stella smiled and placed the picture in her bag, along with Lindsay and Dannys night shirts, as Mac walked in he saw Stella, "Nightshirts what are they for" he asked curiously. Turning to Face Mac she smiled he looked at ease with the baby who was now fast asleep. "Baby's know there parents smell, and this will comfort Lucy when she gets unsettled as it has her parents smell on it" Stella replied and walked towards Mac.

Once they had everything they needed they headed out the front door locked up and headed to Mac's, luckily Lucy had slept all the way giving Mac and Stela time to chat and think about he past 48 hours

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