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Lucy looked up at Mac and Stella with wide eyes as she waited to hear the story of her mommy and daddy, she had big green eyes and shoulder lenght blond/brown hair that had soft waves threw it, she was growing up to be more like her mommy and daddy as each day passed.

"Well your Mummy Lindsay Monroe was from Montana, she came to work in our team and we liked her instantly especially your Daddy Danny Messer, he even nicknamed her Montana, he had a crush on your mummy and we all could see they would soon be a couple" Stella smiled down at Lucy as she cast her mind back over the fond memories she had.

"They soon became very good friends and then they started dating, they where so happy, and a very special moment in there life was when your mummy found out she was having a baby" Mac continued.

"And that Baby was me" Lucy asked.

"Yes it was, the day your where born was a eventful one, your mummy was in in the lab when you decided you wanted to see the world, your daddy was working out in the city so it was up to Uncle Adam to take mummy to the hospital"

"Uncle Adam is silly" Lucy laughed, before letting Mac continue.

"Your Mummy Stella stayed with your mummy until your daddy got there, and she was very helpful" Mac smiled as he looked over at Stella, they both recalled the fear Lindsay had about having a baby and how Stella had kept Lindsay calm with her reassuring words.

"Did my Daddy Danny get to the hospital" Lucy asked with wonderment.

"Yes he did Uncle Don even put the flashing lights on, so they could get to the hospital on time, when your daddy arrived he found your mummy and you where on your way into the world" Stella replied.

"And when your where born I was one of the first people to hold you, as me your Daddy Mac and uncles all came to see you at the hospital, I said you looked like your daddy which he was very pleased about, then I passed you to your Daddy Mac who had been asked to be your godfather, it was a funny day, your daddy wanted to name you Lucy but your mommy liked Lydia" Stella smiled.

"What's a godfather" Lucy asked.

"A special Uncle, and that's why you stay here with us" Mac replied.

"So My daddy won and I was named Lucy Messer" Lucy said with a smile.

"Yes and your name is special as you have two surnames Messer-Taylor" Mac replied, "I like that name" Lucy commented with small smile.

"When did they die" Lucy asked with tears in her eyes.

Stella looked at Mac her eyes begged him to tell the story as she couldn't relive the memories and try not to cry in front of Lucy.

"Your mummy daddy and you where involved in a car accident early one morning when you where 8 months old, your mummy and daddy didn't make it, but they where so happy to know that you did, they loved you very much" Mac said as he hugged the little girl.

"Do I look like them" Lucy asked.

"Yes you have your Mommy's smile and eyes, but you have your daddy's hair and nose" Mac said to the little girl.

"Both your parents where very smart and that's why you are smart and beautiful" Mac said.

Lucy sat quietly for a moment as she looked down at the picture in her hand, "What are you thinking Lucy" Stella asked.

"That I wish I could have met them and that they where still here, I know you both love me and that I'm your daughter, but if they had not died my life would be different" Lucy replied as she looked up at Stella.

"We do love you and as much as we have loved being your mommy and daddy, we wish every day that they where here, and we miss them always, but they left something very precious for us to look after and we will always be thankful for that, and no matter what happens we are your mommy and daddy, and you are special because you have two sets of parents who love you every much" Stella smiled as she placed a kiss on Lucy's head.

"Can I go and see them tomorrow, id would like to speak to them" Lucy asked as she cuddled closer to Stella, "Of course you can baby girl" Stella replied.

"Ok I go to bed now, I love you mom" Lucy said as she gave Stella a kiss and cuddle, "I love you to baby" Stella replied.

Lucy then gave Mac a kiss and cuddle, "Love you dad" she said into his neck, "I love you sweetheart" he smiled as he held her tight.

Mac and Stella sat and watched Lucy leave the living room and head up stairs, "You Ok" Mac asked as he pulled Stella close, "Yes I'm good was just hard reliving the memories, but we both knew this day would come" she sighed into his chest.

"I think we should wait till she is older to tell her about the house and the money that Danny and Lindsay have left her" Mac said as she kissed Stella head.

"Me to" came a sleepy reply.

Deciding to call it a night Mac and Stella soon went to bed and fell asleep holding each other.

The next morning Lucy grabbed her favourite teddy and picked flowers from the garden before heading to the cemetery with Mac and Stella.

She walked in between them holding their hand, approaching the head stone that read her parents name Lucy stepped closer and kneeled down.

"Hi mom hi dad" she whispered, "I have bought your flowers and Ted he is my favourite teddy, he will keep you warm and keep your safe at night" Lucy smiled as she placed the teddy and flowers down.

"Mom Stella and Dad Mac, told me all about you, I wish you where here and I miss you so much, I know that your are in heaven looking down and I hope that I make you smile"

"I will always love you and I know how special I am to have two moms and two dads, I love you always take care in heaven, your special little girl Lucy" placing a kiss on the headstone Lucy then stood up and walked back to join Mac and Stella who stood with tears in their eyes.

The three of them stayed silent for a moment before Lucy decided she would like to go home, they walked away holding hands, Lucy smiled as she felt a warm breeze around her body, she was sure it was her mommy and daddy, giving her a hug from heaven and that made her feel very happy and special, Lucy Messer-Taylor, would live the life of her parents and hoped that they could someday in many years be a family again…...

(The End)

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