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Dani had been avoiding the group after the BBQ. Jeff and this thing were obviously getting serious and she couldn't cope with it. The hope she used to cling onto felt as if it was burning away. She always relied on the fact that Jeff had flings, nothing else, but this seemed more.

Jeff kept texting her but she ignored them, Matt kept ringing and she let them go through to voicemail. She stayed out most of the time so even if they did call round she wasn't there. Sitting in the bar she sighed, staring at her beer bottle, slowly peeling away the sticker she wondered how it had come to this. Why did she never just tell Jeff how she felt? If she had of done all this may have never happened, then again he may have just laughed in her face.

'Hey, Dani? Where you been?' came a voice from behind her.

Dani inwardly groaned, they finally caught up with her.

'Hey Shannon.' she said turning around in her seat to face him. She saw that Matt and Jeff were with him but no Jessica, he stomach did a flip, had they finished? Just as her spirits were lifting the door opened and in walked Jessica with some of her friends, she walked straight up to Jeff, who put his arm around her and she planted a kiss on his lips.

'Where have you been girl?' Matt asked, taking the seat next to Dani, the others followed in suit.

'Nowhere in particular, just about.' Dani replied looking back down to her bottle.

'Do you not answer your phone anymore'

'Erm, its broken, I never hear it ringing.' Dani lied through her teeth, they would know she wasn't telling the truth.

'Oh right, well we were worried about you.' Matt said, concern flashing in his eyes.

'Oh, sorry.' Dani replied, shrugging and returning her focus to her beer bottle.

'Hey Dani.' Jeff spoke now and Dani resisted looking up at him knowing if she did she would be lost in those emerald eyes.

'What up?' she replied, trying to be as emotionless as possible.

'I've been trying to get a hold of you, I have something to tell you...' Jeff trailed off and Dani stiffened iin her seat. This could either be very good or very bad. (Wouldn't bank on the first!)

'Actually me and Jessica have something to tell you... We're engaged.' The words that had just sprung from Jeff's lips hung in the air.

Inside of Dani a voice cried out but she managed to hold it together, just about. She refused to look up, didn't want to see the smug smile on that bitch's face.

'Great.' Dani said, not wanting to speak any longer for fear of what she might say.

'Well we were hoping you would come to our engagment party... tonight.' Jessica said, obviously put out by Dani's coldness towards her. She looked at her friends and made a face, gesturing towards Dani.

'Mabye.' Dani no longer trusting herself to use more than one word answers. Her insides were churning and she wanted to be sick (yeah because that will make him find you attractive) her head was spinning and she wanted to get out of there now. Standing up she tried to steady herself by gripping onto the table.

'Woah, Dani-boy are you ok?' Jeff stood in front of her and grabbed her arms, she looked up into his eyes, swore she saw something more than friendship but shook her head to rid her of this thought. He was engaged...engaged...the word swam around her head refusing to leave.

Jeff gently shook her to regain her focus and she looked up, and for a second he felt like he had been winded. Why did he never notice her beautiful eyes before? They were hypnotising, like pools of chocolate. He could see tears forming in them and was confused, what was wrong with her?

'I'm fine Jeff, just had a bit too much to drink, I don't think I will be able to make tonight.' Dani lied, wishing he would let go of her, every second that she was in his arms she could feel her resolve growing weak.

'Please come Dani, it would mean a lot to me.' Jeff said, Dani kept his gaze, could see the pleading in his eyes. She was weak, she had no immunity to Jeff's charms, that was always her problem.

'Fine. But I'm going to go get some sleep now.' She relented and managed to break his grip. As soon as she did she wished she didn't. She wanted him to hold her, to tell her that everything would be ok.

'Great.' He smiled and she could see he meant it.

'Yeah, great.' Jessica said grabbing Jeff's arm and the moment was broken.

'I gotta go then, text me later.' Dani said and with that squezzed past Jeff and walked out of the bar.

Getting outside she ran, ran as far away as she could, ran until it felt like her lungs were on fire. Collapsing she groaned. A tear fell onto her cheek and she quickly wiped it away, not wanting people to see her like this she ran home where she could be true to herself and let her emotions run free.

The group watched Dani leave the bar and run down the street.

'What's wrong with her?' One of Jessica's friends asked, disgust in her eyes.

'God knows, she is always like that.' Jessica replied and Jeff shot a look at her.

'You hardly know her Jess so shut it.' He said.

Everyone looked at Jeff, confused by the outburst. He got up and walked to the bar to get the drinks. he also wanted time alone, to get his head straight, he feelings were all thrown up in the air and he didn't like it.