It was nearing high noon above the raging Freeport Sea; the radiant sun stretched out over the wide plan, piercing the murky water with its blinding light. Angry waves thrashed against a decaying wooden ship that was cutting across the violent ocean.

"Raise the mast higher, me boys," Captain Morris shouted to his crew as he patrolled the creaking deck. Sailors immediately jumped out of their stations and heeded his command, hastily pulling down on the frayed ropes to quicken the speed of their journey.

The captain surveyed his men with a satisfied look on his face. An overwhelming sense of pride swelled inside of him at their speedy and successful efforts. He silently thanked the gods for not giving him a group of lazy drunkards for his crew.

Captain Morris stopped in his tracks and gazed toward the lower deck with apprehension. There below him stood the fiery dark elf who been the main cause of his discomfort lately. She has done nothing but glare and spit insults at them since the day she boarded his ship. The captain was accustomed to new citizens of Freeport bearing loud mouths and supreme attitudes, but this newcomer was certainly testing his limits in tolerance.

"I see you've been enjoyin' your stay thus far, m'dear Moonshadow," he called, much to her obvious annoyance. The captain spared her a sarcastic smile as her silver eyes shrank into slits. She scowled in response.

"Just as much as I've enjoyed seeing your repulsive face each day," she retorted. "But I'm not in the mood for petty arguments, Morris. My main concern is when am I going to get off this god forsaken boat?" She glanced around with utter disgust written across her indigo face.

Captain Morris immediately rubbed one of his calloused hands along one of the splintering poles, as if he was a comforting a beloved pet that was severely insulted.

"We should be arrivin' in an hour's time. And may I remind you, m'dark friend, you wouldn't be gettin' to Moonshadow without this here 'god-forsaken' boat."

"I'm to endure another hour of human filth, cursed sunlight and a pathetic mode of transportation? Training with the brainless trolls wasn't as torturous as this. I'll be in my chambers, Morris. Inform me when we've reached the city." And without another word, she swiftly glided off to the lower regions of the ship.

Morris clamped his mouth shut with all his willpower and squeezed his fist tightly. If it wasn't for the generous fees the overlord paid him to transport Freeport's newest soldiers, he would make her the new mast for his ship.