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**6 months later**

Edward still didn't know about the pregnancy and I planned to keep it that way. I am pregnant with twins, a boy and girl. Harlow Juniper and Eric Jacob. I made plenty of friends here. Jasper and Rosalie Hale, and Emmett Brandon. Rosalie and Emmett were engaged and she was pregnant I was so happy for them. Tonight we were going to meet Jasper's mystery woman we have been hearing about for the last four and a half months. He would not tell us her name because he did want us to find her and ruin it for him. That was a classic Jasper move; always so secretive.

But, I had a bad feeling about this one that just consumed my whole mind. I had no clue as to why I should have a bad feeling. This was Jasper. Its not like he just finds girlfriends off of the street. What if he did though, and she was some psycho ax murderer. Ugh. Just thinking about it gave me the heebie jeebies.

Rose snapped me out of my inner musings asking me what I was going to wear to the meeting of Jasper's woman.

"I have no clue Rose. Everything I wear these days are so fucking uncomfortable." I huffed out. Rosalie got this look in her eyes. I'd know that look anywhere. Shopping. She saw realization dawn on my features and she started begging.

"Please oh please with cherry on top?" She begged. I guess I could go shopping I was in need of some new maternity pants. Gosh I'm such a fucking pushover.

"I guess Rosalie, but we just have to go to McDonald's first. I am in need for some salty goodness." I said while she beamed at me. "Oh, and I get to drive." That's all it took for her face to fall.

We arrived at the mall at approximately twelve thirty. That meant exactly 6 hours til we get to meet the woman who supposedly "stole Jasper's heart." My mind was in autopilot as we entered the first store just grabbing whatever I saw and taking it to the dressing room. I discarded my clothing and looked at my ballooned stomach. And I thought Tanya looked huge.

Just when I was about to put on a pair off leggings I felt one of them kick. I hated the feeling. One of them in there was going to be a soccer star. I pretended not to feel it and continued putting the leggings on. Once I got them on I put on the green sweater dress I picked out very quickly. It was actually quite cute.

"Hey, Bitch. Let me see what you got." I heard Rosalie through the wooden door.

"Okay, but promise not to laugh."

"Promise." And with that I hesitantly opened the door to see a shocked Rose.

"You can actually pick cute clothes on your own. You have to get that. Oh! Now we get to go to the cosmetics store and get the right shade of green to go with that, you just have to let me do your hair to." Rosalie rambled. I simply nodded my head in response.

It was now three in the afternoon and we were just arriving home from the mall. "We have to get ready quick. Jazz wants to leave at 5. I guess she lives far away or some shit."

Joy joy.

I quickly threw on my outfit and rushed to the downstairs bathroom so Rose could "fix me up". When I met her she directed me to sit down, as she started I couldn't help but to think of the ways my life has changed in the past six months.

First Edward fucks me and says it was a mistake. Then I find out I'm pregnant. I debate whether or not to tell him, meet Rose, Emmett, and Jasper, move in with Rosalie, discover I'm not pregnant with one child but two, Man my life is one giant show. It would probably thoroughly entertaining though.

I can see it now Keeping up with Bella Swan. Haha.

Rosalie now started on the mess that is my hair. It was untamable I swear. I felt something hot touch me and screamed.

"Its just a curling iron Bella chill the fuck out." Rose told me. About ten minutes later she said she was finished.

Huh, that was fast. I thought.

I stole a glance in the mirror. I looked gorgeous if I do say so myself. Rose then said she was going to get ready and that I should wait for the guys in the foyer. I did as I was told and the appeared about five minuted later. Emmett walked in first carrying flowers which I assumed were for Jasper's woman.

"You look rather ravishing tonight Bella." Emmett joked.

"Ah, cut it out." I said impersonating Joey from that show Full House. Emmett thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw and could not for the life of him stop laughing. Rosalie stepped out of the bathroom looking stunning and asked Emmett what was so funny. He couldn't even speak. "Joey and Full House Bella." What was that Emmett?

"Huh?" Rose asked and we all burst out laughing. Rose was the first to regain her dignity. "We should get going."

I was following Jasper and wondered where the fuck we were going. The ride was taking forever and I was seriously starting to consider this ax murder thing. It was the perfect setting. Way back where nobody can hear you scream. I was snapped out of my thoughts by the song on the radio. Thank god. Roughly thirty minutes later we pulled up to a beautiful house. I climbed out of my car and walked towards Rose. She smiled brightly and talked about how excited she was to see her baby brothers girlfriend. But I couldn't concentrate. My feeling of uneasiness grew heavier the closer I got to the door. Rose rung the door bell and looked at me weirdly. The moment someone answered the door I was assaulted with the sound of a baby crying. "Bella?" A very familiar voice asked.


What are the fucking chances?


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