Keep Holding On

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Synopsis: For Bella this is the moment she's been waiting for, her transformation. But an unexpected pregnancy sets off a chain of events. Skin is broken, secrets are let out, and a visit from a trio of nomads spin things out of control. What do you do when your heart is out of your body walking? Breathing? Fighting the Volturi? ExB [Ready to fall Trilogy]

Author Notes: This is only M for the first chapter, that it is. Just because the brief closeness between Bella and Edward is considered 'explicit'.



Mrs Cullen.

Mrs Cullen.

Mrs Cullen.

I had to keep telling myself, it was so surreal. I couldn't believe it. After everything, I was here, I was his wife. I would get all of him tonight, and I would become one of them. I would officially be a Cullen. I would be a vampire. Something I wanted. I didn't want to be without Aiden, I couldn't bear it. But at the same time, if I could take what Matt did to Aiden away from him I would. I would do anything to let him be normal.

Edward unzipped my dress and helped me step out of it. I hung it up in the closet carefully, afraid that if I damaged it today would be nothing but a dream. Nothing at all. Edward hands trailed down my back, his cool touch on my skin. He was mine, all of him. I turned around and faced him, my hair falling down my back as I suddenly felt naked. I wearing nothing but my underwear and bra and I felt inadequate against his godlike frame.

"Bella," He breathed pulling me closer, he pressed his lips onto mine. There was a passion there I had been waiting for. He wasn't as gentle as he was previously. Not at all, still tender, but he wanted me I knew it. He picked me up and lay me on the bed, his eyes moving up and down my body. He was taking me in, entirely. Completely. This was it. We were now husband and wife. "You are so beautiful, don't you ever think any less."

It was true, he made me feel more beautiful every time he looked at me. Sure I was a teenage mother, I had curves, my breasts weren't as perky as they used to be. But I was still beautiful, at least to him.

"Edward," I whispered reaching up and pulling him down to me, his lips were on mine and I felt his body against my skin, the touch of his skin on me felt so good as he his hand raced up and down me. "I love you."

"I love you too," He answered as his hands moved to my bra. The set I had received as a gift from Alice, his fingers reached through and in a flash they were in shreds I gasped as he kissed my neck. "I'll replace them later." he assured me causing me to giggle, I was positive Alice was going to be mad when got this vision. My hands raged across his body and I pulled his shirt off. I wasn't as strong as him, I knew how to be gentle with clothes.

Our lips were smashed together again, the kiss never ending as our hands moved over each others body. His right hand settling on my breast, his touch it sent shivers down my spine. I never felt this aroused in all my life, even with Matt. This was an entirely different thing, there was nothing more. He pulled his lips away.

"Bella," He said placing a kiss on my neck and moving down, placing kisses every second until his lips found my breast. He then took a soft bite at my skin and looked up at me. His eyes were smoldering, although he hunted last night with his family there was something different about this look. The color it wasn't what it normally was, and I could put it down to what was playing through both our minds at this point and time. I hadn't noticed, but in a fit of rage he'd pulled my pants off, I was laying beneath in all my glory and he couldn't stop drinking me in. "You need to promise me,"

"I will," I interrupted pulling his face down once more to meet my gaze, "I promise," I knew what he was wanting me to do. If he hurt me I had to tell him. With that he used his vampire speed to pull his own pants off and I couldn't help but gawk, he looked nervous all of a sudden, like he was afraid of what I would say. But if I thought he was beautiful before that was an understatement. He was gorgeous everything about him, he was perfect, and most of all he was mine. I pulled him closer to me. He rested his hands on the headboard of the bed and he was above me, and with one swift movement we were one.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

You are mine, and I am yours.


The next week was spent in mostly the same fashion. Our relationship went further the moment we consummated our love. I never thought it would be possible to love him more. But I did. I do. There was a passion, that wasn't there before. But there was tenderness, such tenderness in the way he kissed me, stroked my skin. The way our bodies melded together.

It was one morning that I awoke to feathers all over the bed and a very happy Edward underneath me. I must have passed out shortly after. It was amazing to say the least. He placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

"Morning," He whispered and I melted.

"Morning," I whispered in response, that crooked grin was on his face. I looked around and saw my torn clothes on the floor with feathers everywhere and there wasn't much a headboard left. "Look what you did," I teased. He looked down in shame.

"That's not the only thing I did evidently," Edward said sadly, he pointed to my wrists which were bruised. I hid them under the blanket.

"It's nothing Edward, nothing." I said positively, my hands flew to his face and I made him look at me in the eye. "The last week was everything I imagined, thank you." I was hoping if I reminded him of last night it might make it easier. "I am yours Edward, and you are mine. Besides it won't be long before -" I was cut off by his lips crashing on mine. After a few minutes he pulled away. "Speaking of which -"

"I know Bella," Edward answered, he lay me down on my back, his hands roaming over my body. "Are you sure about this? You don't have to do this."

"I want to do this," I answered confidently, "I want to be with you, and Aiden forever." He took a breath even though he didn't need too and he moved his lips to mine one last human time, his lips moved down my neck and went to just above my breast.

"I love you Isabella," and with that I saw a side of him I wasn't used too. His eyes changed to black and he went to bite into my skin. I braced myself for the pain, everyone had said it was the most excruciating pain they ever felt. Like Fire. I remembered back to when I asked Emmett about my transformation.


Mentally slapping myself I followed him out into the forest. This was the first chance I had away from Edward that I could ask him this. Emmett was always the big brother I never had, and right now I needed his advice. I wanted to be changed. I needed to be changed.

But I also wanted to know what I was in for. I couldn't go to Alice, because she didn't remember her human life well. Rosalie was out of the question and I doubt she would tell me anyway. Esme, well it would be too painful to relive those moments of her life. She confided in me a little before the wedding about the loss of her son. There was Jasper, I couldn't put Jasper through my emotions which would be crazy as I was told this. There was Carlisle, who I knew would give me all the information I could ask for, but it would be more a doctor perspective.

Then lastly Edward, he would use this as his chance to persuade me to not go through with this. He wanted to be with me, I was certain of that much. To be with Aiden, but he didn't want to sentence me to eternal damnation.

That left Emmett. My giant teddy bear of a soon-to-be big brother. He smirked at me as we came to a stop. We were near a lake, a giant log crossing it to what looked like our meadow. Allowing him to grab my hand and help me across the log. He stopped in the middle of the log and sat down, patting the tree below us. I sat beside him, dangling my legs into the cool water.

"Now whats up little sister?" He asked in a serious tone. Emmett was known for his pranks and child like attitude. But he also had a serious side which not a lot of people got to see.

"I need some answers and your the only one I can turn too." I whispered, his arm wrapped around my shoulders pulling me closer to him. I looked up at him. "Your like the big brother I never had, never knew I wanted. But now I do."

"You remind me of my little sister." Emmett answered serenely. I didn't know he had a sister.

"I-I-I never knew," I stuttered.

"No one does," He confessed. "She was my world. One of my best friends. She was due to marry. Two years younger than I."

"What was her name?" I was curious, who could blame me?

"I don't remember," He sighed, looking down at the water. Kicking his feet to cause a splash. "Enough about me though, this is about you." I smiled.

"I want to know about your transformation." He stared at me in shock. "What was it like?"

"Getting cold feet?" He teased. I nodded in disagreement. His face forming back into seriousness from the brief playfulness he had. "I'm not going to lie, it's excruciating."

"How bad?"

"Have you ever burnt your skin and had the searing pain throughout the burn?" He asked, I nodded. Of course I had, I was accident prone for heavens sake. "Imagine that searing pain throughout your whole body, a burning sensation. It's so hot that its unbearable. You can feel coursing through your veins." He pulled me closer giving me a quick hug.

"But, once it's all over." He added quickly. "It's the best feeling ever, everything is so much more vivid, your senses will be in overdrive." He smiled. "You'll have a burning in your throat, but that just means that your thirsty. Your eyes will be bright red, a horrible bright red. But in time they'll fade."

"I'm just worried." I answered, it's true I was. About everything, I knew I wouldn't be the same after the transformation. Would he still want me? What about Aiden? Would I be able to care for him in a newborn state? "What If I can't take care of Aiden?"

"We'd all take care of him until you could. We'd do anything for that munchkin. I'd do anything for him," Emmett answered with another smile. "I can't wait until your changed. It'll be nice to play with you." He smirked. "We'll have an arm wrestle when you aren't so breakable."

I nodded excitedly. "Thanks Em," I whispered. "I really appreciate it."

End Flashback//

But I felt nothing. I closed my eyes, hoping there wouldn't be any pain at all.

This was it.

My life as an immortal begins now.