Author Notes: This chapter follows very closely to almost the same scene in Breaking Dawn.

Chapter Ten

Aiden POV

I was thankful that I was close to Dad for the moment, I told him that I would let them take us. I told him to follow us, and to keep an ear out for my 'voice'. I looked to my sister, she looked so scared, and scared she should be, we were caught in a tough spot. Being young, didn't stop my knowledge of the Volturi. Against Mom's wishes, Dad told me everything there was to know about them.

Jane, her power was to send pain through a person. Her brother Alec, can cut off a persons senses. They were above all, some of the most dangerous. I had learnt that Marcus and Caius were about nothing than business. I knew Marcus could sense the bond between me and my family. We were close. Closer than anything I had ever witnessed even on the television. But Aro, he confounded me. Dad said he could read everything on your mind by a touch of your skin. But if he could do that, why hasn't he tried to touch us yet? I was plotting a plan to escape, even if it cost me my life. I would get Renesmee back to mom and dad.

She clung to me on the floor. When we arrived they had promptly been placed in a cell. Minimal comfort, then again what kind of vampires would need comfort. They don't sleep after all. Running my hand over her shoulder and holding her close. I could feel her tears on my shirt.

"Nessie," I whispered. She looked up at me. Those eyes, eyes that Mom used to have. Stared back at me. "It'll be okay I promise, you just have to be strong."

"How can I be strong?" She whispered, pulling her hand to her eyes and trying to wipe away the tears. "Mommy isn't here, nor is Daddy. These bad people have taken us and we don't know how we are going to get home."

I tapped my temple. She smiled briefly, pressing her soft hand to my cheek and immediately images of her as a baby when I would hold her while Mom went hunting with Uncle Emmett flashed into my mind. It was her way of saying she felt safe with me.

"Enough!" a voice snapped us out of our private viewing and to the door in front of us. "Against the wall." The voice answered. We stood up and pressed ourselves as hard as we could to the wall as the figure stepped in through the door. The minimal lighting shining on their face. It was a man I had spotted when we were led down the staircase to these cells. Demetri was his name if I remembered correctly. "Well don't you look appetizing."

"Back off," I said firmly, pushing myself infront of my sister. If anyone was planning on getting to her they would have to get to me first.

"Relax kid. I'm not the one you need to be fearing. Aro wants to see you both." Demetri gritted his teeth. "Best not to keep him waiting eh?" Taking a step back he let us walk infront of him, there was another guard at the front of the hall. Felix if I remembered accurately and I was sure I did. Walking quietly through the hall until we made it into the appropriate chambers. That was when we heard it.

"How long until Tiffany get's here?"

My mouth opened in shock. They knew her? She was leading our family here? Was this all a trap for them? We could only pray that this would end well.


We had been on the flight for a while, we had a basic plan to say the least. With just a basic idea as to why our children were of interest to him. We knew that according to this prophecy, they were going to change the super natural world for the better. We knew that it had been predicted many years ago that the hierarchy in this age would fall. Did I like the idea of them going up against the Volturi? Absolutely not. But it was a bit late for that now. We needed to get them away from them as quick as possible.

We had nothing to do but wait. Edward held me in his arms, I felt comforted, but alone at the same time. His lips pressed over my body, how could he think of this at a time like this? But one look in his eyes revealed that he wasn't thinking of that. He was just trying to make me feel better, and it was working. For the moment.

We hit Italy a little over five hours later and we each split off once we got near the Volturi hideout. Tiffany got us inside without being detected, small tunnels even further underground helping us achieve that. The question did arise a few times as to how she knew to get into these places with ease but I didn't dare ask. Fear I might hear something I didn't want too.

When all I wanted was my son and daughter back in my arms. Edward's hand never left mine, not once. I looked to him, the aroma of fresh freesia and lavender filled the room we just entered. Gripping his hands tighter I wished so hard that it was possible for him to hear my thoughts it would make communication at the moment so much easier. My shield, I wish I knew how to let it down. It smelt like them. THEM, They had been through here.

"I know," he whispered low enough, it must have been on my face. He always said I had been easy to read to him. "Let's go this way, I can hear Emmett." leading us through another corridor that came out into an open room. Stepping into the light, the scent hit me stronger than anything ever before.

Edwards arm pushed in-front of me holding me back from taking another step forward. My eyes averted to the distance and I saw it. My son, Aiden. He was standing there, his sister just behind. But it was Aro who was infront of him reaching out to him that caught me by surprise.

"Don't do it," Edward whispered in such a small voice that even I could almost barely hear. Gripping him tightly, I thought as hard as I could.

'Edward, I wish you could hear me so badly.' I thought hard, his head averted to mine. His hand gripping mine tightly. Had he heard me? He nodded once more, I could barely contain my excitement. Somehow I had figured out how to lower my shield. Concentrate Bella, this will make things so much more easier. He looked at me with such love for a split second at hearing my thoughts and then he was gone. A blur barely visible in the corner of my eye until I heard the sound of concrete breaking into a million tiny pieces. Looking out I saw Renesmee on the ground crying. Aro had grabbed Aiden's shirt collar and Edward was pinned on the ground by Demetri.

"Ah Edward," Aro answered poignantly. "Isabella my dear, come out come out wherever you are." I held my breath, useless I know but it was a defense mechanism. I saw him point to Felix and nod. Within a second Edward wasn't on his back he was on his knees. Demetri and Felix both holding an arm of his and Eleazar stepped forward, his eyes still glazed over as he placed his hands on Edward's neck. Edward looked over at me. I knew exactly what he would be telling me if he could speak loudly. 'Don't do it,'

But I couldn't let that happen to him. I loved him way to much to watch him die, if he was going to die I would die with him. But Aiden and Renesmee? I was torn, between two halves of my heart. The half that he had taken the moment he stepped into that cafeteria in Forks, and to the moment my heart began walking around outside of my body in the forms of my son and daughter. Eleazars hands gripped tighter and began to turn. I couldn't bare it I raced out as fast as I could and pushed him off Edward. Demetri dropped the arm he was holding and reached for my arms, pulling them over my head and twisting them behind me.

"No!" I screamed as loud as I could. My eyes met Edward's and my world fell apart. I wasn't quick enough. His head dropped to the ground in slow motion,my vampire senses slowing everything down even moreso than I had thought possible. My heart breaking into a million pieces. Aiden and Renesmee's shrill cries in the room as his body dropped lifeless. "Edward!" I dry sobbed, the pain unbearable. Demetri held me tighter than before as I fought as hard I could to free myself and run to his body. Felix, began pulling his limbs off one by one.

"Daddy No!!" Aiden shouted, as Aro let him go. He raced forward to his father falling to his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks. He turned around and glared at Aro, moving his eyes to the guards in the room. All of whom didn't know what to say. Aro, looked confused for a second. Like he wasn't himself. Renesmee got to her feet, and raced to my side as Demetri let me go, he fell to the ground in pain. Writhing around.

"Bella!" her chirpy voice rang through me as my eyes fixated back onto Edward. I felt her hands on my shoulders as the rest of my family raced into the room. Each of them, their dead hearts breaking as much as mine did, I raced forward. Demetri still writhing on the floor in pain. Alice looked at me and then at her fallen brother. I remembered being told that the only way to kill a vampire was to rip them apart. He was gone, forever.

Jasper and Emmett raced around to the rest of the court who were all still looking in confusion as Aiden got to his feet, his eyes narrowing at Aro. Renesmee moved to his side.

"Who do you think you are to come here, and destroy our family?" Aiden spoke firmly, his hand raising and pointing to Aro. "There's a little something you don't know about me."

Aro's face softened and then he seemed to regain control of himself. "What is that child?"

"This!" He answered, and with a flick of his wrist Aro was writhing on the ground in pain. He looked towards his sister and nodded. She looked to be concentrating really hard. How had I not noticed this? Her gift was much more than I thought. "Uncle Emmett, Uncle Jasper! Quick!" his two uncles raced to the fallen vampire and gripped him tightly by each arm. Looking around I saw each member of my family engaged in a small fight of their own, mostly under control.

But it was when Tiffany stepped forward that I was shocked. She moved to where Jasper and Emmett were. She looked down on him. "I told you, I would help bring your downfall to fruition." Her delicate hands encasing his cheeks and with a quick twist she ripped his head off.

My eyes darted across the room as I watched every member of my family tear apart the awful vampires in this room. Screams filled the room, as I saw Rosalie drop some wood in the middle of the room followed by Carlisle who was beginning to light it up. The others were gathering the pieces into the center of the room, while I sat with the remainder of Edward. A warm embrace surrounded me as I looked up to find Esme on my left.

"Oh sweetie," She whispered to me, pulling me close. Renesmee let go of my hand. "It's not as bad as it looks." Pulling away I looked up at her in complete and utter shock. How could this not be as bad as it looked? He was dead. Edward was DEAD. D.E.A.D. "He never did tell you everything did he?" I shook my head confused once more. "To actually kill a vampire you need to rip them apart and burn the pieces."

"Edward will be fine Bella." Tiffany spoke up with a smile as she threw the last remaining piece of the Volturi into the fire. The smoke shimmered a blue, green before settling onto a faint pink before dissipating slowly. Jasper pressed Edward's limbs towards each-other and they slowly rejoined, molding into one before my very eyes. His eyes fluttered open and without thinking I threw myself into him.

Temporarily forgetting that anyone else was in the room and my strength as he was knocked into the wall on the other side of the room. His arms reaching around my waist and settling on my hips tightly.

"Don't you ever do that to me again!" I lectured. "Never, ever, again."

"Daddy!" Renesmee's voice rang as she and Aiden ran across the room and joined our hug.

"We aren't done yet," Alice whispered as the smoke dissipated, chanting was heard from below the balcony to the left. The one I had seen on a painting in Carlisle's office.

"Love," He whispered. "They know something has gone down, somehow they know that the Volturi are no more."

"What do they want from us?" I questioned as he smirked.

"Our children."