A Change of Heart, a Homestar Runner Fanfic(tion)

Chapter Five: Saraleecheesecake, Denoument

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The two moons set and a ghostly light left the strangely-shaped trees and similarly strangely-shaped buildings. A white-skinned, armless kid walked across the reasonably featureless landscape.

"Hey, Stinkoman!"

A familiar-looking face donning a cobalt mane emerged from the tractor in which it had slept.

"What is it? Can't you see I'm busy sleeping off a CHALLENGE?"

A roundish panda bear bounded after the kid.

"Well, Pan-Pan and I were tossing the Cheatball and accidentally-"

Pan-Pan tripped and flew into the air. Stinkoman sprung into action.

"LOOK OUT!" He leapt over the steering wheel and pushed 1-Up out of the way. Pan-Pan crash-landed not one inch from where 1-Up had been standing. The bear left a large indent in the ground, cracks stemming out from the impact's nadir. Unhurt, the bear got up and muttered an apology.

"It's okay, big guy. Who wants to play some VIDEOGAAAAAMES?"

"Strange," Strong Bad mused, observing the scene from above, "That's not the Stinkoman I dreamed up. He woulda just left him be and laughed at the crash." But this is what I would've done.


Strong Bad awoke with a jerk, trying to recall where he was.


"OW! Stop! It's punching me!"

Strong Bad heard the commotion and remembered that he was still checking his email. He'd had his head on the keyboard.


Just then, Homestar walked in.

"Hey, Stwong Bad? I think you fell asleep while checking youw emaihl. You might wanna wite back to that Jaview guy. You accidentawy deleted his message."

Strong Bad took it all in. It was all a...dream? Yes? Yes. YES! He threw his arms around Homestar and began screaming.


Homestar was confused. "I thought you hated me, and I haven't been anywhere. Plus, you'we still on camewa."

A single tear escaped from Strong Bad's eye. "Never-nevermind. Let's go get an ice cream, huh, buddy?"

The two smiled, and Strong Sad ran past, being continually punched by The Cheat's machine.

Everything is fine.

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