Chapter 4: What the Hell Was I On When I Wrote This?


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Chapter 4:

I was the first one in the class. That was fine with me though. I was able to sit in silence with no one to bother me, as I listened to my music. The cold air melting through the window onto me felt good on my heated body. But nothing gold can stay. (1) Robert frost was right when he said that because all too soon people flooded in to the class.

I didn't remove my ear phones, but instead turned my head towards the window and laying it on my folded arms, ignoring everything else.

Alys came into the room, minutes before the bell rang, and looked around. She saw me in my seat and ran towards me. I could hear her quick footsteps as she ran up to our joint desk. She started asking me questions and begging me to respond. Saying she was sorry.

What was she sorry for? She didn't do anything. It was all me. I had made Alys afraid of me. I could still her fear dusting her voice. I'm so ashamed of myself. I could feel the class staring at our scene, not fully understanding it, thinking it was just another of our scenes. Why was she still talking? Then she said the one thing that caused me to freeze.

"I'm not scared of you."

I shot around and out of my seat faster than should be possible. Alys flinched back as I faced her with a murderous look, a salty, half-dry trail going down one side of my face. My ear buds had been yanked out of my ears on my ascent, as I looked at her, making her feel the realness of the situation.

"You," I growled out, tears in my eyes, but not enough to spill. "You can say or do whatever you want, but don't you ever lie to me about something like that. You're afraid of me. I know you are. Don't try to say you aren't, when I can feel it. You're terrified of me. You've seen what I can do and you can't help but think, 'What if that happens to me?' I thought you knew me better, but I guess not."

I grabbed my bag from under my seat and started to walk out of the classroom. Everyone was silent as they watched me leave in shocked silence.

"Nitre! Wait, please!" Alys pleaded as she grabbed my wrist with both hands.

My eyes flicked towards the two Hikaru and Kaoru, meeting their eyes for a brief second before they moved to Alys, staring at her emotionlessly.

"Please release my arm."

Alys stared up at me pathetically from where she was on her knees clinging to my arm as if it was a last resort.

"I asked you if you would kindly release me," I growled out the last two words.

She broke down crying as I tore my arm away and moved out of the room. I moved towards one of the music rooms, hoping I could get away from everything as the bell rang.

I walked into Music Room 3, not caring about my immediate surroundings until I climbed onto the piano bench. I uncovered the keys and sat on the bench, staring at the beautiful, spotless keys. I hovered my hands over the black and white expanse.

I carefully laid my hands on the right notes, pressing one and letting it hang in the air gently around me before I started. I didn't know where it came from, but I just started to play, pushing my feelings of sadness into the song that I'd only heard once, but somehow my fingers knew what to do.

The song was very soft, but I was surprisingly calm while playing it. I knew the song from the first few notes. It was Kiss the Rain by Yiruma. My body was swaying as I lost myself in the music, never noticing when the doors opened and people started to file through. Nor when soft 'shh' sounds were made.

The song seemed to go on forever as I saw some of my happier days flash behind my closed eyes. A soft smile found it's way onto my lips, as I finished the song with a gentle last chord.

I let it resonate, enjoying the peaceful feeling of the silence after the sound before it ended abruptly as someone started clapping, followed by more people. I sat, stock still, until I finally gathered enough courage to turn around.

The whole hast club was behind me with many guests behind them. Somehow they all had gotten into the room with out me noticing. Some of them had tears in their eyes, and some of those had escaped.

Alys was in front of them all, probably having been the first to find me. She was crying trying not to break down in front of everyone. As I looked at her, I knew that I had been stupid. There was no way she had been scared of me. She'd been scared of loosing me and our friendship.

I smiled softly at her as I turned around on the bench. I held my arms out, almost relaxed on my legs, but not touching them. Alys looked at my position for a second, her sobs breaking free as she ran towards me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, loosely, crying into my shoulder, as she hopped onto my lap, clinging to me. I held her gently with my arms, rubbing my hand soothingly, up and down her back while I rocked us gently back and forth.

I felt her tears soak into my dirty shirt as I turned my head slightly and whispered, "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I couldn't see what was happening. I didn't listen to you. I'm so sorry, Kami. So sorry."

She shook her head softly against my shoulder, telling me without words that it wasn't my fault. Alys pulled her head back from my shirt and we looked at each other in silence, knowing what the other was saying without words.

After a few minutes we smiled at each other.

"Well," I said loudly, making everyone jump while I hopped up with Alys. "That's enough of that!"

With that we smirked at each other.

She puts her make-up on like graffiti on the walls of the heartland
She's got a little book of conspiracies right in her hand
She is paranoid, endangered species headed in to extinction
She's one of a kind,well she's the last of the American Girl's (She's a rebel.)

(She's a saint) She wear's an overcoat, for the coming of a nuclear winter
(She's the salts of the Earth and she's dangerous)
She's riding her bike like a fugitive of critical mass (She's a rebel)
(Vigilante) She's on a hunger strike for the one's who won't make it to dinner.
(She's the one that they call old Whatsername)

She make's enough to service for the holiday working class.
(She's a symbol, of resistance)She's a runaway of the establishment incorporated
(She's holdin' on my heart like a hand grenade)
She won't cooperate well she's the last of the American Gir~rls.

She sings, the revolution
The dawning of our lives
She brings the liberation
That I just can't define
(Well nothing comes to mind! Hey!)

She's a rebel.
She's a saint.
She's the salt of the Earth and she's dangerous
She's a rebel.
Missing link on the brink of destruction.

She's a rebel (She's a Rebel!)
She's a saint (She's a rebel!)
She's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous (She's a rebel!)
She's a rebel (She's a rebel!)
Vigilante (She's a rebel!)
Missing link on the brink of destruction (She's a rebel!)

My name is Jimmy (She's a rebel!)
And you better not wear it out (She's a rebel!)
Suicide Commando (She's a rebel!)
That your mama talked about (She's dangerous!)
Kin of Forty thieves (She's a rebel!)
And I'm here to represent (She's a rebel!)
The needle in the vein (She's a rebel!)
of the establishment! (She's dangerous!)

Alys and Nitre finished the song in a very gangster-like pose, as the stuff they had gathered throughout the song was on display (including Kyoya's notebook that they had grabbed in the second line of the song). They laughed, while everyone clapped for them, doing fake bows and high-fiving each other. They passed back the things they'd gathered, all save Nitre's shirt that she'd lost in the first five seconds into the song, instead deciding to sport a black tank top.

They walked out of the club room and out of school (AN: Since apparently school ended in the 4 minutes it takes to play Kiss the Rain.). Nitre climbed into Alys' limousine after the other girl and they headed back to the house. They didn't bother to bring up the tears staining Nitre's shirt or any of what happened earlier. They didn't need to. It was all over.

Neither gave a thought to what the host club might have been thinking or talking about.

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