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Of course Bella gave her location to Benjamin. It is so easy to trust someone you have had so much with. Besides Benji hasn't betrayed her before. Don't worry, Benji is still one of the good guys, no matter what he might be (or not be). And I haven't forgotten him at all. I have great plans for him ;)

Now some more answers: Bella likes shopping because now she feels confident and she also worked really hard on her balance problems. She even wears high heels now. Edward really made her feel useless and worthless and finally she got over it and it changed her life a lot. She also understood why Edward never wanted to change her. It meant losing control over her and Edward was a selfish asshole (I never liked Edward. I have always thought Bella could do better than that and this is the main reason I decided to write this story. I didn't like how Bella was pictured in those books – a clumsy, weak human with no willpower and without any self dignity).

Edward and Victoria are mates and this is going to cause a lot of problems in the future. I felt like this piece of information is necessary to tell now as I couldn't fit it in my story. So just for you to know now.

And I also want to ask how you feel about the possibility of Benji and Tanya getting together?

Benjamin's POV

Finally I got back from this hellhole. At first this job was everything I've ever dreamed of but soon I found out that this bastard Edward was behind this wonderful "opportunity". I talked to Bella about this and she was furious. Either way I decided to stay and use this chance. I missed Bella and our time together. I never told her how I felt about her and she didn't either but we both knew that what we had was more than just for fun. We had decided to break up and it was difficult for both of us, but our bond remained and we exchanged long e-mails.

But this chance turned out to be a trap.

One day when I drove home from work I saw a man standing in the middle of the road. I stopped the car and waited for him to move. He walked closer and I noticed his eyes. They were blood red. I got scared because although I didn't believe in supernatural, I realized he wasn't a normal human being. He ripped the driver's door off and pulled me out of the car like didn't weigh more than ten pounds. "What are you?" I managed to ask. He didn't answer and sank his teeth into my neck. My world went blank and then the pain began. I heard voices. A female asked why this man hadn't killed me. She said that Edward had paid for killing me not changing me into one. I didn't understand then, but I found out later. I was changing into a vampire. I lost track of time of how long this excruciating pain lasted but it seemed to take several days. Just as I thought I couldn't stand more, it suddenly stopped. I was too afraid to move, scaring it might start again. After some time I finally opened my eyes. Everything around me was different. It felt like some veil was lifted from my eyes. All the colors were bright and I saw dust dancing in the sunbeams. I looked around and saw th same man sitting in a chair across the room. Next to him stood a girl with red eyes.

"Ah, finally awake. It took you longer than we expected." She said.

"Where am I? What is this? What are you?" I asked.

She started to laugh. I didn't find the situation funny at all, but kept my thoughts to myself.

"You are in Volterra, Benjamin." She finally answered. "We are vampires and so are you now, because Felix has gone soft and failed to kill you."

I jumped up and launched at her, but she sneered and looked into my eyes. Suddenly I felt a pain similar to one I had felt for a long time and I wasn't able to move.

"Oh no, you don't attack me." She laughed again.

"Okay, that's enough." The man finally said. "I believe our quest needs some explanation. I didn't kill you because I refuse to follow orders of some bossy teenager brat. I have never liked Edward and so I didn't kill you, because I find upsetting him amusing. We have to train you of course as you won't be able to control yourself in the beginning. You will feel thirst for blood and we can not let you expose our kind. I hope you'll learn quick and return to your home. I wonder what will Eddie boy do if he sees you alive and strong."

"This isn't some sort of game." I growled.

"Oh, but it is for me. Besides you need to protect Isabella from him."

"What are you saying? Does Bella know who Edward is?"

"Of course she does. Edward isn't good at keeping secrets."

"So does this mean that Alice and Jasper are vampires too?" I was really confused. Why hadn't Bella mentioned something about vampires? I asked that.

Felix explained everything. He told me about Edward's family, about Bella's involvement and about vampires. He also told as much as he knew about Edward's plans with Bella. I knew I had to learn to control myself quick. I might not be Bella's boyfriend anymore but I really cared and she was in danger.

Felix trained me. I learned to hunt and control mu urges as much as possible. I had to. Still it took several months before I was able to be around humans, but Felix said I was very good at controlling myself. He said that it usually took more than a year to achieve what I had managed in so short amount of time. Felix and I became some sort of friends. I met all the other vampires - members of royalty and their guards. Most of them were ok, but Jane still despised me. She didn't hide her hate for me and growled whenever we met. Aro prohibited her to contact Edward saying it was my battle to fight.

Soon the day to return dawned. They sent me by their private jet to Seattle and I ran home from there.

I put on contact lenses and went to visit Bella only to find out that she had left to Texas for summer with Jasper and Alice. I called Bella and she gave me the address. I guessed she already realized what I'd become. I left right after talking to her not knowing what to expect.

Bella's POV

I woke up in Peter's arms. It was the best sleep I had had in months. He smiled and said that the breakfast or more like lunch was waiting downstairs. I went to take a shower. I couldn't help to feel a little bit disappointed to see that he had left. I got dressed and went downstairs. Alice had prepared some tortillas and I realized I was really hungry. I hadn't been eaten more than 24 hours. I ate and Alice made me a large mug of coffee. She sniffed it and sighed. "I wish I could drink it." She said in a dreamy voice.

"You would be even more hyper than you already are and I'm not sure I could handle that." I laughed. "By the way, where are the boys?"

"They went hunting and they also needed to discuss some things. I believe, they will call to Jacob."

"What?" I was confused.

"Well, if Edward is coming with Victoria, I'm sure she brings some newborns with her and we might need some extra forces. Although I didn't see them planning to kill you, things might change very suddenly. My visions are not set in stone, you know."

I nodded. After finishing breakfast I went upstairs and changed into bikinis. The weather was hot and I decided to go to swim in Peter's pool. I dived into the water and suddenly someone grabbed me from behind. I started to scream, but Peter's voice stopped me.

"Fuck, do not scare me like that, ever." I hissed and he just laughed. I got angry and went to climb out, but he grabbed me again and pulled me into a heated kiss. My anger vanished quickly. He pulled at the strings of my tiny bikini top and soon I was only in my bottoms. "But, Alice and Jasper..." I panted.

He slid his hand over my left breast and all I could do was to moan. "Don't worry, they're sort of busy." He said and my face went red. He smiled and kissed me again and it made me loose the ability to think at all. Soon we were both naked and we kissed and touched each other everywhere we could reach.

"Peter, please..." I moaned and he entered me. It felt somehow strange. He must have felt it too because we both looked at each other with eyes wide open. Electricity sparked between and around us and as the tempo grew we both were at the verge of passing out. We came together moaning each others names and I felt like melting away. He held me close to him and said "Wow."

"Yeah... it was wonderful... but what was with that electricity?"

He shrugged. "I have no idea, but I'm sure we'll find out."

We stayed like this for a while and finally got dressed and climbed out from the pool. Alice met me on the stairs with a devilish grin.

"Oh, shut up!" I told her before she could open her mouth. My face must have been quite red, because she laughed so much.

I got to my room and hopped on my bed grinning for ear to ear. All this pent up sexual tension had taken it's toll on me. I finally managed to chance my clothes and get downstairs. Tanya was sitting at the kitchen counter and she grinned at me like Alice had done before. "So what's up with the afterglow?" She asked.

I felt my face heating up again. "Is it that obvious?" I asked touching my cheeks.

"Yeah." Tanya answered and smiled. Luckily she didn't touch the subject anymore and I was really thankful. She was cool. At first I didn't like her, but after talking to her I understood we had quite much in common.

"I need to talk to you today, in private. It is possible to do so in a house full of vampires. Let's go for a ride later, ok?" I asked.

"Sure." She answered.

I felt my phone buzzing in my jeans pocket and I pulled it out. It was the same number Benjamin used yesterday.


"Hi, Bella. I just called to tell you I'll be there today evening. I also talked to Jake before leaving and today he called and told me he received a call from Jasper. He is coming too with Quil and Paul, but they will be there some time tomorrow evening. They decided to travel by plane and Jasper got them tickets."

"Good. I hope they get here before Edward and Victoria do."

He sighed. "Me too. Take care of yourself, ok."

"Sure, see you... soon I guess."

"Yeah, bye."


With that he ended the call and I just stood in the middle of the living room still holding my phone in my hand. Things were changing too quick for my liking. Peter came to me. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"How do you know that something's wrong?" I asked.

Peter shrugged.

I started to laugh and he looked at me like I was mad.

"If you shrug so much, the others start to think there's something wrong with your nerve system."

It made him laugh too.

"But seriously, how did you know there was something wrong with me?" I asked again.

I noticed he wanted to shrug again but decided against it when met my gaze. "I don't know. There is some sort of weird connection between us. I can feel when you're happy or nervous or something."

I thought about it and admitted to him that I felt this connection too.

"Benjamin called. He'll be here today evening. He had talked to Jake as well and Jacob will be here tomorrow with Quil and Paul."

"I know that already, Jazz talked to Jacob."

"If you don't mind I'll go for a drive with Tanya. I need to clear my head and i need to talk to her as well."

"Sure." He said and kissed me long and hard leaving me quite breathless. Tanya hopped off the counter and I picked up my keys and we left.