Third Person

It was three months after Matthew and Alfred moved out, Alfred with a stable job and steady income, and Matt was going back to school to finish his degree. Both were happy, though Matt was still on methadone and going to counseling every three weeks. Alfred, with his office job, sometimes had to stay late, leaving Matt alone from the time he got home, four thirty sometimes five, to at the latest midnight.


I droned out listening to the teacher go on about his lecture on literature, I took the notes I had already memorized by heart and began to draw aimlessly on my notebook. The lecture went on for twenty minutes, it was about the art and structure of writing, the same lecture he had told us for the past week. The wearisome speech ended with him tossing down the thick book of William Shakespeare's The Complete Works, down onto his desk, making the loud thud echo through the room.

"Alright, tonight I would like for all of you to study and be prepared for Thursday's test, this will be thirty percent of your grade average, anyone who fails will be held back for next semester," He said, taking a seat at his desk before looking back at us, "What are you all still doing here? Shoo, shoo!" He said dramatically, causing a few of us to laugh.

I gathered my books and binders in my backpack, slinging it over my shoulder as I walked out of the door, passing several other students. I walked to the parking lot, pulling out my keys and my phone, I unlocked the car, tossing my backpack in the back seat as I put my seatbelt on. I checked my messages, finding that I had one new voice mail, I pressed play and brought it to my ear.

"Hey Matt, I have to stay late tonight so go ahead and have dinner without me, I should be home before eleven so I'll try to be back for bed," Alfred's voice hinted a bit of a suggestive tone at the last part, sending shivers up my spine, "I'll see you tonight, I love you,"

I pushed the erase button, quickly shoving my phone back into my pocket and starting up the car. I made my way home without having to deal with the usual afternoon traffic. I parked the car and grabbed my backpack, walking almost hurriedly to our apartment. I tapped my foot impatiently as the numbers lit with every passing floor till my designated floor number lit up. The doors opened and I walked down to my door, trying to remain calm as I slid the key in and opened the door, slamming it shut and locking it.

I tossed my backpack down as I took a seat on the couch; I pulled out the syringe from under the cushions, holding it tightly as I went to the kitchen. I opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out my methadone pills, taking one out I tossed it in the sink, running the water over it, watching it dissolve and go down the garbage disposal. As it went down, the water still running, flipped the switch next to the sink, turning the blades of the disposal on, erasing any evidents of its existence.

Still holding tight to the syringe, I headed to the bedroom, I laid down on the mattress and pulled up my sleeve, quickly shoving the needle into my arm and pushing the contents into my blood stream. I pulled it out when it was empty, the world around me going hazy and lopsided, I closed my eyes, letting the sensations of the sheets and air take hold of me, sending me into my own piece of bliss.


I leaned back in my chair, flexing my aching hand I ran the other through my hair. My eyes hurt from staring at the white paper and small black words, I pulled my glasses up so that they rested on my head, rubbing my eyes to try and stop the dull ache that began to pulse in the back of my head. I looked at the clock, pulling my glasses back down to see it clearly, in digital numbers it read nine forty eight.

I sighed, thinking that the rest of the paper work could wait till tomorrow. I got up, stretching my back causing it to pop in a couple of places, I grabbed my coat and keys and hurried to the elevator. I leaned against the cold wall of the elevator, the coolness calming the pounding headache. As I came to the parking lot I pulled out my cell and pushed in Matt's number.

It rang for a minute before I got an answer, "'ello," Came a sluggish reply.

"Hey Matt, I just got off of work, I'll be home in a little bit, I'm just going to grab a bite to eat then I'll be home ok," I said as I got in the car, turning the engine on, waiting for his reply.

"Could you bring me something on your way, I crashed as soon as I got home," He said, though I couldn't see him, I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was probably blushing. I smiled.

"Sure, do you want anything in particular?" I asked, backing out of my parking place.

"No, anything will do," He said tiredly.

"Sorry I woke you up; I'll be home soon ok?" I said, preparing to come to the road.

"Ok, be careful," He said, a little more awake.

"I will, love you," I said, looking both ways before pulling out.

"I love you too," He said, it was the last thing I heard before the world around me turned white.


I hung up the phone when I heard the dial tone, figuring that he lost the signal. I hung up and stretched myself out, looking at the clock. Ten o five, I had been high for three hours and asleep for two.

I got up, grabbing the syringe that had fallen to the ground at some point, I took it to the trash bin, unscrewing the needle and putting a cap on it before throwing it away. I kept the syringe itself, knowing that I could get another needle later on. I tied up the trash before setting it outside the door, knowing that the janitors would get it when they did their rounds.

I flopped down on the couch, tucking the syringe back into the cushions, before turning on the television. I flipped through the channels, not finding anything in particular to watch, sighing I got up and went to the small shelves that rested beside the T.V. I scanned through the series of DVD's we had collected throughout the years, I found The Virgin Suicides on the second shelf, almost the last one. I had seen it several times after it came out on VHS but I was excited when I found that it had later made on DVD. I popped it into the DVD player and grabbed the remote, skipping past all of the previews and straight to the scene selection.

I clicked the one part that had been carved into my mind from the first time I saw it, the part where the horny neighborhood boys are reading Cecilia's diary. The narrator when from one of the boys, to Cecilia's voice, speaking her short but graceful poem that I had remembered for years.

The tree's like lungs filing with air

My sister, the mean one, pulling my hair

I mouthed the words, feeling the melancholy tone of the movie. I watched it from there, paying careful attention to it, unfortunately I made it half way through before the phone rang. I jumped, being taken by surprise by the sudden noise, I paused the movie before quickly picking up the phone.

"Hello?" I said, a little jumpy.

"Hi, is this Matthew Williams?" A monotone female voice asked, I pulled the phone away, looking at the caller ID. Crescent Heart Hospital.

"Y-Yes, this is him," I said, knowing that whatever she said next probably wouldn't be good.

"This is Crescent Heart Hospital, we just brought you're brother here. He was in a really bad accident and we were wondering if you could come down here since he's currently unconscious." My body began to shake, cold fear sweeping over me.

"I'll be there soon," I said, hanging up.

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