A/N: Welcome folks to my fic for YuGiOh! 5D's. Like my long running GX fan fiction (which this is a stand alone semi-sequel to), this story combines show continuity with the DS game featured in the title, but only barely borrowing certain plot elements from said game. This time however, instead of the events of the show being immediately at the forefront and also merging the manga, I've instead added a second YuGiOh! game plot to the mix. I'll leave which game as a surprise for now. It should be revealed by the end of chapter two though if not in this one. Also, this story uses a mix of names from both the original and English versions, but otherwise uses the Japanese conventions and continuity (like synchro summon chants). You may also note the main character mentions his father being a gemini monster user, well if you've read my other story then you will immediately know who this guy is related to. Also, yes I do know Rally is a boy, so no need to comment on that. I just thought I'd poke fun.

Episode 1: "The Phantom Duelist" (alternate title: "Legacies")

Jack Atlas was squaring off, yet again, with the with the fiery-haired Hunter Pace, whose reptilian smile and predatory continence belied just how slimy and generally detestable the lowly man was. Sure, perhaps one could consider him skilled – after all he did keep earning shots at Atlas' crown over and over and over again – but that did not take away from the fact that Jack despised not only the man himself, but merely the idea of looking at him. Nay, the concept of being within one hundred feet of the man was as about as appealing as smelling the rear end of a dying sewer rat, which was also a metaphor you could use to describe the man. Well, at least Jack was riding, and that was what he was meant to be doing. That rush of speed, the sensation of balancing on the edge of a knife that he always got when his drove his white, wheel-shaped duel runner "Wheel of Fortune" in front of the crowds. Nothing could take that pleasure away from him, although apparently Hunter Pace was trying.

But Jack Atlas was the king, and he'd given everything to reach that pinnacle of the dueling world, to ascend from the depths of the hell called the Satellite. He had betrayed friends, stolen things precious to them simply because he needed them to get to the top. Hunter Pace could never hope to defeat him, nobody ever could. They didn't have the sheer will to overwhelm his own. No not will, need. After all he had given, he would never let anyone make that sacrifice meaningless.

As he synchro summoned his trademark card: Red Dragon Archfiend, Jack had to wonder, Is this what my legacy will be? A reign of constantly beating the same handful of losers over and over. No, just Pace lately. The moron is quite persistent, though I can hardly see why nobody was able to dethrone him before I came along.

He barely noticed the duel was over, but when he did, he sent his runner screeching to a halt and stood, taking off his helmet as the MC declared him the winner. The King of Turbo Dueling proclaimed to the heavens, "I am the king! I will never loose! Lady luck smiles upon me! Is there no one that can give me a suitable challenge?" Some part of him knew, the one man with enough need to win would soon arrive to destroy him for his sins, the man who he'd once cared for like a brother and who he had betrayed the most. Yusei Fudo! I will never lose! Never! My legacy will shine on for all time! The whole world will kneel in awe of the king! Listen to them! Calling my name! Cheering for me! Yusei can you hear them? Can you see what I bought with the price I paid?

?????'s Perspective:

I woke up face down in an alley that smelled of burnt oil, filth, and a certain other fluid that was far less appealing than even burnt oil. I could recall that at least burnt oil, as used up as it was, could at least be processed and reused. Urine, however, is quite different in that regard. Why am I talking about oil and urine? Well at the time it was hard to think of anything else but the stench that surrounded me. My head was throbbing, as if my brain was trying to make room for something that shouldn't be there inside it, but at the same time collapsing in on itself.

I could barely think of anything, but I tried. I tried to remember why I was in an alley, or where that alley was. Not to mention why my head hurt so darn much. I strained my mind trying to remember, but it only made the throbbing pain become a stabbing one. One thing managed to seep through the sea of pain in a jolt of enlightenment: blood. I could remember blood all over me, all over the formerly clean white floor that was no longer beneath me. Was I wounded?

"Are you okay, mister?" a young boy's voice reached my ears as I struggled to stand.

As I did so the pain in my head seemed to clear, but I didn't have any extra answers. In fact, there was also the enigma of there being no blood on me or any sign of wounds. The black sleeveless shirt I was wearing was in good shape as were my deep gray, almost silver slacks and formal, yet practical looking black boots. The clothes were dirty, but not with blood.

The voice continued, sounding relieved, "Oh thank goodness, you don't look hurt. Doesn't look like you were attacked by thugs. Why were you just laying around? It's dangerous here you know."

I wasn't even sure where I was, so I didn't have any answer. When I finally looked to the source of the voice I was taken aback at the sight of by what all appearances was a girl. Long and curly red hair, a dress. Definite girl appearance, but the voice was male. Another mystery? Just what kind of place had I urned up in?

"Don't want to tell me? Alright, have it your way." the gender confused whatever it was looked me over, "Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen you around here before. My name is Rally, what's yours?"

I was about to introduce myself but my brain encountered a not so minor problem, a tripping of sorts on the road of my life and good manners. I had no idea what my name was.

The 'boy' got the wrong impression, frowning, "You really don't want to tell me anything, huh?"

"It's not that," I said, finding out what my voice sounded like for the first time, "I just... don't know what my name is."

Rally raised an eyebrow, looking at me with equal parts disbelief and incredulity, "Uh? You don't know? Are you nuts? It's your own name you know!" suddenly something occurred to it, "Oh! Maybe you have amnesia! Ooh! That's a tough one!" Rally paused to think it over, "If only we had some sort of clue to go on."

I raised my left arm to scratch my head in thought, and ending up spotting something strapped to my arm, it was part metal and part an enamel-like polymer. A device with a rectangular slot was directly atop the strap and from the side of that was a blade-like part that followed the length of my forearm. Given the size of it, I was surprised I didn't notice it before. Maybe my body was used to having it on?"

Rally seemed to recognize it, her/his acknowledgement bringing several things back to my mind, "Isn't that a duel disk? So you must be a duelist! Then maybe you'll remember something if you have a duel with somebody! How about it?"

It seemed strange, but I guess it was better than doing nothing, "I guess it couldn't hurt."

"Alright! You can duel me then!. Wait... I don't have my deck on me. Wait here while I go get it." before I could say anything, the whatever it was ran off and I was left alone with my own thoughts.

First, I checked my pockets to see if I had any ID on me, but all I found was the deck box hooked on my belt. I flipped open the lid and took the deck out. After all, I had built it, so it would provide insight into the person I was if not jog some memories. The card on the bottom, and thus the first immediately visible one when I took the deck out, was a statuesque warrior in massive armor as pure white as freshly carved granite, the plates over the major muscles where a fiery red with a thin gold outline. A jewel was embedded in the center of his chest that was the same blue color as his eyes. His blade seemed like an extension of his own arm, as did the stout but incredibly maneuverable shield he wore on his other one. His helm bore a red horn and the entirety of the design swept back with etchings that made the metal almost resemble the hair of some stone god. Then there was the white, gold trimmed cape he wore.

"Phoenix Gearfried... a gemini monster...." I grabbed my head at another jolt of enlightenment. A flash of my memory, fuzzy and disjointed as it still was, came back to me in a sort of internal flashback. Problem was, somebody forgot to roll the image, I was only getting the audio.

"Dad! Dad! The cards finally came out! They released them to the public! Now I can finally build a deck like yours!"

"Now, son, what did I tell you? You shouldn't just build my deck. You have to become the duelist that you want to be."

"But dad, you are the duelist I want to be."

So my deck was an imitation of my father's? Apparently I respected and loved the man a great deal as a child, and never lost either feeling. Well, until amnesia stole him from me. What was his name? Was he even still alive? Looking through the deck in hopes of more sparks of memory, all I learned was of the complexity and interweaving strategies contained in it. Not every card was a gemini monster, not every card was even directly supportive of them in general, but it was an incredibly fine tuned and deadly configuration. If it was a copy of my dad's deck, then he had to be some kind of dueling genius. And he'd had at least Phoenix Gearfried before it was widely available, he must have been important. Who was he? Who was I? Was I a suitable heir to the deck in my hands?

"Hey, I told you to wait!" someone suddenly yelled. It was a man, probably older than me, angry about something. From the tone of his voice I could tell he was used to throwing his weight around.

Another voice, a familiar one that I had not expected to reply, did so, "And I told you that you're wrong! Those parts I got you were high grade. It's not my fault you can't ride."

"You little-!" the man's anger was increasing to near violent levels, Rally was in trouble, "I outta-"

He stopped when I came out from the alley at a brisk walk. Whoever the punk was harassing Rally, he had stopped the kid not far from where I'd woken up. He was also a coward, having brought too friends to what was clearly the mere shakedown of a kid half his size. The two flunkies were astride motorcycles, and the leader himself had stepped off of one of his own.

"Something wrong here?"

The punk gritted his yellow teeth at me, running a hand nervously through his unkempt black hair, "Stay outta this, man. This little thief owes me some money."

Rally protested, "I do not! You got the parts I promised, and the parts are fine!"

"My ass!"

I held up my duel disk, "Hey. Duel me."

The man turned, "What? Are you standing up for this little piss?"

"Afraid?" I retorted simply.

One of the punks spoke up, "Go ahead! Show up this trash, Danny!"

The man laughed, "Alright, I'll duel. A deathmatch, 4000 life points each instead of 8000. But if you lose, this snot gives me back my money!"

"How about winner takes all. The money and the parts in question?"

"Fine by me! As long as the thief swears by it."

Rally stepped over to me and whispered, "Listen, whatever your name is, you don't have to do this for me. This guy's just some loser who likes to think he's a turbo duelist."

Danny grinned at him, "So how 'bout it shorty? You willing to bet on loser boy here?"

Rally all but snarled at the guy, "You have yourself a duel. He's gonna knock you right on your rear!" then to me, "Right?"

I looked down at him and smiled, "Sure. People like him don't beat people like me... well, whoever I am. Ha-ha!"

Rally chuckled.

Danny activated his duel disk, so I followed suit, "DUEL!"

?????: 4000 vs Danny: 4000

Drawing my first five cards, I studied my hand, as Danny declared, "Your challenging me, so I'll take the first move. Draw!" The biker placed a card on his disk, summoning forth a warrior in green armor and a simple red-horned helmet. It wielded a sword with a wishful glint in its eye, "I summon Warrior of Zera in attack mode. Two face down cards will end my turn."

I looked at the monster he'd put out. Both its attack and defense were 1600, so he probably had a reason for putting it in attack mode. One of those traps was probably an attack negator, possibly even Mirror Force. I had to be careful, draw him into my own trap.

"My draw. I summon Gemini Scorpion." a pair of dark armored warriors appeared, "His effect on summon activates, special summoning Tuned Magician in attack mode. That's 1600 and 1800 attack points respectively." a female mage appeared, clad in renaissance-style clothes with a decidedly Shakespearian look to them and a flower-like hat. "I'll lay down two facedowns of my own and end my turn."

"Scared? You can't win a duel like that! My draw." he went into motion with his plan, "I discard Emissary from Pandemonium to activate Rising Energy! Warrior of Zera gains 1500 attack points until the end phase. I then activate my other facedown, Battle Tuned. By removing a tuner monster in my graveyard from the game one face up monster I control gains all its attack points, permanently. I remove the tuner Emissary from Pandemonium to give Warrior of Zera 2600 more attack points. That's 5700 total. It's over for you!"

Rally went wide-eyed, "That ass! He made this a deathmatch on propose!"

"I attack your Gemini Scorpion with my Warrior of Zera!"

"That all you've got?" thrusting my hand forward I activated one facedown, "I activate the quickplay spell Gemini Spark. I sacrifice Tuned Magician to destroy your Warrior of Zera." Tuned Magician lifted her wand to the air and exploded into a bolt of lightning that wiped the charging warrior from existence.

Danny couldn't believe, "What?!? M-my combo!"

"On top of that, I may draw 1 card." I did so, "Anything else?"

"One face down and turn end." the punk growled.

"My draw then." I activated my other facedown, "I summon Blazewing Butterfly. Next, say hello to Birthright. This little number special summons a normal monster in my graveyard to the field in attack mode. I choose Tuned Magician. Now pay attention, this might go over you intelligence." I'll make you proud dad, where ever you are. I promise. I'll earn this deck. Watch me. "I equip the spell card I drew with the effect of Gemini Spark: Supervise! This can only be equipped to a gemini monster like Tuned Magician. Doing so turns it into an effect monster. In Tuned Magician's case it becomes a tuner monster." Tuned Magician was suddenly surrounded in flame, a glowing green ring appearing around its waist.

My opponent froze, "Crap! A synchro summon?" he gritted his teeth and became resolute once more, "Bring it on!"

"I tune my level 4 Tuned Magician to my level 4 Blazewing Butterfly!" The Tuned Magician became three points of light and flew into the air, transforming into four rings. The butterfly soon followed, becoming a mere outline which turned into four points of light as it entered the rings. "Fist of stone, crushes bone. Breath of fire purges ire. Synchro shokan! Charge on through, Black Brutdrago!" In a flash of light of flame, a large gray dragon descended onto the battlefield. Everything from its horned and heavy-jawed head to its massive arms, even it's spiky skin looked designed to destroy. It's 3000 attack proved that fact. The more shocking thing though, which distracted Danny from the massive beast was the gout of flame the erupted in the monster card zone beside it. When the explosion died down Tuned Magician was back.

"What? Impossible! You used that to synchro summon!"

"Yes, with Supervise equipped. When Supervise is sent to the grave I can special summon a normal monster from there. Like Tuned Magician for instance."

He growled, "Come on then! It makes no difference! I'll still win!"

"With that facedown? Thanks for confirming it's dangerous. I'll discard Phoenix Gearfried, to activate Brutdrago's effect. You see, by discarding a gemini monster from my hand I can destroy one of your spell or trap cards." A hologram of the discarded warrior appeared before Brutdrago, only to be inhaled, "Go! Preemptive Punishment!" the dragon spat forth a fireball that streaked towards and decimated the facedown, leaving my foe defenseless.

"Wait! HOLD ON NOW!" Danny begged.

"Tuned Magician, attack him directly!"

?????: 4000, Danny: 2200

In my head I could feel old forgotten emotions returning. Feelings of my dad. I could almost hear him speaking to me. Raising my hand I declared the final attack of the duel, "Now, this is for wasting my time! Black Brutdrago, finish him with Brimstone Bash!" The behemoth charged, spewing fire slowly from its mouth that enveloped its body and burned Danny as he was slammed to the ground. "Game over!"

Suddenly my vision went blank and I grabbed my head in pain... someone was shouting at me, desperate. "KOYOU! KOYOU, PLEASE! NO! NO!!!"

My sight filled with the sight of a white room, the floor covered in wires, all leading to a motorcycle in the center of the room. What...

"You paying attention to me you cheating bastard?" Danny's voice suddenly cleared my head, the pain and the clues to my identity fading away. "I'm not giving your those parts! This isn't over!"

I looked up at the man who was heading over to his bike, trying to make a run for it without fulfilling his end of the bargain, "Where do you think you're going?"

He scoffed at me, "You may have won this round, but you won't get away with crap like that next time. I refuse to accept this duel!"

"You can't do that!" Rally shouted, "He beat you fair and square!"

"Watch me, you little snot!" the coward sat down on his ride and revved it up, "Sleep with one eye open from here on Rally! I'll be back for you!"

I glared at him, "And I'll be there. Next time and the time after that. I'll beat you until you admit that I'm better than you."

Laughing, the biker punk rode off with his friends, "Next time I'll make sure you never duel again! HA-HA-HA!"

Rally, still angry, managed to shrug it off and turned to me with a sigh, "I'm so sorry about that. I got you mixed up in my problems."

"No big deal."

"Did you at least remember anything?"

"Yeah." offering a hand I introduced myself, "I'm Koyou."

Next Chapter: The Next Gear

In the next chapter, Koyou meets up with the Satellite crew, adding to his list of new friends. What does his visions of a duel runner mean? Were those cries of desperation from his past for him... or because of him?