phew I wanted to write something for this book, I'm fairy certain that if they advertised this book enough it might be another best seller too. or at least that's what i think I adore this book and I'm a teen, anyways I wanted to write something about after the ending in the book, obviously I don't own this story, watch out for traitors and rebellions against the new king.

-also I don't know about the historical parts of the ending so be upset when I have my facts wrong!

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The end and beyond

We reached the beautiful mansion just as dawn broke. It was a beautiful sunrise, now much more radiant since my new found freedom. Sheftu seemed excited too, when we stepped off the carriage he laid his hand protectively and gently on the wound of my shoulders, have a smug glance at the servant and led me into the soon to be my home. Sheftu led me up to his room to rest for I had a long night. I was led down a rather normal looking corridor towards the central garden, the moment I saw a small glimpse of it I was amazed, and whoever gardened it must've really liked lilies. The blue flower was everywhere.

"This is all dedicated for you my blue eyed flower" sheftu whispered into my ear softly.

I let myself giggle a little, afraid this may all be a dream. Sheftu led me to a grand room on the north side facing the south. I stopped to stare at the glorious sun

"Love, we must tend to your wounds the physician will be here shortly but to linger with it dirty is never a good idea, so come and I will clan it for you"

He gave me an adoring look that pleaded with me and led me into the room. He had me sit down and drink water that a slave had brought in. He cleaned the gash with a hurt look but was very gentle. When he was done the doctor came. He observed the gash, praised sheftu and began to apply an ointment that stung so bad it had me biting my finger.

"Love, don't bite you'll hurt yourself" he slowly took my hand away with a sad expression and hugged me without disturbing the doctor. I clung onto him and squeezed. When the doctor was done I let sheftu go and stared at the kind old man. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He asked sheftu if he knew how to bandage and if he did would he like to. He nodded at both, thanked the physician and started to bandage my shoulder. I fell asleep on his chest in the middle of wrapping I guess because I woke up to find myself in a blanket on a bed with sheftu looking over me. he smiled when I opened my eyes and kissed me. it wasn't like any of the other kisses we shared, this one was filled with love and patience. I gave a small smile which then quickly turned into a blush as my stomach gave a rather loud growl. He laughed taking away some of the worry evident on his face. He turned around to get something and my eyes widened at the sight. It had everything I could ask for and more.

"I didn't know what you liked or not so I got a bit of everything" he blushed and handed me the tray.

I stared at him with my eyes glazed over, and gave a huge smile and dug in. unfortunately my wound didn't allow me much movement and sheftu watching my every movement noticed immediately, he drew my arms back to my sides and started to feed me. Even though I have been humbled by the past few weeks I'm still the same Mara I use to be, I felt a little undignified and maybe a little shy and didn't respond to the food he raised to my mouth even though my stomach was hurling profanities at my ego. And of course my stomach won, I looked at sheftu through narrowed eyes which slowly turned softer snuck a kiss and took a bite, which quickly turned into 2 and then 3 bites and then it was gone… I went to grab another but Sheftu's hands stopped me just before I moved the part where it would definitely hurt. He fed me and I fed him, we spent our brunch pretty much feeding each other. Throughout the whole meal sheftu always touched a part of me, either his clean fingers running through my hair that really needs to be washed, or placing small kisses all over my body. I was most definitely not use to this but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it am I. Once we finished I suggest we go for a walk since my stomach was bulging and I felt really stuffed, ugh definitely not use to having a full stomach no matter how much I could eat when I disguised myself as a translator for the princess I couldn't make myself suspicious since no lady of nobility ate that much.

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