-_- I have no excuses.. It's been more than a year and I guess I can only say I will do my best. I am deeply ashamed that I have left my procrastination turn into forgetfulness. please do enjoy

Today is the day we set sail to Luxor. I've made and finished the preparations for the long trip and am absolutely brimming with excitement. Nuri has been fidgeting and avoiding me since the day before last and refuses to meet my stare, always finding another chore or hear an imaginary voice calling for her. My hours with Sheftu have shortened considerably and anyone can see the clear strain on us. I didn't want to part like this; he too has taken to ignoring me and acting all secretive.

Tau was to go on board with me and our farce was to begin the moment the ship set sail. Thabit was to meet up with us at Luxor and have our reservations at the Palon Inn, tucked in a little quarter of Luxor where the big names in the underground world meet to exchange information and make deals. Gahiji had already prepared our paperwork and a list of names for recommendation as a business pair as well as a shady side show. We would stay at their biggest inn namely Regia Palace and sneak away to Palon at night.

The trip to Luxor was amazing. Weeks before we set sail Gahiji had sent several sets of see through fabric that would cover my eyes yet let me see. It took some time to get use to but it didn't look all that bad on me to be honest. I was not to let my guard down at any time. Tau and I took turns keeping watch on the ship in our 2 bedroom suites on the ship. There were several other businessmen on the ship and I bid Tau to interact with them. I was to be called Anise while he was Nir. We had quickly spread our name as a specialized metal and armor pair to those around us. The plan was that this would be a long term effect. Anise and Nir would become permanent figures in the economic status of the Arabian regions and whenever we need them they should appear.

Exploring Luxor was an experience. Exploring the shady side of Luxor was even more of an experience. The filth around the shacks didn't seem to bother anyone in the least as the beggars crouched in their sectioned off corner. There would be fights over the smallest scrap of food and the stench of cheap alcohol filled the air.

We were able to be recognized as a part of the underground world by pretty much just showing up at the inn and putting on a bit of a dangerous aura around us. My job was pretty easy, sit and drink. Occasionally there would be small inquiries from the small dogs but I let Tau take care of it. I was to be prim and proper not to mention the brain of the whole operation. After many small visits to the underworld we were to make a big entrance into the market by making connections with the local merchants by doing some legal business. I've sent several letters back to the King to describe the conditions of the riot. It was bloody and obviously planned. We could just see the tension building leading up to a certain date. Small fights would break out in public places on almost a schedule. Someone was supplying the rebels with small knives in the process. The whole town is seemingly angry at the world and each other. From the letters that been sent from Thabit conditions seemed to be the same on the Mediterranean. As far as trade wise the seas were rougher than usual and so there would be a shortage of sailors for the following months.

The local bartender that we frequented recently had in his own way kindly advised Nir to stay away from a small brothel on the lower corner just a few minutes away from Palon Inn. There wasn't a specific name but the men running the place seemed to have some connections to the bloodier battles fought on the streets. Naturally it was our plan to build a connection with them. I had enough of being looked at like a piece of meat by the drunkards and ready to start taking down some names. Gelu was the top dog at the brothel. It wasn't big at all, the size of a small inn decorated with vibrant shades and erotic toys and images of naked girls painted on their walls. Nir lead me to the very back of the building following a servant after slipping him a few silver coins towards the office. I held a few samples of metal that would be perfect to make small, sharp things. Gelu as well as his underdogs were spread out, some with whores on their laps others with booze in their hands and only Gelu with a smirk on his face. I wanted to slap it right off him. I felt someone try to grab at me and immediately held a dagger to his neck while keeping my posture composed.

"Sit." He obeyed

"Good Doggie" I heard a sharp laugh from Gelu and was offered a seat.

"What is a beautiful girl like you with an upstanding gentleman like him doing in my humble presence?"

"My name is Anise, would you like to do business?" his face held some interest and he leaned forward towards me.

"What kind of business does a little girl like you offer me? Your body? Oh no no no from what I've heard you and your brother here work with metal." He sneered the word as if it left a nasty aftertaste.

"Enough with the taunt I can take my business to the mayor if you'd like, and maybe mention your little dirty jobs

amongst other dirty jobs."

"Ooh I'm so scared, mommy save me. Ahahaha you think you can threaten me with.. ahaha the mayor! Do all of you hear this? The mayor! AHAHAHAHA" The rest of the men in the room was chuckling to themselves as Gelu calmed down from his little burst.

"My dear tiny little Anise, the mayor is the least of our problems." Without a word I took out the samples that were sharpened so thin it could cut through stone and sliced the hand of one of the men that was inching towards me. He let out a loud curse and curled up into a ball while nursing his bloody hand.

" I assure you, my work is of the best quality if you're willing to pay the price and stop the nonsense with other customers that would not be nearly as profitable to us both."

"Find me in the Regia Palace"

On the way back to the palace Nir and I walked passed a squad of patrol guards running their rounds.

"Well I guess their boasting and dismissal of the mayor is a confirmation to their alliance." Nir with a hard look to the guards turned away in disgust

"I guess it does."