Chapter 2

Dr. Alex Hess had in one way or another succeeded into carrying his extremely pregnant companion to their bedroom. Diana was panting heavily now, cringing in only worsening discomfort. He was seated right next to her on the edge of the bed, looking concerned.

Larry had instructed him to attempt anything to make her feel comfortable. At first, Alex's friend had been only very casual about it, telling him to get her to the emergency room; however, immediately changing his mind when being informed about Diana's water already having been broken. 'Don't do anything else but try keep her calm as possible until I arrive', it had sounded impatiently on the other side. Conversation had then ended just like that.

Diana's hand reached for his again, squeezing it; eyes wandered to his, using these few quasi painless instants between contractions, that only seemed to increase in frequency and intensity, to plead silently for him to make this abate. She tried to slowly catch her breath, for no release would come soon. These two little ones sure seemed to be in a hurry and most likely wouldn't rest until having seen that curious, mysterious life so unlike the environment of their mommy's safe womb.

"Deep breaths," Alex coached. She kept looking into his eyes, breathing along with him, until another contraction forced her eyes to shut once more, hand holding onto his harder than before. Maybe it only seemed harder, the repeating strong pressure misleading him into thinking that it did; the unpleasant process of iteration being the true cause? And maybe the very same counted for Diana?

Around four in the morning, approximately nine hours after Diana's first contraction, after having given all of herself, she finally gave birth to little Romilly, whose brother Christopher would join her forty-five minutes later.