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Attack in the alley

A pleasant Autumn chill wafted over the empty streets of Washington, a welcome substitute to the severe buckets of rainfall the city had suffered through for a while now. The streets were empty and quiet among other places, the occasional happy drunk would stumble along the sidewalk, singing a content song of carousing slurs and unsteady hiccups, but otherwise, all was peaceful in the dark corners of D.C. Well, that was until...

"Booth!" An annoyed voice rung out of a nearby fire escape of a club, while the owner of the disgruntled sound struggled against their captor.

"Booth, release me now! I was doing just fine, until you ruined things!" Brennan once again tried to yank her arm free of her partner, Seeley Booth, who had a firm grip on it as he pulled her away from the bustling surroundings they had just left. Huffing as a response to her demanding bid, Booth steered her into a close by, abandoned alleyway, much to Brennan's distaste.

"If you do not relinquish your grip on me, I swear..." She needn't of continued, as Booth abruptly unfastened his hold on her arm and backed her against a wall. The narrowness of the alleyway meant that Booth could be pressed, flush against her with little effort. Brennan immediately felt the full impact of his hard body against her own.

"What are you doing, Booth?" She gulped uneasily, as her body began responding to the deliriously sweet friction on the the front of her pelvis. A brief moan escaped through her gritted teeth, the reaction making her sound weak and at mercy. She hated that.

"Bones, Bones, Bones...how did we end up in this situation?" His voice was deep and flirtatious, yet displayed no sign of sexual need and vulnerability. No. He was in charge. His strong build holding her in place was all he needed to make her squirm beneath his cocky prowess and raging hard on. Oh yeah. He was turned on, had been for hours just watching her put on that sultry smile, lean in suggestively and shake her you-know-whats up and down that pole. It had been wrong to enjoy her display of womanly skills in that stripper bar. Heck, they were supposed to be undercover for fucks sake. But still, he remained seated, entranced by her beautiful curves and toned bare legs, that seemed to go on forever as she curled them expertly around the tall metal perch. Her movements were tasteful and slow, making her look like she was performing an art piece of some sort, her enticing body like a fortress of elegance and perfection. Those flimsy pieces of cloth that she called underwear were the only thing that kept his sanity just below the meter.

Other men in the bar had tried it on with her, attempted to 'make friends' with the natural beauty before them. Booth was about a second away from getting his gun out and blowing their cover, when one man actually got up on stage and tried to grasp some sexiness for himself.

Brennan, ever so serenely, pushed him off and purred: "Now, now boys. You can look." She looked over at Booth who was trying to maintain a calm demeanor in front of the crowd of sex-starved men. "but you can't touch." She added with a wink and went back to her steamy extempore of heavenly dance.

He had almost come in his pants then. Because that's how it was between them. You could gaze all you want (albeit, when she wasn't looking) but when it came to touching the forbidden wonders of this mysterious temptress, only dreams could cut it in his all too over-reactive imagination. Watching her go through other losers all these years, had finally brought them to this point. Face to face in the middle of a darkened alley.

"You should know Booth, you brought us here." Brennan glared at the man who was creating the now unbelievable hot puddle of desire that showed evidence of arousal. Except she was more than that. Ever since their eyes had met from across the bar, she knew the effect she was having on him. The glazed over eyes and peeping tent in his trousers had been evidence enough to conclude he was on fire from her provocative positions on the pole. And it turned her on to no end.

She had always been attracted to Booth. Who couldn't be? What with his broad shoulders, exceptional physique and downright sexy smile- he was center to all of her most frequent fantasies.....no one could compare to him, and no one was him. Booth.

So now, in the coldness of the October night, things began to heat up between the two occupants of the alleyway.

His normally warm brown eyes were now a scorching charcoal, as he tilted closer so his breath was now caressing her ears.

"That's where you're wrong, Bones. I didn't bring us here...we brought us here. 5 years of denying what should of happened has only left this even more intensifying....which brings me to only one conclusion." His breath tickled her, as he pulled her lobe gently into his mouth, savoring her unique taste of perfume and what could only be classed as Bones

"And what would that be?"

And that's when he lost it. He snaked his hand around her head and slammed her lips to his own, the final thread of control snapped. She retaliated quickly, gripping hold of the sides of his face and holding him down, as if frightened he would part from their hungry mouth exploration. His tongue darted out speedily to meet hers in a passionate duel for dominance. As moans and sighs of appreciation were exchanged amongst the two, Brennan's hands had other plans. Her impatient fingers weaved under his belt buckle and yanked it from their trouser holes. The sound of metal clanking and a zip going down was the last thing Booth heard before she gripped his straining manhood from it's confines.

"BONES." Booth hissed, before attacking the west side of her neck. Two could play at that game. Booth began sucking the milky white skin that lay along her clavicle, sensually swirling his tongue to ensure a love bite.

Brennan cried out and stroked the base of his length, admiring the hard thickness and height of his erection.

"You are very well endowed, Booth." She whispered sexily into ear, mirroring his actions and mapping out the east side of his neck. She bit down on a rather sensitive area, which jolted Booth to get more busy. And fast.

He began to pull at her camisole, ravenously consuming the exposed sweet skin that was revealed to him, all the while still holding her sandwiched between himself and the wall.

It was all Brennan could take, before pulling his head up to meet hers.

"Please Booth. I need you inside of me." Booth nodded and fastened their lips once more together. He began fiddling with his pants while Brennan worked on his shirt, her occupied hands skimmed down each well-defined muscle and pec. Oh yes.

Once he had rid himself of his dress pants, Booth grabbed hold of her hips and yanked her soaked panties down from under her skirt. When no more barriers were left, Booth positioned himself at her awaiting entrance. He looked up into her eyes for any signs of doubt or regret. Everything he needed to see to confirm this encounter was shining through her brilliant, fuck me, blue fires of seduction. Everything he ever wanted.

He cupped her ass, and slowly sunk her down onto his aching cock, the feeling so new and welcome, yet so familiar that in a sense, he felt he belonged there.

She gasped at the complete feeling of fullness, as inch by inch she pulled him in, reveling in the hardened power that was, Seeley Booth.

"Booth..." She sighed, as he began rocking gently in her, a pleasure so high that it heightened both their sexual appetites. If that was even possible.....

"You feel...oh god...so good." He panted along with her. Nothing felt better than being joined with her.

"So do...you...oh fuck, go faster Booth." He immediately complied, as the intense pressure began to climb higher and higher. It felt so good pounding into her fast, hard and now...oh..so very deep.

She dug her fingernails in hard across Booth shoulder blades, marking her territory there, so that he knew she'd been there, riding his cock in a frenzy of passion and desire.

"Jesus Bones!" The slight pain from her nails threw him further up the edge of what was going to be the most mind-blowing orgasm he would ever experience.

Her peak was nearing, she could almost taste the overwhelming flood of sensation that was soon to rupture through her body.

"Oh..yes, Boooothh..ah, so close."

"I know baby, just hold on."

The contrast of Booth's smooth, warm skin against the cold, rough wall, sent waves of goodness straight to their conjoined bodies. She cried out again, this time she was hanging off the edge.

"Booth! Oh god..I'm gonna..."

"Let go Bones...I've got you." His words sent her over the borderline of no return.

"Oh God..BOOTH!" She screamed his name like a holy prayer, as the sharp twist of pleasure coursed through her trembling body, unraveling every single bundle of nerves into oblivion.

Booth continued to pound relentlessly into her as he felt his own sealed fate come up and hit his g-spot.

"BONES!" He chanted her name over and over again, this time with Brennan present at his climax. Yeah, nothing beats the real thing.

He emptied himself gratefully into the deep dimensions of heaven.

It took several moments for them to come down from their high, gasping for breath and with sweat slicked between their spent bodies.

Once Booth had recovered, he conjured up the energy to glide his fully satisfied member out of her heat. They both groaned at the slight movement, as Booth helped Bones down, onto the ground. She stumbled forwards, the ability to stand apparently not back yet. But he caught her, like he always did.

"So....." She began very shakily.

"Do you want to get out of here? You know, get some..um..coffee." He hoped that they hadn't made a mistake. He didn't think he could handle getting his heart broken again...

"That would be very nice." Brennan smiled reassuringly at him, before stroking her hands up his naked torso. "However, I'm not sure coffee is what I had in mind."

He grinned adoringly down at Brennan, before scooping up their clothing and kissing her mouth once more.

"We'd better get going then."

And so all was well again through the sleeping streets of the city, slumber on high agenda for most. All except for one couple who had 5 years of pent up sexual tension to catch up on.

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