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"Put your hand where I can see it." Booth's eyes never left the screen ahead of them, even as that wandering hand of hers edged its way up the top of his thigh, and then slowly down once more.

"What do you mean?" Brennan asked innocently, eyes glued to the moving picture surrounding the entire, almost empty room.

"You know what I mean, Bones. This," He motioned towards the piece of her anatomy that was getting a little too comfortable, settled in Booth's lap. "Is not permitted in a movie theater, let alone in any public gathering. Do you want us to get kicked out of here?"

His voice had meant to sound stern, yet under the strain of his jeans (and raging libido) it had come out as little more than a meek whisper.

"Oh come on, Booth. Look around. There are hardly any occupants in the room; no one would be able to see anything, besides," She stroked one delicate finger across his tented bulge, causing him to jerk and fidget mercifully in his seat. "I can tell this movie is creating arousing and heated images in your head, which is perfectly natural, given the nature of this film-"

"Bones, you can't just give me a hand job in the middle of an adult movie theater!"

"Fine." She huffed and sunk further down in her seat. Booth breathed a sigh of relief and willed himself to calm down as he continued to gaze at the moving projection ahead. It was true that they were basically alone; apart from a few drifters, a handful of young-ish couples and the ticket attendant, Booth and his partner were pretty much alone in their disclosed, private viewing area at the back.

A quick glance around assured him that no one was paying attention to the small commotion that had involved Brennan's digits massaging his manhood regions- all eyes seemingly latched onto the steamy action that was happening above on screen.

A movement out of the corner of Booth's eye caused him to look over, however he immediately wished he hadn't as he witnessed Brennan stealthily tip toeing her hand up the inside of his thigh, much to his visual and physical aided stimulation.

"Booones." He pleaded, crying out her name like a prayer as she toyed with the zipper of his black, denim jeans.

"Mmm?" She hummed absently, proceeding to stroke him up and down his length through his underwear, in result, hardening the girth beneath.

"Stop!" Booth hissed and went to yank her hand away when Brennan suddenly twisted in her chair, hoisted herself over the arm of her seat and into the surprised lap of the dumbstruck FBI Agent.

"Bones!" He yelped as her mouth crushed against his and her hips began rolling seductively up his crotch area and gyrating her hot center up and down his rock hard erection.

His complaints soon turned into moans as her sweet body did its work and rocked temptingly over the prominent bulge, extruding from its confines- the deliriously hard friction becoming his undoing as Brennan nestled against the large tent between her thighs, leaving Booth panting in her ear.

"We...can't do this."

"I'm pretty sure we can."

"We might get caught."

"Hmm...that is a possibility. Are you afraid we may get caught?"

"Well no, but...oh shit, right there...yeah baby, I just don't really wanna be charged with public indecency-"

Hitching her legs higher up on the seat, Brennan bent her body so that her center deliberately collided with his boxer-covered erection, prior to the strangled groan that escaped Booth's throat.

"Mm it's dark, nobody is aware of our sexual conduct- And I can't wait to get you home and strip you down for bed," Her husky murmur vibrated low against the hollow of his throat; pin prickles of delight whispering up the sides of his arms as he bucked and ground his hips up towards her, much to Brennan's liking and pleasure. "Ooh yeah...besides, this movie is arousing me to the very extent that I need to relieve some pent up pressure as soon as possible ."

Her lips continued their exploration down the tensed muscles of his neck, swirling her tongue right over the small bump of his Adam's apple before retreating back up to the delicious, rough texture of his unshaven jawline.

"Oh fuck, babe, you have no idea how hot you make me."

"I have some clue." She arched a perfectly even eyebrow up in mock amusement as she began stroking him through his jeans, taunting him slowly and languidly before trailing her finger down the material of his black underwear.

Booth hissed and grabbed both of her hands and held them together securely, making sure she had no chance of escape; even if she did wish to vacate his lap (which she had absolutely no intention of doing).

"Shit, if we're gonna do this- right here, right now- we're doing it my way, Bones. Now," He quickly released one of her sneaky hands from their imprisonment, not giving her enough time to recover as one large hand came to collect both of hers and held them behind her back. "Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that's my body you were just groping a minute ago- perhaps you need to be reminded of my rule about wandering hands..."

"Booth." Brennan whined, not liking her new predicament and squirming under the firm hold he had her hands clasped in. The FBI Agent smirked before using his spare hand to curl around the back of her head and crash her pouting lips down to his, hard.

"You can't always get your own way, Babe." Booth teased her bottom lip between his teeth, reveling in the male prevail that washed over him as she inevitably whimpered and shuddered beneath his touch.

Brennan scolded herself for falling so easy under Seeley Booth's irresistible bravado of tantalizing charm, her body so naturally sinking down and succumbing to the insatiable tug of her partner.

Damn that cocky smile. At the best of times, she could accept his arrogant and juvenile behavior with an eye roll and even a smile if she was feeling playful, but right now she just wanted to wipe the smug grin from his far too symmetrical features.

"I beg to differ, Seeley," Brennan rewarded herself a small victory as Booth's eyes widened and flared unknowingly while his eyebrows furrowed in suspicion. She only called him by his given name when trouble was brewing and he could spot that from a mile away...

"I believe the phrase is, 'I always get what I want'... And right now, you're the only thing that comes to mind." She licked the shell of his ear, relishing the excitement and desire that pooled slickly between her thighs as his member poked confoundedly out of his lower body's premises, pressurizing her slit in all the right places.

But it still wasn't enough.

Booth was buzzing beneath her, sexually frazzled as he contemplated her words and unconsciously thrust his hips up in sync with his battling urges.

Brennan was in need of some very pleasurable and highly satisfying pleasing and in able to get that, she needed the passionate, wild and uninhibited side of this man to break out and wreak delicious mayhem and torture on her body.

But what to do?

"Oh God Booth, please...just do something, I need you to take me now." She whispered against his ear and edged the point of her nose into the crook of his neck. Her desperation had won out when it came to begging Booth to fuck her senseless in a dark movie theater, along with a huge screen of naked, sweltering images to power her imagination; she needed this more than she realized it.

Her plea had seemed to awaken Booth from his dirty, lust filled thoughts long enough for him to recognize that there was, indeed, a very hot, smart mouthed, delectable woman on his lap, imploring him to pleasure and please her and he was just sitting there like a complete and utter moron?

Oh hell no...

If it had been any other woman, he would of said no and put a stop to it before either of them got caught and severely embarrassed, but because it was her...

Something inside him snapped like a pencil and fire shot through his veins.

Nostrils flared, eyes narrowed dangerously, teeth and jaw clenched, skin burning and arousal commandeered his entire being and unleashed the inner beast from within.

"Bones." He growled and before she could speak, Booth slammed his mouth to hers, biting her lips roughly and swallowing her moans and surprised negligence in one big gulp. When he had finally ended his oral assault on her mouth, Brennan was pleasantly surprised to find that his aggressive libido rampage didn't end there.

Nipping and sucking at any piece of skin he laid his eyes on, Booth attacked and devoured her body as if she was his last meal on Earth.

Instead of sipping, he drank and got drunk on the taste and flavor of her skin and collarbone.

Rather than taking his time and savoring the finally there skin to skin contact, Booth abrasively yanked the belt from his jeans, tugging violently at his pants and boxers until they pooled at his ankles and grazing her hips with a pair of dexterous, strong hands.

Choosing not to remove her skirt, he simply ripped the flimsy panties off with a snarl and savagely stroked a finger into her soaked entrance.

"Ah!" She cried in ecstasy as he greedily fingered her opening and walls with brutal integrity- slowly pumping her hard before lightly pounding her clit with the flick of his thumb.

"Oh yes! Ah!"

"Quiet." He commanded gruffly as his other hand began to crawl of her inner thigh, up to the sweet spot, right above her-

"SHIT!" She panted and screamed silently into his neck as his clever digits reached her g-spot and encircled it with all the might and skill that two- perhaps even three men couldn't conjure up and achieve.

She felt herself falling, her form a feather drifting harmoniously down from the skies; the heavens singing as her body hummed in delight of her newly arrived orgasm.

Slumping against his hard frame, Brennan sighed contently as his hands stroked her back, soothing her down from her high and leaving her body literally humming with satisfaction.

She heard a sigh from the left side of her head and went to face him when she stopped halfway and analyzed the feeling of something hard and pointed against her stomach.

Booth's eyes were unfocused and glazed all over, giving Brennan the chance to sneak her hand down and lightly brush the stiff erection that seemed to harden and lengthen the moment her breathy voice hit his lips.

"Fuck me Booth."

Looking up through hooded eyes, Booth groaned deep in his throat before guiding his cock to her heat and sliding oh so slowly into her hot sheath that seemed to melt his entire body right to the core.

He threw his head back and moaned, feeling like a teenager again as he battled to keep his excitement under control.

"Don't hold back... I need it." She hissed as he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her sex, drawing her closer and closer to that promised release that guaranteed satisfaction.

Both their groans, combined with the heated passion and activity on screen, heeded the arrival of their climaxes, as Brennan continued to quake and surrender to the delicious friction of his wondrously slick member pounding exquisitely hard inside her.

"Oh baby." He breathed against her shoulder as he came down from his high and reeled in the aftermaths of his tremendously ferocious orgasm- wave after wave rocking him till he fell forward, into the grateful and forever welcome arms of his partner.


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