Yay, my first Naruto High School fic (but not really). If I continue, it will probably be humor, drama, angst, romance. I'm not sure of the length, or plot, or anything. Meh, I'm open to ideas.


by Bullwinkle's Lady

Chapter 1

It was the summer's last pointless barbeque. Hizashi and Fugaku were arguing over spatulas. Kotone and Mikoto were admiring each other's sundresses. Hinata had barely noticed their parents' gentle shift from the deck to the house. She stood barefoot on the pool's edge, loving the way the sunset shined on the crystalline water. Her loose white dress swayed lightly with the breeze, and Hinata closed her eyes, near intoxicated by the chlorine scent.

She loved the pool. She was in love with the pool.

It would be ten months until school ended, summer returned, and she would revisit the Uchiha's large suburban household.

A few yards away, Sasuke was slumped in a lounge chair, one of his arms thrown across is eyes, as though to keep out the last bits of daylight. They had grown up just next door to each other, and the two had been best friends at some point or another, back when it had been all right to kiss each other's paper cuts and play in the sand box. But as they grew older, their social standing...or lack thereof...had come to divide them. She was too shy, and he was so handsome. She was clumsy, and he was oh so handsome.

At least that was what the girls at school said. She had never found Uchiha Sasuke particularly...particular. He wasn't stupid. He wasn't unattractive. He wasn't uninteresting...nor was he particularly interesting. He was just the quiet boy who lived a few feet away from her, had always sat a few desks down from her, and nursed a secret obsession with killer robots and scifi aliens.

Hinata deeply inhaled, trying to absorb the last wisps of summer. Tomorrow would start their first day of junior year. She desperately hoped it would be better than her term as a sophomore.

Eyes still closed, she wondered if she should try saying something to Sasuke. Though their parents were long-term friends, they had always failed to connect as teenagers. But Hinata suspected High School would be so much more endurable, with maybe, possibly, just – one friend.

Was there really a point in trying? What had she to offer?

Hinata parted her lips, thinking, thinking-

Someone's hand connected, gently, with her back.

Hinata lost her balance and was thrown into the pool. Submerged in the icy water, she messily fought her way to the face. Upon breaking the surface, she gasped for breath and wiped her hair out of her eyes just in time to see Sasuke walking away.

He pocketed his hands and wandered off, as though he wasn't particular at all.