As the golden rays of the morning sun finally managed to worm their way into the room they found Cloud already wide awake. However, his normal smile was gone, replaced by a severe frown. Almost unconsciously, his left hand gently stroked his belly.

"How could this happen?" he muttered, furious, scared, and hurt all at the same time. Furious about what that sicko had done to his body. Scared about how his lovers would react. Hurt because he knew that there was nothing he could do.

Cloud could still remember the day, three years ago, that had kick started this whole string of events that had led him to where he was now. Zack, in his normal bouncy and nosy self, had decided that Cloud had been single for to long.


"Oh come on, Cloud."

"For the last time, NO ZACK!"

Zack sat back on the couch in a huff. What was the little chocobo's problem? All he had suggested was that the blonde should get a girlfriend. After all, Spiky was now officially the only cadet who didn't have a girl or boy friend.

"Alright," he sighed in exasperation. Honestly, the things he went through to help his friend. "How 'bout a boyfriend? Is that what you're wanting?" If the sudden blush was any indication the answer was yes. "Well then, come on! I'll help you out! Just go to the guy and ask him out. Or is he already taken?"

Cloud shuffled his feet against the carpet, embarrassed beyond belief. "It's not a he," he mumbled. "It's a them. And besides, none of them would want me." On that point he was certain. After all, he was the dumb country hick that just had to fall hard for three of the most powerful people in ShinRa.

Exasperated by his friend's actions, Zack decided to take things into his own hands. Without warning, the First class suddenly bolted into Clouds room, grabbing a single book. Cloud was an avid journaler and if there was some secret crush in his life he would write it down. Before Cloud could protest Zack was out of the house and running for all his worth. He could hear Cloud's shouts behind him but paid them no mind. After all, there was no way the cadet could keep up with him.

Finally reaching Sephiroth's office, Zack flopped onto the Generals couch and started leafing through the diary in his hands. Finally finding what he was looking for, he read what the chocobo had to say. His mouth dropped in surprise.

"Wow, Spiky," he muttered, reading the three names. "You like to dream big." Glancing at his PHS Zack nodded. If he hurried he could get to everyone on the list and explain things. Maybe Spiky's dreams would come true.


Groaning, Cloud struggled up the last couple steps to his apartment. Major Yven had been riding the cadets for weeks now but today had been the worst for Cloud. He hadn't been able to focus, thinking only of the diary that Zack had managed to steal. Zack! If Cloud ever got his hands on him, First class or no, he was going to die a painful death.

Opening the door to his and Zack's shared apartment, Cloud didn't realize that it was to dark and to quiet. Nor did he notice the dark shadow lurking behind the door. He just stepped in through the doorway and closed the door behind him.

Big mistake.

A hand suddenly clamped itself over his mouth as he was pulled deeper into the shadows. An instinctive scream tried to force its way out of him as his hands frantically tried to pull the offending arm away to no avail.

A blindfold fell over Cloud's eyes, plunging him into darkness. As he felt it tied firmly behind his head he redoubled his efforts to escape but a new set of hands grabbed both of his arms and forced them together as they too were tied. Soon after a gag was also set into place. Cloud was officially trapped.

With apparent ease, one of his captors slung Cloud over one shoulder and started carrying him. Cloud used that chance to start kicking and was pleased to hear a grunt of pain although it didn't change his situation. Suddenly, Cloud was tossed and he tensed up before hitting something soft. His bed? Before he could try and escape to arms suddenly held him down, preventing movement. For the first time Cloud noticed the dip in the bed and realized there was someone on it with him. Two more dips told him that there were infact three unknown assailants.

Where was Zack when he was needed?

All thoughts fled from Clouds mind when suddenly his mouth was covered by another. He was being kissed by some unknown person! But that wasn't the problem. The problem was that he was responding. For some unknown reason, Cloud found himself kissing back through the gag. He could feel a smirk on the other lips but didn't care right then.

Cloud was suddenly distracted when he felt someone cut away his shirt. His first thought was, 'Aw man, Major Yven is gonna kill me if I ruin another shirt!' His next thought was drowned out when suddenly a tongue started lapping at his stomach. Cloud couldn't help it; he arched into the touch. He hadn't used to think that he was sexually tense but these people, whoever they were, were proving that he was wrong. He was willing to allow total strangers do whatever they wanted so long as he was touched.

The last stranger finally got into the act, slowly pulling Clouds pants and drawers off. Cloud could feel himself blush; knowing that he was already hard but quite suddenly didn't care as a warm, wet mouth swallowed him whole. Finally breaking the kiss, Cloud leaned his head back and groaned in pleasure. He could feel the chuckles from his kisser but was so distracted that he didn't care. Instead, he felt the kisser move onto his chest and he felt him start to suck his nipples, which only made him groan harder.

All the stimulation grew to unbearable heights and yet none of the assailants let up. In minutes they had reduced Cloud to a writhing puddle but still they continued. Cloud finally couldn't take it anymore and felt himself explode in the sucker's mouth. As his orgasm raced through him Cloud screamed so loud that the gag couldn't fully muffle it. He kept screaming as the mouth around his cock just kept sucking, drinking as much of his cum as he could shoot off. The other two mouths had stopped and Cloud knew they were watching him; he could feel their amusement along with another emotion. Was it…love?

Finally coming back off his high, Cloud could feel the strangers changing positions. Once they had settled one of them, Cloud didn't know who, lifted his hips up and put a pillow under his low back. A hazy feeling of dread was soon drowned out as a saliva soaked finger suddenly breached him. Cloud instinctively moved away from the finger but two strong hands just pushed him back onto it. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable, and Cloud wiggled, trying to make it more comfortable.

The finger slowly started fucking him until Cloud was moving his hips in time with it. Once he did that a second finger was added and Cloud felt the first sting of pain. He winced in pain and felt the person who owned the fingers lean over him and kiss him gently on the forehead. The two fingers moved slowly, stretching him until he was moving his hips once more. Another finger was added and this time Cloud actually whimpered as a couple tears managed to escape the blindfold. The tears were licked up as the fingers slowly started searching for something. Apparently they found it as they pressed against something the made Cloud arch his back in pleasure. Suddenly he didn't care what the person did; as long as it kept touching him there he was fine.

The fingers pulled out and Cloud couldn't hold back his whimper at the loss. For the first time audible chuckles could be heard all around him and he knew his captors were amused. However, Cloud's embarrassment was short lived as he was suddenly thrust into. From being totally empty to completely full in a few seconds shocked him so much that he forgot to be horrified. All he could focus on was the fact that some mans dick was inside him all way up to the hilt. Cloud could feel that the dick was impressive; long and thick. But for some reason there was no pain. Even though it was so much bigger then three fingers Cloud felt no pain at all. Only pleasure. Pleasure and…


The person inside Cloud slowly started to thrust into him, gently filling him again and again. As he did the other two got back into things, each one sucking on a nipple. It only took a few seconds before Cloud was hard again and he started moving in sync with the man inside of him. When the man hit Clouds sweet spot again Cloud decided to take things into his own hands. He abandoned the others rhythm and started moving faster and harder. The stranger got the hint and grabbed Clouds hips, suddenly pounding into him hard and fast.

Cloud threw back his head an groaned, loving all the sensations that he was going through. It wasn't long before he released again; this time though he felt some also release into him, both men groaning in pleasure as they rode out their orgasm.

The man inside Cloud collapsed onto him for a few seconds before struggling up. Cloud didn't actually care since he was still to limp to notice that the mans dick was still inside of him. He did feel warm, gentle hands undo the knot around his hands while someone else removed the now worn out gag. The person inside him leaned forward, slowly taking the blindfold off. Once it was gone, Cloud looked around him with blurry eyes, not ready for light or sight just yet. On one side of him he saw someone with long silver hair and glowing eyes. On the other side he saw someone with fiery red hair and a smirk. But the one he recognized was the one between his legs, the one who was still inside of him.


End Flashback

Cloud couldn't help but smile fondly at the memory. He had been so embarrassed that he had actually kicked Zack out of the apartment for months and refused to talk to him. He had also been unable to talk to either Reno or the General; afraid that they had just used him or maybe had only done it to appease Zack. It took them forever to convince Cloud that all three loved him and wanted him. They were even willing to share him with the others; a feat that had never happened before. So finally, after half a year, Cloud had caved and they had started this four-way relationship.

Now, two and a-half years later, all four lived in the ShinRa tower. Sephiroth had pulled some strings with Rufus and had gotten an entire floor that belonged to them and them alone. Also through the years the other three had developed feelings for each other so it wasn't just Cloud who was getting the sex any more. It was evening out and they were building a life. Cloud finally had his perfect life.

Until that man came along and ruined everything.

Cloud's hand once again rested on his stomach. "What am I going to do?"