"Johnsen! If you don't move your feet this instant I'm going to kick you right through that wall!"

I watched the SOLDIER try to do as I instructed and nearly cried when the only thing he accomplished to do was trip over his own feet. I swung my sword in and let it rest against his neck as I glared at him.

"That wasn't quite what I meant," I growled at him before suddenly glancing up at the other SOLDIERS who were snickering. They fell silent as my glare fell on them.

"Do you men find this funny?"

"No, General Sir!"

"Then why were you laughing?"

No one answered.

Sighing, I moved my sword away and allowed Johnsen to get up. Rather then risk blowing up at the men again I instead saluted Colonel Kirk and walked away. I had to cool off.

Sliding Kiba back into its sheath I weaved my way through the outdoor training rinks. Everywhere I looked I saw SOLDIERS training their butts off running drills and sparring. A few of my First class's noticed me and nodded or saluted but none wavered from watching their charges. That was good. I needed to know that they were taking it seriously. After all, my plans to totally revamp the whole SOLDIER training hadn't been widely accepted. It was nice to know that my First's would follow my orders regardless of if they agreed or not.

Not that I had ever doubted my decisions. The old president had corrupted SOLDIER and this was the only way to get it back on course.

Reaching ShinRa tower I paused outside the entrance and looked up towards the roof. An involuntary shiver went through my body as my body remembered what had happened up there. My heart still hurt when I thought of it. Shaking my head, I walked up the stairs and went inside.

"General, are you busy?"

Smiling, I turned my head to see Kevin lounging nearby with a crooked smile on his face.

"Not at all. Do you need me for something?"

"I wanted to know if you would join me for lunch. I have a jeep all ready and waiting outside."

"That sounds nice. I believe I will accept."

"Great. Would you mind if we stopped by the airport before getting to the restaurant? Some friends of mine are landing there today and I said I would pick them up."

"I don't mind at all. Let's go."

With a nod to my secretary I followed the Turk out to his jeep. At first I was a little surprised at the size; it could seat twelve people easily. Zachs was already in and he barked at me as I jumped into the front passenger seat. Instead of responding to him I just waited for Kevin to get in and start driving.

The drive to the airport was quiet but comfortable. I let the wind whip my hair around as I closed my eyes and relaxed. It felt good to get out of the ShinRa compound again.

Reaching the airport I could almost feel Kevin's excitement grow. Just when I was about to demand to know why he was so happy I saw a face that I hadn't seen for seven years.


Sky looked my way and a grin lit up his face.


Not waiting for Kevin to stop I jumped out of the jeep and raced to my brother. I let him grab me up in a hug and swing me around as we both laughed like maniacs. When he set me down I saw the rest of my family nearby. Calling out their names I ran over to be smothered by hugs and kisses. We probably would have stood there laughing and talking forever if I hadn't remembered my new rank.

Stepping back a bit I waited until they were all looking at me. "I believe we have a lunch date to keep," I said with a smile, suddenly deciding to do something nice for Kevin soon. Everyone nodded and followed me to the jeep. Kevin smiled at me as we all go in.

"Kari, are you happy?"

"Very much so. Thank you."

I leaned over and kissed Kevin on the cheek before turning in my seat and catching up with my family. Life was perfect once more.

What I didn't add in the ending: Though Kari's heart was pierced by the President's bullet she somehow managed to hold on to her life long enough to be healed. Once she was released from the hospital she had every intention to fulfill her dream and become a Turk. However, Sephiroth decided to retire and spend his time with his lovers instead of leading SOLDIER. Rufus ShinRa had asked Kari to help her pick Sephiroth's replacement but once she had met with all the candidates she had refused to support any of them. She claimed that they were all corrupted by the old president and that they would destroy SOLDIER. When ShinRa told her that they were her only options she made some fast choices and offered to take the job herself. Since Rufus agreed with her that none of the others should be General and he knew that she was as good if not better then Sephiroth in battle he agreed. However, soon after he made his decision Cloud and the rest of his family chose to move to the Northern Crater to establish a permanent base there. Since Kari was General she couldn't go with them so she bid them farewell and stayed behind. While at ShinRa tower Kari and Kevin fell deeper in love and married four years after she became General.