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Everything is okay now...

Moonlight seeped through the lace curtains of Himitsuko's dorm room, bathing a retangular section and wall in cool, silver light. The red head sighed, curled up on her side, Zero sitting next to her, his hands stroking her rose colored hair. She was sound asleep, Zero's fingers caressing her face, his eyes soft but hard, contradicting thoughts strangling his ability to think clearly. He exhaled, wondering, how long it would be before Jaaku dropped in to claim his sickening revenge and how willing or how well the Night Class as well as himself would be able to protect the sleeping girl next to him. Zero stood up, Himitsuko remaining asleep and he walked out the door after kissing her warm cheek. Himitsuko slept, although nightmares of Jaaku were still beset in her mind...

Three AM...

There seemed to be a sudden alertness among the vampires in the lecture room, the first to perk up being Ruka. Shiki sensed it next, then Takuma and Aidou, the rest of the Night Class either shifting uncomfortably or raising their heads from the books or notes they were reading through. Kaname, however, seemed to be completly relaxed, his hand still resting against the side of his head and body failing to tense, shift or move at all as the rest of his clan had.

"Kaname-sama," Rima began, the silence almost deafening and her sharp eyes filling with a knowing expression, "he's coming...and he's close."

The prince still didn't move but Shiki noticed his cousin's light eyes shadow over, hatred filling them and his fist tightened even though the rest of his body remained in the semi-relaxed state.

"Do we alert the Day Class? Chairman?" Kain pressed, not liking his friend's silence and Kaname finally shifted, his eyes closing as he stood slowly.

"Don't say a word to the Day Class students; we can't start a sudden panic. Alert the Chairman and Shiki, Rima, I'm putting you both in charge of Himitsuko...she trusts you two above all of us," he said and the two modles nodded obidently then departed.

"What about the rest of us?" Aidou asked and Kaname cast his eyes over to him, the blond vampire seeming more determined than usual to aid Himitsuko in her fight.

"Ichijou, you go alert the Chairman and Kain, Ruka, Aidou, gather up the Day Class students and stay in here with them."

The remaining companions nodded loyaly and departed, Kaname striding over to the window, his light crimson eyes gazing out at the silver soaked campus. His fingers laced in his brown hair, his eyes narrowing to mere slits and a smirk twitched at his lips.

"The fool," he hissed, the glass in the window cracking, "loyalty to Rido alone won't get him anywhere..."

Kaname's eyes gleamed and his tigtened his fingers in his hair, the glass on the brink of shattering...

"Here he comes..."

In Himitsuko's dorm...

Himitsuko's hand curled around the corner of her pillow, her expression hardening as the bloodsoaked corpses lingered in her nightmares. Her fangs bared and she tensed her whole body, the yellow eyes glaring at her, begging her to avenge them, a whisk of brown hair carressing her face. Himitsuko opened her eyes, seeing a shadow loom over her bed and she sat up abruptly, whipping her head around to see a bleeding shadow, the waist long, brown hair dripping crimson onto the hardwood floor.

"Yuuki-sama," Himitsuko breathed, her feet touching the cold wood and Yuuki's ghost float over to the window, Himitsuko following her. She smiled, her kind eyes hidden behind her curled bangs and she slipped out through the glass, Himitsuko letting out a gasp then yanking the window open, rain mist blowing into the room.

"I will avenge you!" she cried to the moon and the wind whipped her hair back, "I won't let him win!"

There was no answer, just the moaning of the wind and Himitsuko's eyes darkened.

It all comes down to this...she thought to herself, a smirk playing with her lips, everything...everything that has happened...it all ends tonight...

Flash to Ruka, Kain and Aidou...

"Everyone, please calm down," Aidou pleaded as a bunch of sleepy eyed Day Class students pounded the three vampires with questions after packing themselves in the largest lecture room.

"What's going on?"

"What's wrong?"

"Why are we in here?"

"Please, just be calm and stay where you are," Aidou begged as several more girls growled, feeling irritated.

"Idol-senpai, we're tired and have been dragged out of our dorms without any explination. What's going on?" a brunette questioned and Kain bowed his head.

"We will tell you when we have gathered more information...right now, it's complicated," he soothed and the girls looked unsatisfied but too sleepy to argue.

Ruka moved her eyes from her two companions to the floor, her thoughts drifting back to Himitsuko and Kaname. Her dusky rose eyes softened, hoping that the both of them would be safe, thinking the same towards Shiki, Rima, Zero and Ichijou.

I certainly hope all of them will be okay...I don't feel right just standing here doing nothing...Jaaku...he's near...no he's not near...he's...!

Ruka snapped out of her thoughts, gasping and Kain jerked his head towards her, worry beset in his amber eyes.

"Ruka? What is it?"


The goddess trailed off and before anyone could stop her, she burst through the doors and sprinted down the hall.

"Ruka? RUKA!" Aidou called to her, Kain straining back several Day Class students.

"Ruka! Come back!" Kain cried but she kept running, her teeth gritting, legs forcing her to run harder as she reached the end of the darkened corridor.

I can't just stand there and do nothing! I won't just stand there and do nothing! Her thoughts screamed and she skidded to an almost complete stop once she reached the stair case, her long, cascading waves trailing behind her then flowing back down around her waist. Hesitating for a mere split second, Ruka jumped down the staircase, landing in a cat-like position at the landing, smirking to herself as she slowly stood back up.

I refuse to do nothing...I will fight...

Ruka clenched her fist before glancing out the window onto the campus, seeing the familiar trio of Rima, Shiki and Himitsuko striding in unison across the moon soaked grass.

Even if I don't like her, I can still help Kaname-sama...I will still help win the second war...

Ruka turned away from the window, proceeding in dashing through the empty corridors.

Don't you love Ruka?...Outside...

"Any minute now," Himitsuko breathed and she ceased walking, Shiki and Rima following in suit. Rain clouds clung in the sky, fat rain drops beginning to splash onto the silver grass, the air growing cold and the three vampires sensed the demonic presents lingering in the air.

"I can feel it too," Shiki remarked, his voice barely audible and Himitsuko's entire body tensed, her muscles locking in place, eyes glaring down at the grass. Rima cast her electric blue eyes off behind them, the pupils narrowing to slits and electricity crackled around her fingertips.

"Come on, you coward," she hissed and Shiki focused on his friend.

"She stopped breathing," he observed, his eyes not leaving Himitsuko, her bangs hanging over her eyes, casting shadows over her features.

It's begun...

Himitsuko yanked her gun out of her coat's inside pocket and whisked it around, the blast almost deafing. The bullet ripped through the air and penetrated through a Level E's chest, a scream echoing off the Academy walls and blood spraying towards the stained moon. Himitsuko glared, her eyes gleaming and Shiki readied his blood whip, Rima's lightning sizzling around her perfect hands.

"The coward...bring Level E's as his army...the foolish coward," Himitsuko spat.

"Not like Kaname-sama can destroy ten of those with just the wave of his hand," Ruka's voice chimed in and Himitsuko shot her eyes towards the direction of the goddess.


"I'm not going to fight for you," she stated, her eyes on Himitsuko, who lowered her gun and her harsh expression hardened even more.

"I don't expect you to."

"I'm fighting for Kaname-sama's as well as Yuuki-sama's sakes," Ruka crossed her arms and Himitsuko nodded curtly.

"As am I."

Ruka's scowl deepened and she strode up to Himitsuko, the tension between the two vampires seeming to pour out of them.

"Don't you think for a second you could ever replace Yuuki-sama in Kaname-sama's heart. He will fight for and say he loves you, but don't ever doubt for a second you can replace Yuuki-sama in his heart."

"The thought has never crossed my mind, Ruka-san," Himitsuko said, a smile playing at her lips but her eyes remained glistening with hatred, "I'm insulted you think I'd even consider that thought."

Ruka blinked then exhaled, her eyes still burning and she began to walk away, Shiki and Rima staring after her, annoyed and angry.

"But it's a shame, Ruka," Himitsuko sang after her, "you don't like me...but, I admire you."

The goddess stopped walking, Himitsuko half smiling and both of her modle friends staring at her, somewhat amazed.

"I'm sure though," Himitsuko continued, her gun aiming at her, "you'll like me a little bit after tonight."

"What makes you say-?"


A bullet grazed Ruka's cheek, her eyes catching a glimpse of foot long, razor sharp nails and she gasped as she turned to see the bleeding face of a Level E. He fell back, howling like a pack of wolves, hands clawing at his face where the bullet struck him and Himitsuko strode up to him. She cocked her gun, smirking and stood over her opposer, shooting him through the head before he could make another move to strike.

"I just saved you from a very painful death or injury," the red head chirped, her face appearing even more sinister when her eyes met the startled face of Ruka.

"Oh my-"

"Let's leave the fighting to the experianced, okay pretty thing?" Himitsuko suggested, one hand on Ruka's shoulder and the other tilting the gun's barrel towards the ground. Ruka could only glare at her.

Blue light flashed through the air, Rima manipulating the voltz as she jumped into the air, her pigtails flowing along with her, her hands punching down at the ground, the lightening striking the ground and pulsing through the ground as two more Level Es dropped onto the campus. Shiki soared his blood whip towards the trees and bushes housing more Level Es, the crimson weapon piercing through one.

"These things annoy me," he muttered as the newly dead Level E crumpled to the ground, disintergrating into dust and thunder rumbled overhead.

Himitsuko pressed her back against Ruka's, the goddess's eyes glowing red as she another opposer to plunge his long nails through the chest of his ally then the two of them combusting. Himitsuko swung her katana and sliced another in half, blood spraying across both of them, the echoes of the cries seeming to echo off even the molecules in the air.

"That damn coward!" Himitsuko cursed, "he hasn't shown his face once!"

"And that is a surprise to you how?" Ruka inquired and Himitsuko pondered for a moment before stabbing another enemy.

"Now that you say that, it doesn't."

Ruka couldn't help giving a small laugh and Himitsuko jumped, dodging Shiki's whip and Rima's voltz, her sword plunging down through the head of another opposer and she landed, swinging the blade and the body around, slicing through more Level Es, blood splattering over her body. She felt the ground beneath her begin to shift and a crack began to split the ground between her feet and beyond, several boulders crushing the army of blood lusting vampires. Kaname came up behind Himitsuko, placing a protective hand on her blood soaked shoulder and his eyes glistened crimson.

"He's here...but he's hiding," Kaname whispered to her and she clenched her teeth as the Earth seemed to hold its breath, the attacks ceasing.

"Kaname-sama," Shiki started and Himitsuko raised her eyes towards the roof of the building. Her eyes scanned the sky, finally coming to a stop at the highest point of the Academy. The silohuette of Jaaku stood sharply agaisnt the mourning, blood red moon and Himitsuko felt the corners of her mouth twitch. Rain fell more heavily and wind moaned through the creaking trees and Himitsuko stopped breathing, her eyes glued to the looming shadow of the monster.

"This is just the beginning...he's just warming up," she murmured and watched as his arm carefully rose up, his fingers curled as if he were holding something, "well, your move, Jaaku."

There was a long silence...the world seemed to hold its breath and time froze, Jaaku's bony arm outstreached beside him and he flicked his hand. Almost immideatly, Himitsuko pointed her gun over her shoulder and fired, the bullets ripping through the Level E about to pounce on top of her, the musty breath puffing across her neck. Her crimson eyes shone demonically and she watched him, Kaname sending minor pieces of earth throught the air, penetrating through any more opposers and Rima shot her lightning. Himitsuko sprinted forward, shoving her katana into the trunk of the tree and leaping up onto a branch, the katana acting as a step. She grabbed the handle, yanking it out of the wood, jumping onto the sturdy branches and pounced up towards the roof, grabbing onto window panes and bricks sticking out of the building. Below her, electricity crackled and sizzled, a crimson whip lashing the air and piercing through the bodies of the weak army, the force being eliminated all too easily.

"Just you and me now, Jaaku," Himitsuko hissed to herself and gripped a window pane, the now pouring rain making each one slick with water. Himitsuko's hand slipped and she kicked the side of the building, her heel sticking to the side, her other trembling hand reaching up and gripping the window pane. She pulled herself up, grabbing onto another brick and crawling up the wall, the rain working against her. Her hands were slippery and clumsy, her katana being no help to her, and Himitsuko labored to reach the top.

Give me strength, Toru...she prayed as she reached for yet another brick, pulling herself up farther and marveling at the fact of how she was able to climb up the wall in the first place. Himitsuko pulled herself along, finally reaching the top and she heard Jaaku cackle darkly a few feet in front of her. On all fours, Himitusko pierced her eyes through the sheet of rain and her eyes met the faded gray robes of Jaaku Genzai.

Just you and me now...

"You never fail to amaze me, Himitsuko," Jaaku appluaded, his oily voice mocking her and the hunter stood to her feet, one hand bent behind her head, gripping the blade of her katana.

"Don't mock me," she hissed.

"Well, we've made it this far and really, I've done all the work," Jaaku continued, ignoring Himitsuko's intense glare, "I think you should make the next move."

"This isn't a chess game!" Himitsuko found herself shouting, rage burning through her body like wildfire, "you're such a coward...merely making pawns of those around you-Densetsu, my mother-! All to satisfy your sick wants!"

Jaaku sighed, the rain pounding around them and Himitsuko drew her katana.

"Well, since all you're going to do is stand here and yell at me," he started and before Himitsuko could take her next breath, the sword-like nails of a Level E sliced passed her side, a gaping wound starting to ooze out blood.

"What-?" she coughed, the blood seeping through her white shirt and she fell to her knees, her eyes wide with horror, shock and agony. Jaaku stood over her, the Level E cackling, delighted, and the old, old man patted the teen's head.

"Your move now."


Jaaku sighed again and gesturned with his finger, the Level E cutting her cheek, blood trickling out of the scratch. Himitsuko gripped her side, the stabbing pain not easing and she gripped her katana, steadying herself as she stood and Jaaku's slate gray eyes followed her movements.

"It's a shame really," he mocked and Himitsuko swayed, her eyes on the stone pattern of the roof top, "I trained you so hard and yet, you can't even beat something as low as a Level E."

"You didn't train me!" she snarled, "my father did!"

"Tsk tsk," Jaaku turned his back towards her and folded his hands behind him, "looks as if your oh-so-powerful friends are struggling as well. How pathetic."

Himitsuko gritted her teeth, daring herself to glance down at the ground and she clenched the handle of her sword in her hand. She felt tears burn her eyes but she refused to be broken down, her rage and need for revenge being her fuel.

"You're a monster."

Jaaku turned his head towards her and Himitsuko started to raise her blade, the tears falling with the rain. The Level E giggled and Himitsuko shuddered, feeling the fingernails attempt to dig into her wounds. She swung her katana, plunging it through the creature's neck and he gurgled, blood spraying across her face and she yanked it away, her now shining, crimson eyes aiming a murderous expression towards him. He jumped into the air, drawing out his own blade and slashed it down at her, the metal clanging together and Himtisuko resiting the opposing sword from plunging into her throat. Jaaku let go, Himitsuko stumbling backwards and then yanking out her gun, firing it, the bullets grazing across the bony arms and ribs.

"Foolish girl..."

The blade swung through the air, slicing her wrist and she dropped the gun, her ribbons of blood flowing from wrist and Jaaku kicked the gun out of her reach. Himitsuko cried out, Jaaku advancing and she swung her blade around her, attempting to slice him in half but he jumped over it, grabbing her neck and throwing her to the brick landing. Himitsuko rolled over onto her back, moving her head and flipping her katana sideways in just enough time to prevent Jaaku's blade from sliting her throat. Her arms shook, the blades creeping closer to her but she resisted, the pain in her wounds screaming, the slate gray eyes of Jaaku brimming with hate and triumph as he almost managed to kill her.

"To-ru-" Himitsuko gasped and Jaaku glaced up, his eyes becoming slightly wider as a green vine whisked through the air and slammed him back into the opposite wall. Himitsuko flung the blades off of her, jumping onto her feet, collecting her gun and then aiming it at him, allowing herself to follow the green vine back towards its mysterious source. Before she could comprehend it, a protective arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her against his chest, steadying his Bloody Rose and readied the vines.

"Kiryuu-kun," Himitsuko breathed, Zero's arm holding her close to him.

"So, you're Jaaku Genzai," he said smoothly as Jaaku regained his balance, "interesting...I pictured you much younger...I didn't expect you to look so ancient and weak."

"Looks can be very deciving," Himitsuko grumbled and Zero tightened his arm around her even more, the vines flexing and creeping towards Jaaku even more.

"Heh," Jaaku wiped his mouth and steadied himself, "you have a damned Level D protecting you...does he even know what you did? Does he know you're the one that killed Yuuki Cross but you came here to shoot him to bits anyway? Does anyone here know you're a mindless murderer, no morals, and destined to fall to a Level E? Tell me Himitsuko, does anybody here know the amount of blood on your hands?"

Himitsuko glowered, carefully pushing Zero's arm off her and she silently signalled him to not fire or attack just yet.

"You're lies don't affect me anymore, Jaaku," she told him coolly, advancing towards him, her soaking wet hair swaying with every step she took, "you possessed Yuuki-sama's mind in order to murder my family...my mother...the one you loved with all your heart."

Jaaku's eyes flickered and Himitsuko stopped walking, katana at her side and gun resting on her shoulder.

"W-who said that? What story are you making up now? You're but a worthless beast!"

"Talk all you want. Your lies are nothing to me anymore. I don't believe a word you say...I don't believe any of it. You never truly cared for my mother, you were never worthy of her love in the first place," Himitsuko said in her former monotone and Jaaku's lips twitched, his mouth open as if he wanted to protest. "All I know is you killed my family...Densetsu and Yuuki...and you almost killed Zero."

Himitsuko took aim at him and shot her gun, striking him in the ribs. He gritted his teeth and Himitsuko narrowed her crimson eyes, the thunder growling above her and the green vines wrapping around Jaaku's feeble body. Himitsuko met Jaaku's dying eyes, her own overflowing with cold tears of hate, the gray eyes reflecting the pain and agony suffered by her brothers, parents and Densetsu as well as herself and her friends at Cross Academy.

"You deserve so much more than just this pain," Himitsuko sneered and the vines around Jaaku's legs yanked at his bones, the crack of them breaking making Himitsuko twitch. "Calm yourself Zero," she instructed and she gripped her katana. Opening her eyes once more, Himitsuko met Jaaku's eyes for a final time, lightening flashing, thunder crying, rain pounding, the katana glistening as it swiftly cut through the air and plunged through Jaaku's stomach. Thunder shrieked, drowning out Jaaku's scream of pain, Himitsuko's face spraying with his blood and remaining blank...the only expression Jaaku had ever seen plastered across her face.

"Chi-hi-ro..." he coughed, Himitsuko digging the blade deeper into his body and not stopping until the blade grinded against the brick wall behind him.

"You have no right to utter her name or even think of that woman's memory, you demon," Himitsuko hissed, tears streaming down her face and her voice cracking as she watched the cold light dim in Jaaku's eyes. She retracted back her sword, Jaaku's corpse dropping to the stones in a heap and it withered away into dust, Himitsuko watching as the source of her miseries faded away without a trace of his existence.

"Toru..." The katana slipped to the bricks and the blood, tears and rain dripped off her face, the wind making her wet curls sway.

"Himitsuko!" Zero cried, dropping his gun beside him and the vines crept away, Himitsuko falling back into his arms, dazed and exahusted, "Himitsuko!"

"I'm...okay..." she breathed and Zero followed her momentum to a kneeling position, Himitsuko able to sit upright and she turned around to meet his eyes.


The ginger sighed, closing her eyes and sat back on her heels, crossing her arms. Zero studied her and she met his anxious gaze again, letting a growl push past her throat.

"Stop looking at me like that, Zero," she muttered, leaning forward and catching his lips. Zero's body went rigid for a moment but he relaxed once her felt Himitsuko's hand slide down the back of his head and to the base of his neck, her lips gentle against his. She dipped her head carefully, pulling away and Zero realized he had his hand on the side of her face. They paused, Himitsuko's eyes still flooding with tears and she sniffled.

"Okay, now you can hold me and tell me everything is fine," she squeaked, burying her face in his shoulder, Zero immediatly wrapping his arms around her as she cried.

The Next Morning...

"Himitsuko-san," Chairman knocked on the door and Himitsuko turned around, "you have a visitor." He stepped aside allowing Constance to step inside the dorm room, Himitsuko's jaw almost dropping.

"Oh, hello," she greeted, allowing the visitor to sit on the bed.

"Good morning, Himitsuko-san," she replied and Himitsuko folded her hands behind her, "how are you?"

"Sleep deprived."

Constance laughed lightly and crossed her legs, pushing a strand of her wavy, black hair back with her shoulder.

"I sense you've defeated Jaaku."

"That would be why I'm sleep deprived...but yes, I have."

Constance gave the red head a small nod and a smile, a silence lingering above them.

"Himitsuko, I think you need to know something," she began and the teen tilted her head, her eyes questioning the raven haired woman, "I'm your mother's best friend, Himitsuko, although you don't remember me. I was supposed to be the one that gained custody of you if anything happened your parents, but, when I heard of that night, I was informed you were dead as well because you had run off. Himitsuko, I came to ask for your forgivness, really, because I honestly feel responsible for everything you've suffered through. I wish I had followed my instincts and searched for you because I believed you were alive...but I was afraid to be disappointed...I...want to make things right now."

"Constance-san, don't blame yourself," Himitsuko consoled, "think of it this way...if you had taken custody of me or found me, then, I wouldn't have been able to come here to Cross Academy."

"But you would have been saved from all those years of suffering."

"I know...but...still, I wouldn't trade the friends I've made here for all the pleasures and happiness in the world," Himitsuko told her, a soft smile on her face and Constance bowed her head.

"I see," she said and stood up carefully, her black hair flowing around her waist, "well, I guess it's pointless to ask if you would want to move in with me...seeing how happy you are here."

Himitsuko laughed quietly, her eyes looking out onto the sunny campus of the Academy, seeing the scattered Day Class students and a few wandering Night Class students.

"Yes, it would be, but, I want to know you more, Constance-san, and I'm grateful you found me," the red head told her and Constance smiled again.

"Of course...I'll visit often and you may come see me any time you like. I don't live far from here," she informed and pulled Himitsuko into a motherly hug.

"Thank you, for everything, Constance."

They dropped the embrace, Constance patting the rosy red curls and then gracefully departing, Himitsuko looking down at the floor, reflecting back on her whole experience so far at the Academy.

"Knock knock," Zero tapped on her door and Himitsuko perked up, her crimson eyes bright.

"Hey Zero."

"What are you doing?" he asked, eyeing her suitcase nervously and she laughed, folding a t-shirt over her arm.

"Unpacking. I haven't had a chance to do that yet."

Zero relaxed and let out a relieved sigh, Himitsuko tossed her shirt aside, walking up to him and kissing his cheek.

"I'm not going anywhere until graduation, I promise you," she said and Zero smiled, snaking his arms around her waist, pressing her body against his.

"Good girl," he whispered and Himitsuko tugged his hand, pulling him out into the hallway.

"You know, I haven't enjoyed a sunny day like this in a while...let's go outside," she said, her fingers folding between his as they walked down the hall and towards the front doors. Zero kept her hand enclosed in his, the sun light warming them both as they walked onto the campus, Himitsuko waving cheerily to Shiki, Rima and Kaname, the three of them smiling back at her.

"It's so different," she remarked as she and Zero strode over towards the fountain, sitting down in the shade underneath the oak tree, "it's...peaceful."

"Yeah, it is," Zero agreed and snaked his arm around her shoulders, allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder. She smiled again, her eyes resting again on her friends, mind wandering and planning for the upcoming weekend.

"I could get used to this," she sighed, drifting off to sleep and Zero kissed her hair.

"Well, when you're with me, don't plan on it being serene for long," he teased and Himitsuko giggled.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm not buying that one, Zero. Nice try though."

He layed his head on hers, laughing lightly and Himitsuko smiled again, enjoying the sunshine and the thoughts of her now being able to freely live her life with Zero and the rest of her friends before allowing herself to drift off into a gentle sleep.

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