My name is Elfangor. And I am the general in charge of helping you. Ha. You humans are very dark. Your nature is evil. But we Demescians are good. Happy. Like the Pemalites. I am assuming I am writing this to a human who will not be offended. If I am wrong, please forgive me. Now this is a document that only one human can hear. His name cannot bee spoken in this letter. Your earth is in trouble. Ha. I was happy the first time I heard that news. But now I realize that I hate it. Its not like I love humans or really deep down want humans to live. I want them to die. All of them. They are idiots. Selfish. Evil. Wealth loving. The reason we Demescians are helping you is because if the Other kind conquer you, they will surely conquer us as well. This is the conclusion to this letter. Hagel Hitler.

Chapter 1-The Age

Adolph sat quietly in his study. He asked himself over and over again in his mind, "where is Claire?" He had checked the school. She was not there. But of course she could not be in there. Claire knew that he knew how to get into the school so she would not risk going there. He propped his on the corner of his desk thinking. Suddenly, General Markstien walked in with sweat on his brow. Startled, Adolph asked, "was ist es allgemein?" "Sir! ein Schiff hat in unserem umkreis abgebrochen. Es ist weder Allies oder Deutsches!" he said in a worried voice. "Gut. Ich habe dort recht."

He wondered what could have happened. Not allies, or German. What could this mean? BOOM! The building shook tremendously. There were screams from downstairs and he could hear choking-like noises. Adolph and General Markstien sprang into the hallway wondering what had made the noise. Standing there, a few yards away stood a creature so repulsive Adolph leaped back into his study as another "BOOM!" knocked him down. This time the explosion seemed to be closer. Adolph was scared, and there were few times that he really was. The General pulled out his rifle, ready to fire, but it was too late. A grey, slimy hand reached through the door and grabbed the brave General by the throat. The hand started to contract, squeezing the general's neck. "NO!" Adolph screamed. He looked out of the window and saw hundreds of the same creatures barreling through his equipment and slaughtering his men with weapons he had never seen before. The General's face was turning blue and his eyes were getting bigger. The general screamed in protest trying to pry the creatures sharp claws off of his face. Moments later his entire head exploded spewing blood and brain all over Adolph. "Ahhh!" He scrambled to his feet and hid under his desk and barred the creature's way with a filing cabinet. "NOOO!" He screamed wildly. The creature advanced on Adolph. It was Tall and skinny with grey skin and a bald head. It had slits for eyes and nostrils. Its ears were small holes on the side of its head. Then it started running toward Adolph with the weapon he had seen earlier raised above it's head, ready to strike. "Ahhhhh!" As soon as he had screamed the creature stopped, like time had frozen. It then stood up straight and started emitting some kind of strange buzzing noise. Frightened as he had never been before, he realized that it was trying to talk. Then a few moments later, clear as water he heard it speak these words. Sir. Wir sind hier, Ihnen zu helfen. Ihr memeory wird jetzt geloscht. "No!" he said. But it was too late. The creature reached forward and grabbed his head in one hand and lifted him up. As Adolph looked quietly into the creature's face he knew he would never see anything again. Then the world exploded.