Chapter 2-The Discovery

9 years later

The planet Veta-Scascal felt the evil spreading. But the planet Yuakt didn't listen. It was too busy with its investments in its new mountain topax. Veta-Scascal knew what was coming. They knew four decades before the Glacitian Civil War. But everyone thought they were the war hawks. The evil was back and the Veta-Scascillians knew it, and Dallta Prusommé Negato had proof at last. "Get the hyper chamber down," he said briskly to his jhúler "Turn the power up to level 5." "Yes sir." "And get me a milkshake, shaken, not stirred." "Right away sir." Dallta was having trouble. He had suspected there would be difficulties, but not this severe. He sat down in his chair carved from blato wood, put his head in his hands, and sighed. "Positive thoughts," he told himself, and pressed his palms against his eyes, thinking hard. Technically if matter itself was positive, then anti-matter is negative. Negative and positive come together to make neutral. So if restrained by neutral matter, positive matter should contain negative matter; that is of course theoretically. But it didn't seem to be working for Dallta. The astrophysicists at the convention said he was crazy; that he should give up and start working on something probable. But he was determined. He would find a way to make it work. He stood up walked over to his invention. The Anti-Matter Power Circulatory Neutron Converter. He pressed a button and the screen lit up with Latitude: 100, Longitude: 500, Radiation: 674 MHC, Power: 5, Genatons: 109,586. This last number he looked at with frustration in his eyes. 109,586 times he tried this experiment. No go. He had tried every single latitude and longitude he could think of, that sounded reasonable, but it wouldn't work. "Alright next experiment under way. Close the hatch. Pull the quadrant to the correct latitude and longitude, and here we go, start the count down." he looked at his jhúler and said hold the milkshake until after this experiment." "Yes sir." A rumbling noise started coming from the machine and a big number 10 appeared on this screen. 9...8...7...6... He had an idea. 5... "Change the lat and long quick!" 4... "What to sir?" 3... "-100, -500." 2... "But sir that's-" "DO IT!" he yelled" 1... "NOW!" 0... Time stopped, and every single thing in the universe took its last glimpse of matter. Dallta would not get to sip his milkshake for another 100 years.