Author's Note: This is my first published fiction, so reviews would be great appreciated.

The Announcer's voice rang out through the arena, somehow audible above the roar of the thousands of people who had come to see the small dolls' fight. Although from just peeing down at the large white disk in the middle of the stadium, all one could see from the top rows were two small objects darting around the arena, and at eachother, one green, one orange. However, the screens located all around the large dome showed that they weren't just small objects, they were life like dolls. They looked almost human, but one could see the joints, and the eyes weren't quite right.

The fight was nearing the climax, and this happened to be the Regional Championship for the entire Kanto region. This match was an upset already: the tall green angel was named Pinto, and although he was a speed type, he was also very strong, and he had been predicted to be in the finals, but the small orange female, her name was Overheat, and this was only the second time she had entered into any official tournaments.

Pinto was pushing her back, quickly overpowering the smaller, more speed-based angel. Although throwing her own strikes, her weaker more rapid hits were much weaker, Pinto's strength doing more damage to her blocking than she was able to dish out attacking unblocked. When there was little room left to the edge of the Layer (and a subsequent way of losing, a Layer Out) Overheat did a very dangerous move, she jumped up, grabbed Pinto's head with her feet, and flipped him over her body, giving him a Layer Out.

The entire arena was silent for a moment, but then exploded into a roar of applause and exclamations of surprise.

The knowledge that with hard work, love for your Angel, and great determination one could rise to be one of the top Deus in the country. This was Angelic Layer, and this is what the people in this arena lived for.