Zack Fair

We were on our way to Nibelheim to investigate a broken section of the Mt. Nibel Reactor and we are finally here. Cloud kept his helmet on. I wonder why. Sephiroth turned to Cloud and said, "How

does it feel? To be home after all this time. I have no hometown. I wouldn't know." I walked up behind him and said "uh...What about family?" He turned around to face me, "My Mother's name was

Jenova. She died shortly after I was born. My father..." He chuckles "Why am I talking about this?" He turned back around "Come on lets go." And they follow him. Hmm Sephiroth's mother's

name is Jenova? Sephiroth tells two guards to stay outside and says that if we wish to visit family and friends then that we can but mostly he was talking to Cloud and he walks into the INN. I decided

to look around cause Cloud kinda disappeared on me.

I met this kid who told me about this thing about "The Seven Wonders of Nibelheim" My curiosity made me want to find out what they were. The first wonder was about the red water supply coming

from the Water Tower and come to find out it was A Summon. The next wonder was about the girl in the painting inside the INN. And it made me think. "I wonder…" I say as I lean against the Water

tower."Easy!"I look to see where the voice comes from. It came from above me. "I'll help!" I see a little girl jump down and lands right in front of me. "Hey! Be careful!" I say. That girl just jumped from

a water tower! She rolled her eyes. "I've done it, like, a billon times! " She looks at me. "You're Zack Fair! I heard about you! I knew you even became a 1st!" Her eyes sparkled as she looked at me. I

couldn't help but chuckle. I little kid knew Me. She knew who I was. She didn't go all crazy bout Sephiroth she did for me. That was pretty cool."Well,"I said with a grin "You know who I am. Now let's

hear about you. What's your name?" She stood up strait and proudly my name is Xena! AKA The Fututers Only Female SOLDIER 1st Class. And a Hero, like you!" That is just cute. "Nice to meet you Xena!"

The only thing that got me is that she wanted to be in SOLDIER……"So you're trying to find out about the Second Wonder?" I nod. "Okay come on follow me," She led me to the picture then took me

back down to the lobby behind a couch. "Okay, wait and watch this." I look and see….nothing. "I don't see an-"She shushed me and pointed at the Inn keeper who was walking back upstairs. She

made me get up and we followed him and the he opened the painting as we walked in and looked at us. "Aw damn." I walk over "so you're the one who has been changing the painting." He shook his

head "It's a stash of Gil…I kinda keep it hidden from my wife. When the little girl is there it has money if it's just the chair I'm Broke. Please don't tell" I nod "Sure thing." He gave me some gil "Now I

just got one question." He asks "Shoot." "How did you know about it?" I heard Xena giggle from behind me. The Innkeeper looked furious,"Why you big mouthed brat!" Xena came out from behind me

with a grin,"Hey buddy you miss me?" His face got red, "I thought I you told not to ever come back here!" "Yeah that's what you told me. I never said I would listen. You're lucky I didn't tell your wife!"

"Get out of here before I kick you out and send you back with you dead parents!" She flinched. He took a step forward and reached to grab her. I grabbed his wrist, "She is with me and I advise you

not to lay a hand on her." I gave him a cold look and he backed away and went back downstairs. Xena stayed silent as we walked outside, Xena looked at the Innkeeper and looked away with a small


"What was up his ass?" I ask. She shrugs. "You okay?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm fine." I don't believe her."I'm an orphan, that's why he said that but it doesn't bother me anymore."She grins as she kicks a

rock. Damn that guy was an ass for bringing that up. "oh..." "Yup...You know I'm turning ten tomorrow." I look at her "Really?" She nodded."You gonna have a party eh?" Xena shrugged "I don't know,

Tifa usually does something." I tilted me head. "My Friend and I think your guide up to Mt. Nible." It was quiet for a while "I wonder where Cloud is" I said out loud with out thinking, She stood up.

"Cloud? Cloud Strife?" what the hell? " Yeah how do you know him." Her eyes widen slightly."Er I don't know a "Cloud" I meant uh whos that. What he look like?" "Hes my friend. Blonde hair blue eyes"

Her eyes widen again. "Ooooh." "Xena!" We hear someone yell ."uh oh."She mutters. A girl in a very tight cowgirl outfit runs up to us. "Xena, where have you been?" She looks at me, "Hello…." She

looks back at Xena, "Talking to Zack, he's in SOLDIER he knows Cloud" The girl looked at Xena with a glare and she was quiet . "I'm sorry she was bothering you but we really gotta go."She grabbed

Xena by the arm."Aww man Tifa but-" the girl cut her off."No buts come on lets go." I watched as they left back into a house. I wonder what that was all about…