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I Love You

At first I thought what was my Dad doing here at my workplace? What did he want? I never knew what to think of him even when I was a child. I often thought that he hated me when I was a child. I mean who spanked his child when he used their ski suit. Yes, it was worth a lot of money. Then there was that time that he left me by myself in a hotel room for two days. How can a father do that to their child? Definitely not a Dad that is supposed to love their child. He was always the one that was putting himself above his own flesh and blood. Something bad could of happened to him while he was alone in and around that room, but his father didn't care. He just cared about closing the deal with a lonely divorcee. He had seen the news about what happened to children while they were left alone in hotel rooms, or left to wander by themselves and he thought those children could have been me and his father wouldn't even care. He could still hear the hurtful words that his father threw at him that he would end up in the gutter. What kind of father would say that to their child?

He stood there in shock as his father said he loves him not once, but twice. He didn't know what to think of that and so he didn't say anything. He watched as his father walked away, but he couldn't move. His father loved him? And he gave him a hug. He wondered if his father knew he'd been waiting for both of those things that he'd been waiting for those things as a child. He didn't know what to do on both occasions. Was it too late to forge a bond between father and son and he wondered if he wanted to have a bond between the two.

He went to the store and picked up beer to take to Gibbs's house. He had been invited to Gibbs's house when his father had left. He walked up to the door with the beer in his hands and opened the door. He could smell the steak and his mouth watered. They began talking and suddenly he figured it out that he was the one who had brought his father the ticket and paid for his room. How he figured it out when his father didn't was amazing. Gibbs knew him more than his father did. He had always thought of Gibbs as his father rather than the father that he had. He was the one that cared about him when his father never did. He never left him behind when he was missing. He was the one that found him when he was missing those times that he got himself into trouble. This is what a father does. He cares about his child. Gibbs was more of a father than his biological father ever was. Gibbs is the father he wished he had while growing up. In all reality in his anyways Gibbs was his father even if he could never say it out loud.

The End