Chapter 3: Turtle Tots

Lucky enough, the turtles landed in another turtle dimension. Once they had recovered from their landing, they saw a little basic green turtle sorting through a junk pile. He looked sort of like Leo when he was a kid excluding not having a mask and arm pads.

"Hello," said Leo. This caught the little turtle of guard and he jumped.

"W-who are you?" he stammered.

"I'm Leonardo. Call me Leo," Leo said kindly "Do you or any of your brothers, if you have any, have that name?"

"No," said the young child.

"Where's your Master Splinter?" asked Leo.

"You know about Master Splinter?" the little one sounded confused "Well, if you're looking for him, he died when my brothers and I were two." This quite shocked Leo and his brothers.

"Who has been raising you?" Leo questioned him.

"My brother, Darien, and I raised our two younger brothers, but we're really all the same age," said the little turtle "Why do you look like my brothers and me?"

"We're from another dimension were Master Splinter didn't die," explained Leo.

"I'm sorry!" cried the tot.

"For what?" Leo asked.

"We tried to remember the names our father gave us, we really did, but we couldn't!" the tiny turtle apologized "Your Master Splinter will be ashamed of us!"

"No he won't," Leo voice became much softer and hugged the little turtle "Come and meet my brothers." The small turtle sniffled as he walked over to the three other turtles.

"I'm Donatello," said Donnie "Call me Don or Donnie."

"My name's Raphael," Raph sighed "Call me Raph, kid."

"And I'm Michelangelo," Mikey smiled "Call me Mike or Mikey, if you want."

"I'm Nicolae," the turtle youngster became friendlier "You can call me Nick. My brothers and I are five years old!"

"That's great," Leo said enthusiastically "We're fifteen. Can you take us to your brothers?"

"Sure," Nick tried to puff up his chest up proudly "But we have to find one of them first."

"Which one?" Don asked.

"Jason, he's kind of the youngest and a real trickster," laughed Nick.

"Mikey," coughed Raph.

"Jay! Jason! You can come out!" called Nick.

"Find me!" a tiny voice answered.

"Jay, c'mon, we don't have time for games," Nick tapped his foot. Leo saw something move in a small hole near the wall. He quietly stepped backwards and reached his hand in.

"No, you found me!" said the bluish green turtle being dragged out of the hole "I'm Jason, but everyone calls me Jay. Can you put me down now?"

"Okay, Jay, okay," sighed Leo placing the turtle on the ground. The turtle looked exactly like a mini-Mikey, excluding his color. He too did not have a mask or arm pads.

"We'll take you to our home," said Nick as he began to lead the way.

"Yeah!" smiled Jay following his big brother "We have our two other brothers at home! They're names are Darien and Ryan, but we call them Dar and Ry. Dar's a real hot head and Ry's real smart." Jay continued to explain about his brothers and began to ramble on about random things.

"That's real cool, Jay," Mikey finally put a stop to the boy's ramblings "We're ninja."

"So cool!" Jay awed.

"We're home," called Nick.

"Took ya long enough!" growled a forest green turtle with a Brooklyn accent. He looked like a mini-Raphael "Who are dese people?"

"Ninjas, Dar, ninjas!" Jay said excitedly like how Mikey talked about superheroes "They come from another dimension where Master Splinter didn't die! The one with the blue mask is Leonardo, Leo. The purple masked one is Donatello, Don or Donnie. The red mask wearing turtle is Raphael, Raph and the one with the orange mask is Michelangelo, Mikey or Mike!"

"Whoa," was all Darien could say.

"What's with all the noise?" asked a mini-Donnie, he even had Donnie's olive green skin, but still no mask like the other three.

"Just having you guys meet our new friends, Ry" answered Jay. He obviously did most of the talking. The four fifteen year old turtles looked around the small area the five-year-olds called a home. There was just enough room for sleeping with a little extra room for guests.

"I know there's not much room, but it is home," sighed Nick.

"It's fine for you four," Leo put his hand on Nicolae's shoulder.

"What's for dinner?" asked Ry.

"What we always have," grumbled Dar "Bread and water."

"Not tonight," Mikey was appalled at what the children had every night "We'll take you out for pizza."

"Really," the small turtles' eyes glimmered with hope.

"Mikey means he'd going to get you pizza not bring you up top," Leo remembered their only wish when they were five.

"That's fine!" the kids were full of joy. Leo had never seen such happy children, not even the time when they had brought the Little Orphan Alien dolls to the Orphanage that Christmas.

"I'll go and get the pizza," said Raph and threw on a disguise and left quickly. Raph hated to see his and his brothers' counterparts like that. Their childhood had always had Master Splinter, never really starving. His counterpart looked so thin and Ry had been even worse. They didn't even have any ninja training what so ever. He entered the pizza shop deep in thought.

"Give me four pies with extra cheese," he ordered making sure the kids had leftovers. 'Bread and water every night,' thought Raph as he walked out of the store with the pies and eight sodas. On his way he passed a sports shop and entered. He picked out four arm pads and four knee pads and bought them. He made one other stop. He passed fabric shop and entered there. Out of the selection he picked out teal, burgundy, violet, and tangerine colored fabrics big enough to make masks from. He then returned to the sewers.

"Raph, what the shell is with all the bags?" asked Mikey.

"You'll see," he smirked. He opened the boxes and gave each kid a slice and asked if they minded if he put arm and leg pads on them. They said that it was fine and he began to put the pads on the kids. Then he laid out the fabrics.

"What are those," asked Nick, after swallowing.

"If you guys want masks like ours, pick a color," instructed Raph. Jay jumped for the tangerine one.

"This one!" he said. Dar reached for the burgundy and grabbed it.

"This one's mine," he stated. Nick pondered his decision, but easily chose the teal one.

"I would like this one, please," he smiled. Ry happily took the final color, violet.

"This is the one I wanted anyway," he shrugged. Raph's brothers were pleasantly shocked to see their brother being so kind to the kids. Raph found a pair of scissors in his bag and cut eye holes in each mask and wrapped the correct color around each kid's head. They covered their whole heads like the guys' had done when they were young like that.

"How would you guys like it if we were your big brothers while we're here?" Mikey questioned them with a plan.

"Sure!" they all chorused. As Mikey began to talk to them about superheroes, Raph went to talk to Leo.

"Leo, can we buy the kids some disguises and take them up top to get ice cream?" he asked.

"Oh, Raph, I don't know," Leo shook his head.

"Leo, when are these kids ever going to get this chance again?" he said intently.

"Fine," Leo gave in. They gathered up the kids and the teenagers threw on disguises. They made their way up topside. Mikey waited with the kids while the other three went into a child's clothing store. They bought the kids thick warm coats in their favorite colors, (teal, burgundy, violet, and tangerine) a pair of pants, hats, and some sneakers. The eight 'brothers' walked over to the nearest DQ and bought ice cream.

"I've never tasted something so delicious," said Ry licking his cone.

"It's so cold!" marveled Jay.

"You've never had ice cream?" asked Mikey.

"No, just heard of it," Nick said. The guys were surprised. Even they had had ice cream by time they were five.

"GAH!" shouted Dar "My head hurts and it's cold!"

"Ah, the only downfall of ice cream," Mikey laughed "What you have is brain freeze." Mikey instructed Darien to stick one of his fingers on the roof of his mouth and wait for it to go away. When it did, Dar happily went back to eating. When they were finished, the guys showed the kids around the city and bought them a few things at a grocery store. A few hours after they had left the young turtles' home, they were back in the alley way where they had come up.

"Well, well, well, looky here, a couple of no good teenagers and some kids," laughed a man. The eight turtles turned around to see five drunken men, gang members.

"Nick, get your brothers in the manhole, now," instructed Leo. Nick herded Jay and Ry into the manhole, but Dar didn't come.

"I can fight!" shouted Darien.

"No, Darien, get in the hole," instructed Raph, but Dar didn't listen. He charged at the drunken men, but was easily grabbed up.

"Does the little boy wanna come with us? Okay then," laughed one of the men.

"Come back!" yelled Raph. Darien was trying not to cry and failing. For a tough guy, he was seriously scared.

"Nick, make sure your brothers stay in here," said Leo.

"Okay, Big Brother Leo," Nick said adding 'Big Brother' because of Mikey's deal "Is Darien gonna be okay?"

"Yes, he is," said Leo with confidence, but in his head added 'I hope.' He ran off with his brothers. They began rooftop jumping to look for the kidnappers. They actually found them on a roof of the pub.

"Where is he?" growled Raph.

"The kid?" laughed a man, who was beginning to sober "Over the edge of the roof. One false move and he gets it."

"It's ninja time," whispered Leo. The guys charged at the five men and took them down easily. They looked over the edge to see Dar holding on to a flagpole.

"Help!" he cried "I'm slipping!" Leo reached out to grab Dar's hand, but it slipped. He was hanging by one hand now, Raph found a fire escape on the other side of the building and began to escalade down it. During this time, Dar slipped off the pole he screamed. He was sure he was going to die. Then he landed in someone's arms. A relief filled Big Brother Raph held him.

"Listen next time," he sighed. He carried him to the manhole with Leo and the other two close behind.

"DAR!" cried his brothers as Raph set him down. Darien was grabbed by three warm embraces and he hugged back. The eight made their way back to the boys' home. Dar had lived, mission complete. When back at their home, they boys stripped themselves of their disguises and put the store bought food in the corner. The guys tucked them in and watched them sleep.

"Leo, can I talk to you?" asked Mikey.

"Sure," Leo whispered. They went over to the corner beside the food "What is it?"

"I want to take the kids with us," admitted Mikey "If they want to go with us."

"Are you crazy? We can't take them with us!" Leo summed up all the anger he could in a whisper.

"Leo, we can't just leave them here! They have nobody. They'll be out little brothers," Mikey added to his argument.

"Mikey, we don't even know how to take care of kids," grumbled Leo.

"We can try. Why don't we vote on it or something?" asked Mikey.

"Alright," Leo sighed.

"They can come?" he asked full of hope.

"No, we can vote on it," said Leo "Just remember we'll probably have to let them go at the end of this adventure. I don't know if Master Splinter can take of four more of us."

"I know, Leo," nodded Mikey. They got their other two brothers and led them to the corner.

"Guys, Mikey wants to take the kids with us," Leo said.

"Really?" asked Raph, his face unreadable.

"We're going to vote on it," explained Leo "We'll even close our eyes. I'll keep mine open, but I'll be fair." The brothers agreed and their eyes closed "In favor of the kids going with us?" No hand was down; even Leo's was up "In favor of them staying here?" The hands went down "Open your eyes. The vote was unanimous. The kids are going with us if they want to. Now let's get some sleep." All eight turtles slept well that night. Leo woke the other seven up early the next morning.

"Boys," he got the kids attention "The rest of your big brothers and I want to know if you want to come with us on our adventure.'

"Could we?" gasped Jay.

"Shush, Jay," Nick silenced his brother "You want us to come with you?"

"Only if you want to," said Leo. Nick looked to his brothers for an answer. Each five-year-old was nodding.

"We want to," answered Nick.

"There will be dangers," warned Leo "But we will protect you. We can even teach you a few basic ninja forms to protect yourself."

"We defiantly want to go," Nick said with confidence.

"Alright," said Leo. Raph went top side again to buy the boys back packs and other supplies. Raph was very content. These four would not be in poverty like that ever again; he would make sure of that. 'Bread and water,' he scoffed inside his head while buying the back packs 'I'll make sure they eat like kings!' They were now his little brothers and nothing would ever change that.

He came back down with the backpacks filled. He only hoped that Master Splinter would take them in. Or at least one of their friends would if his Master wouldn't. Don was presetting the coordinates.

"Mikey, don't mess with them this time!" he warned.

"Yeah, Big Brother Mikey, don't mess with 'em this time," Ry, who was watching Don with curiosity, enforced. This mad the four older brothers laugh. The turtles put their backpacks on and stepped around the transporter. Then they deteriorated to the next world.

End of Chapter…

Kai: Okay, so this is a completely made up dimension, but an important one.

Leo: Don't forget the pronunciation note.

Kai: Right. Darien's nickname, Dar, is pronounced like the word dare incase your pronouncing it like the way it is spelled.

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