Kirby's Road trip

Ok just so that nobody's all like OMG a new character I'm gonna introduce them all to you(at least for the first chapter, after that you're gonna get your OMG moments).

Kirby(of course)

The Magical Talking Tophat




Besides what you may think Kirby can speak quite fluent English, so there won't be any grammatical errors (like saying Poy-oh). You have to find out what the Magical Talking Tophat is like on your own. Pikachu can be a little hyperactive at times and he is not yellow, he's orange. Your trusted T.V. show has led you wrong. Ness is gothic. Black is not his natural hair color people, it's blonde. Lucas looks like Ness but with blonde hair. He doesn't talk so you'll hardly ever hear him say anything. He's just along for the ride. Oh yeah Kirby's lazy and fat hence the whole I swallow everything whole thing. So here we begin.

Chapter 1- Oak?

"Kirby stop eating the car tires." Pikachu said in an exasperated sigh,

"I'm thorry thar jus' so tathty." Kirby's words came out mutilated due to the tire in his mouth.

"Darn, I guess we'll have to walk to the airport." Ness butted in sarcastically, the airport was just down the road.

"Shut up Ness I wanna have a good time not one of your little gothic kill fests."

Pika retorted.



"Whoa what was that?" Lucas spoke up for the first time.

Kirby having started to float to the airport looked down at the explanation. Just as he looked down a blimp flew across the sky. Thunk! The blimp collided with Kirby and they both went tumbling to the ground twenty feet below. Smack!!! Kirby crashed into a surprised Ness who started grumbling about the end of the world that would soon be coming. Pika's eyes followed the smoking blimp as it lopsidedly floated over the tree line. He started running after the blimp and soon the others followed him.

"Where are we going?" Kirby said, already tired.

"We're gonna follow that crashing blimp," Ness replied before Pika had the chance, "Couldn't you tell what Pikachu was staring at. This stupid fluffball doesn't even think to follow the blimp. Oh my gosh."

"I can hear you ya know?"

"Does it matter?"


"Whatever…Just fly are something."

"There it is in that big oak." Lucas said.

"Oak?" Kirby asked sincerely baffled.

"Big tree stupid." Ness replied.

Pika and Kirby approached the oak, the only two brave enough to venture towards it.

"It's so…colorful." Pika said amazed.

"Coolio, look at this. It's amazing. I think it's a tophat." Kirby said.

"Ooohhh, he knows what a tophat is." Ness sarcastically said.



"Let me see that." Pika said.

"Pardon, but I do not appreciate being handed around like some kind of mundane object." The voice, with a thick English accent, seemed to emanate from the tophat.

"Uhhhh…What." Kirby said.

"Stop squishing my face, it hurts you know." The mysterious voice replied to the comment.

"Coolio. The tophat is talking to me." Kirby squealed with excitement. "It's mine! Ha! I got it."

"IT! IT! I am not an IT. I have feelings and your shouting about me is unsettling. Besides I am not an object as I said earlier."

"Oh…Sorry." Kirby replied melanchololy about the way he had behaved to who he believed to be his new "friend".

"No matter. I am in need of a pair of legs and I guess I can permit you to wear me upon your head like a… what do you call it?"

"Tophat." Pika replied, "Rich people have 'em. I for one find them weird.

"Really, this is so cool." Kirby piped in. The tophat was on his head and he kept repositioning it.

"Oi, will you stop it!?!"

"Righto." Kirby said, "What's your name?"

"That was a smidge random, but my name is Blithen (it's pronounced Bly (like fly) then). I come from a race known as the Exskippers. We live on a far away planet and recently a race claiming to be the Snook's-"

"You mean Snake's, like the assassin?" Kirby rudely interrupted.

"It does not matter. Anyway the Snook's-"


"Fine, Snakes then, have taken over our colonization. A few of my men and I were travelling through a portal to this planet when a strange floating pink rock collided into us."

Angry glances were shot at Kirby who looked back sheepishly.

"I believe my men were tossed back through the portal. And now I am here." Blithen concluded rather lamely.

"What did you mean by, your men?" Pika asked.

"Well I am a king. Can you not tell by the three stripes around my brim? Oh… well of c-course not. I desperately need to get back and save my civilization, but by now the portal should have closed and there is only one place to open a portal in this world."

"Where?" Kirby, Pika, and Ness asked, all very interested although Ness hated to admit it.

" Hyrule." Lucas said matter-of-factly.

"Right you are young lad, anyway I need a way to get there and I hope you four could help me. So what do you say?"

"Sure." Pika said.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up. Hyrule's halfway across the world. Just in case you hadn't noticed we're in Mushroom Kingdom. Besides, I don't wanna walk that far."

"We'll find a way." Pika said

"Jolly Good old chaps. Well let's set off. Hop to it."

"Yes sir." Kirby replied in his best military tone.